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Stella and Banjo leave..

In yesterdays blog I mentioned that there were 2 other dogs who were lucky enough to leave.

First to leave was 10 year old Stella. One of the most common reasons for abandoning a dog is divorce and it seemed like poor Stella was to be a victim. However, when one of the parties heard that she was at the refuge they organised themselves and came for her as soon as they could. This is the best possible outcome for Stella, she may have had to spend a little time with us but has gone ‘home’ to someone she knows and who clearly really loves her!

Next to leave was 1 year old Banjo. He arrived in March with a lady who found him and left with her yesterday. Sometimes a dog just pulls at your heart strings so the lady had her entire garden enclosed before adopting him. Now that is sensible and shows commitment!

Next week is going to be hot, very hot. So please remember how dangerously hot your car can become and plan any travel with your dog very carefully.

When you are travelling with dogs in hot conditions there are several ways to ensure that they stay safe but there are also many considerations and sometimes day time travel just too hot and not safe.

Do you have efficient air conditioning, if not how will you keep the car cool enough for the dog. If you don’t, even with windows open, when the ambient air temperatures is in the twenties or above its every hard for dogs to cool themselves.

What happens if you breakdown in searing temperatures where there is no shade, what are you going to do to ensure the dog stays safe?

Well here is what we recommend for very hot days:

No air conditioning, don’t take you dog. Instead travel at night, early morning or late evening.

Take water in a cool box and stop frequently to give the dog a drink.

Check the inside temperature of the car regularly, if it’s too hot stop!

Use cool mats / coats.

Sun visors on the windows can help keep out direct sunlight.

Monitor you dogs all the time!

Keep something in your car to make temporary shade in case you break down…a sun umbrella or a cage with a sheet is ideal.

All these measures will help you stay safe with your dog but if you do have to travel any distance why not travel at night, you may arrive a bit bleary eyed but you will have a less stressed dog! Don’t forget that if you are travelling to the UK at peak times, you may very well have a long queue to check in to the ferry or Eurotunnel.  Yesterday there was a 90 minute delay at border control! Many people aren’t prepared for this and it turns a half hour Eurotunnel ‘crossing’ into a lot longer a journey. Even with air conditioning this is simply too much for many dogs so don’t risk your animal’s health and only travel when you know you can keep them safe!

Stella….home at last!




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