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Ta-ra to Tootsie!

My refuge day started early today, as I arrived in the morning to meet Tootsie’s new dad. Barry’s wife Ann has already adopted several elderly dogs from the SPA, all of whom live out their lives in luxury in the Landes.

Today Tootsie was renamed Kimmie and went to live with Ann’s menagerie. If you look at the arrival photos of Tootsie and those taken once she had recovered from her neglect, you will see what an amazing job the SPA does. Tootsie even went through a period of being epileptic due to weight loss and stress. She is now free of this illness (which can indeed be temporary). But Ann had decided to adopt her before this good news was known; she is one of those all-too rare people who are not put off by illness in animals.

Tootise is coming up to nine years old, so she is very lucky to have found a home. Older dogs are harder to home, in general, so the adoption of Tootise is definitely a good news story.  And her new mum sent us a chocolate cake, too, which made it even better news (and yes, I did share it!)

This afternoon another dog left us, little Zaz. She didn’t make it onto the site, as she was reserved so quickly. Fabulous for her!

The rest of the day was not so good. A shih-tzu arrived, found in the nearby village of Montlegun. He is seven years old and well-groomed, but is not identified. Sigh.

In addition two more young dogs arrived; the first a young shepherd cross who was found in Villegaihenc and the second a young cross breed who arrived with two young children and a bizarre story of having been given the dog by their father, who had supposedly found it. But that their mother does not want them to keep it. Hmm. No comment. Except that this is a lovely dog and I am glad he is at the refuge!

So two out and three in. Not the best of days, but the best that Tootsie has known in a long time, that’s for sure!

Tootsie when she arrived in June
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And leaving today
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New arrival – Master













New arrival Batman













New arrival Mojo









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