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Sunday Adoption of Levis

Yesterday we had a visit from a couple who live in Paris and who had come all the way to meet some of our dogs, and hopefully leave with one. Facebook is a wonderful tool for many things, and it was thanks to this medium that Kate and her husband found out about the SPA. They were attracted to a couple of dogs, and decided that coming to meet them was the best way to make a final choice.

We are delighted that they have chosen Levis, a young dog who arrived at the end of March, when he was no longer a pup, and who risked doing a lot of growing up at the SPA. Although we didn’t put two and two together at the time, he and Bruce were brothers. As you know, Bruce was adopted a couple of weeks ago and is now living happily in an apartment close to Carcassonne. Levis is also going to live in an appartment, but for him it will be in Paris.

You might ask if it is possible to have a dog of this size in an appartment. Of course you need to take them out regularly and make sure they get plenty of exercise, and that depends on your working routine and level of personal activity. In the case of Levis, he will have someone at home all the time, and we are promised lots of news and photos.

Long and happy life, Levis!

Levis (renamed Rumi) – ADOPTED
black dogw wiht young couple

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