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Spring Scalibor Appeal

Today I spent quite a bit of time writing text for the website. Some of you may have noticed that although the latest news has changed on a daily basis (being as it is this blog), the urgent appeal has changed and adopted dogs been removed, no new dogs have been added for about three weeks. This is because although I write the text about the dogs, the clever bit is done by a couple of web-elves, who have been busy dealing with urgent family matters of late. All is back to normal now, and over the next few days you will see the addition of about 15 newbies. So if you have been waiting for the perfect dog, perhaps he or she will be amongst them.

I really believe that there is the right dog for everyone, and like a marriage it is best not to adopt in haste and repent at leisure. Or rather adopt in haste and abandon in haste, which is more common that people actually sticking with it and getting through the difficult bits!

As the weather starts to warm up, the volunteers are starting to notice more and more ticks on the dogs when we return from walks, and the employees notice them when the dogs return from the parks. The best tick prevention from a refuge point of view is the Scalibor Collar, as these also prevent sand fly bites, which cause the dreaded leischmania. An appeal has gone out on our Facebook page for well-wishers to donate a Scalibor to a dog of their choice. We have about 100 dogs at the SPA, and at about 15 euros each, buying Scalibors is a bit of a luxury for the SPA, but if everyone chips in a bit, we can protect all our dogs!

The only news from the SPA today was the re-arrival of the young black labrador, Falco. I think the time may have come to find him a new owner. Very sad. Having a dog takes commitment from the whole family. I am very sorry for him and for his young owner. Sometimes you have to give in and think of the welfare of the dog.

Although we have no pictures, we have had news of recently adopted Ycare, who has been renamed Jim (not Moss as per the original plan). He is doing really well and has been busy charming everyone he meets. Can’t wait to see photos, which I will share with you all, of course!

Scalibor collars help save lives










Falco- back again 


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