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Summer leaves

The refuge was blessed with glorious sunshine today, and it seems perfect timing for puppy Été to leave for her new home. This little boy is the brother of Printemps (Spring), who is still waiting patiently. He is now living with the remaining two spaniel cross puppies, Bugle Boy and Lindy Hop, so they are all getting lots of exercise and socialisation.

Another dog, Weed, arrived and left again thanks to being identified. So all in all it was a pretty quiet day! Or so it would appear. Of course the volunteers were walking and Angélique was back grooming. Today it was the turn of little Ondine. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Finally the SPA Facebook page received a lovely montage of one of yesterday’s lucky dogs. Just look at Digs! It is wonderful to see pictures like these!

triclooured puppy with foppy ears









Weed arrived and left again

black and white dog












Ondine had a makeover, thanks to Angélique

two pictures of dog, one scruffy, one clean











And Digs is looking so happy! Many thanks to his new family. 

montage of pictures of big dog

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