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Sunday adoption of Tatiana

Today the refuge was open, as it is every Sunday. And we had an adoption!

Tatiana was originally called Maddie and was adopted a couple of years ago. Then at the beginnning of the year she was found straying and was taken to the SPA Toulouse, who contacted the SPA Carcassonne. All attempts to reach her family had failed, and so, thanks to Carole who went on a rescue mission to Toulouse, Maddie, now renamed Tatiana, was back.

Tatiana is the sort of dog who appeals to people who like staffies, but who don’t want all the hastle that unfortunately comes with such dogs, including the obligation to have a dog muzzled all the times. A fabulous brindle coloured crossbreed, Tatiana is quite a stunner. Moreover since her adoption she had mellowed somewhat, and was more tolerant with other dogs, so has been sharing her kennel.

A family who have visited the refuge on several occasions have had their eye on her, and today decided to offer her a home. The only cloud on the horizon is that they have a cat, and we are not quite sure how this will work out. The family were happy enough with her behaviour in the cat house to take the risk, and sometimes it is a question of nothing ventured nothing gained. With love, patience and careful introductions, maybe cohabitation is possible.

So everyone, please cross your fingers for Tatiana. And for the cat as well, of course. We hope that Tatiana takes the opportunity that has been offered to her with all four paws and that if we see her again at the ScPA it is just to say hello!

brindle coloured dog

Tatiana – ADOPTED

Tomorrow is the start of another week, and we are hoping for great things.

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