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Tabou Toddles Off..

When Tabou (now Bertie ) arrived at the refuge we were all very surprised that he wasn’t identified. A very handsome English Springer Spaniel who was in good condition isn’t something we see often at the refuge! This boy had most certainly been a family pet, knew all his basic commands and didn’t pull on the lead. What’s more he was one of the calmest Springers I have ever met and just lay at my feet or toddled along bedside me.

A couple from the Limousin area spotted his photo online and having lost their own spaniel a few weeks ago felt that they would like to give Bertie a home. They made a very brave decision and reserved him without meeting him and traveled down to Carcassonne on Wednesday to meet him. This is a very brave thing to do as they were really reliant on our accuracy in describing Bertie and his temperament, but even so I breathed a sigh of relief when introductions went well and arrangements were made to pick him up this morning.

They have said that he will off groomer’s next week for a tidy up and then off to the vet to be castrated and also vaccinated against rabies for a pet passport. The DEFRA rule change regarding the rabies wait time from six months to three weeks has really helped the SPA and now more and more British families are adopting from us. The worming window has also changed from 24-48 hours to 24-60 hours and when transporting dogs from Carcassonne that is a big advantage!

So by now Bertie will be home, settling in with a loving family with a large enclosed garden and lots of time to give him the love and attention he deserves. If only all of our dogs could be so lucky!

Charlot also left having only been reserved after only 10 days at the refuge!  At just less than a year old this Berger Allemande cross was a handsome looking boy and with just as lovely a nature so its no great surprise that he was snapped up quickly.  This is of course great news for Charlot but I cant help feeling sorry for the dogs who have been with us a long long time!

 Tabou has left for the Limousin.



Charlot left too!



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