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Sunday ScPA Summary

We thought it might be a good week for leavers as the first adoption took place on Monday. But then things calmed down and the only other adoption did not take place until Saturday. And there was not even the excuse of flooding to explain this.

Still, in addition to the adoptions a couple of dogs were reclaimed and there was good news from Belgium with the adoption of brothers Levy and Mickey, so it has not all been bad.

Linette was the first dog to leave the refuge, and everyone was delighted for this elderly German shepherd. Her new family have already sent photos of her lying happily in the comfort of her new home, which she shares with two other dogs of about the same age. Lucky Linette.

Linette – ADOPTED

Saturday’s leaver was stunning blue merle border collie Iggy. Inevitably such an attractive dog received a lot of interest, with numerous potential adopters. As ever some people will have been disappointed, but hopefully they will adopt another dog in due course.

blue merle border collie


Let’s hope for better news during the coming week. There are lots of amazing dogs at the ScPA, and we at DRC will tell you about a couple more soon and hope that our spotlight on some of the many hidden gems helps to find then homes. And if you are looking for a dog, let us know and we will try to help you find your perfect pal!

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