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Still missing…

There were no adoptions today but we thought that we would take the opportunity to remind everyone that we are still looking for two lost dogs.

Boss and Ondine are both timid terriers who have managed to escape from their new families.

Boss went missing in Carcassonne and was seen heading towards the CAF. There has been a sighting of him under the road bridge towards Bram but he could be anywhere. He is wearing a blue harness and had a leash attached. Volunteers are of course looking for him. If you see him please call the SPA on 0468253545 or 0608172472

Ondine went missing from her home in Fenouillet du Razes. She was seen recently wandering in the vines between Orsans and Fanjeaux. I live in Fanjeaux and volunteer Angelique lives in Montreal We will both be out putting up more posters and searching for her tomorrow. If you see Ondine you can call me in English (0468247097) or Angelqiue in French 0682216402 or of course the SPA on 0468253545 and we will jump in the car and try and catch her.

They are both really timid so please don’t chase them, they must be really hungry and cold so we are hoping that they may be lured by something tasty!

Its heartbreaking to think that these dogs are out in this cold, are hungry and scared so please keep your eyes open if you are out and about.

Boss still missing..

Ondine still missing..



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