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Stewey| A117

Stewey male fox terrier crossMale, Young, Small

Oh, what a shame. Stewey had a home and everything seemed to be going so well. The ScPA received photos and videos of him enjoying his new life, and his owners said they loved him. Only they didn’t really, as it turned out. Stewey was not clean in the house overnight. Now there are many ways of dealing with this, but first up is to see a vet and make sure there is no medical reason for it. This is what the family was advised to do, but rather than do so they waited a week to see if things resolved themselves then brought poor Stewey back. I suspect that with a bit of patience and perhaps a bit of crate time, all would have been well. Stewey was adopted in mid February, it was still early days. But some people want instant perfection. Perhaps the company and guidance of another dog in the family will do the job. Stewey is a lovely fox terrier who was born in December 2013. He is fine with other dogs but not cats.

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  • Needs a patient owner perhaps with a doggy friend
  • Fine with other dogs but not cats
  • Will make a great family pet

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