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Spreading the word..

A few weeks ago Dog Rescue Carcassonne was contacted by Brigitte Hogben, an English teacher at College Antoine Pons in Chalabre, who asked us along to speak about the SPA Carcassonne and rescue animals.

This is a subject close to her heart as she herself adopted Virgule from the SPA Carcassonne, one of our poorly cats who had part of its ears removed due to cancer. She also has 10 rescue dogs and numerous donkeys!

I have to admit my heart skipped a beat when she said it was the 4eme ( 13-14 year olds). How on earth was I going to keep their attention for an hour and would they understand my Scottish accent?

I sometimes help Wanda from ‘vivre a plein temps’ with school visits on safety around dogs but this was to be very different. This was to be about being a volunteer at the SPA, rescuing dogs and being a responsible dog owner and in English that 14 year olds could understand!

So I prepared a couple of presentations with simple bullet points which kept me on track and served as a visual aide for the pupils. We also had a Dog Word Search and some questions and answers with prizes. The children told me about their dogs and cats and chose their favorite dog from the SPA board and said why they liked it.

The class had certainly done their homework before I arrived. They had produced brochures in English for SPA visitors, had learnt the necessary vocabulary and were very proud of their work. Even although it was it big class the children were well behaved, attentive and very interested. Thank you boys and girls..you made my job very easy!

The hour whizzed by and at the end the children presented me with food for the animals at the SPA. Not only that, one young lady asked if she could come along and visit with her parents!

So thank you very much to Brigitte and the headmaster of College Antoine Pons for their enthusiasm about animal rescue and responsible pet ownership.

Children are our pet owners of the future and so its our job to teach them well!

School talk

Well done for such super brochures!


Thank you from the animals at the SPA Carcassonne..

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