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Stinka| A319

Stinka female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Large

It is very sad to see Stinka back at the refuge; she was adopted on exactly the same day I adopted Caillou, in May 2017, and as we knew her family already, I don’t think anyone expected her to be returned to the refuge. However it turns out that she is a bit of a wanderer, and as the family’s garden is not enclosed, they have brought Stinka back for her own safety. Despite the horrid name (we initially called her Rose, but Stinka was her real name), she is a beautiful dog. A tall and elegant shepherd cross, Stinka was born in March 2016. She is fine with other dogs, and although an enclosed garden is a must, in all other respects, Stinka is perfect, really affectionate and so worthy of a wonderful home.

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  • Really affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs an enclosed garden

Victoire| A288

Victoire female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

And we all cried Victory! Finally having this dog at the refuge is a huge relief. She has been living as a stray under the dubious protection of some of the villagers close to the refuge, who have insisted on leaving her to breed litter after litter of pups, only some of whom have made it to the safety of the refuge. When Victoire was finally caught, she had only one remaining puppy in tow, all the rest had died. So this girl has had a very difficult life up to now. She has never been touched, and although she is interested in humans, she is extremely timid. The vet estimates her age as four years old (born June 2015) so although she is a young dog, Victoire has missed out on four years of education and socialisation and love. She will need a kind, calm and patient family, preferably with another dog to guide her.

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  • Needs a doggy companion
  • Very timid
  • Needs a special family to love her

Gaby| A300

Gaby female border collieFemale, Young, Medium

Like Roddy, Gabby has been brought to the refuge 5 years after her adoption due to a catastrophic change in their owner’s circumstances. She is a lovely border collie cross who is extremely affectionate and sticks to her owner like glue. No doubt coming back to the refuge is a huge shock for her, after five years of love. But let’s hope she finds a home soon. Gabby was born in June 2013. She is great on the lead, which is just as well, as she likes to play catch and is often reluctant to come home after a walk, although she is not a runner, per se. Gabby has had an operation for a leg fracture, which has left her with a very light limp. After careful introductions Gabby can live with cats. Being a border collie, Gabby is bright and intelligent, and she would love an active family.

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  • Can live with cats
  • Affectionate and loyal
  • Needs an active family

Ohana| A324

Ohana young female German ShepherdFemale, Young, Large

I freely admit that at the time of writing I have not met this dog. But I thought you should see her anyway, as many of you love German Shepherds, and Ohana is a beauty! She was born in March 2018 and is a very affectionate girl who is fine with other dogs. She was brought in for rehoming by her family who could no longer keep her, and we hope it will not be too long before this lovely girl has a new home. The refuge can be very hard on dogs who have previously lived in happy homes, but Ohana has her whole life ahead of her and will soon adapt to a new life.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Lovely German Shepherd
  • Will make a great family member

Arizona| A276

Arizona female Fauve de BretagneFemale, Young, Medium

There is already quite a bit of interest in Arizona from fauve de Bretagne lovers both in France and the UK. Pictures of her when she arrived show the deep scarring left by a too-tight muzzle, and signs of cruelty like this pull the heart strings of anyone who loves dogs, and particularly this breed, known for their gentleness. Chances are that Arizona barked when she was a puppy, and this was a way of keeping her quiet. Isn’t that horrendous? She is not at all nervous of people and is young enough to bounce back, so we are sure she has a wonderful life ahead of her. Arizona was born in June 2017.

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  • A gentle soul
  • Gets on well with other dogs
  • Looking for an active family

Louna| A274

Louna female rotweiler crossFemale, Young, Large

Louna was brought to the ScPA for rehoming by her owner who was unable to look after her three dogs, having lost her home. The smallest one she was able to keep, but Louna and another large male were too much to cope with. The male went back to his breeder, leaving Louna alone. She is fabulous, however, and we are in no doubt that she will find a home soon. She is a long haired rottweiler cross who was born in July 2015. She does not require any permits or insurance, never fear. Louna is sociable with other dogs and adorable with people of all ages. If you like big gentle dogs, come along and meet Louna. She will surely put a smile on your face!

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  • Sociable and adorable with everyone
  • Gets on well with other dogs
  • Looking for an active family

Vaema| A255

Vaema female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Vaema is a dog in whom DRC has decided to take a special interest. From time to time we choose a dog who for some reason or other needs us more than all the others, and that is certainly the case with Vaema. This gorgeous and lively shepherd “not quite pup” was probably hit by a vehicle when she was very young, and the break was allowed to heal itself. This has left Vaema with a pronounced limp, meaning that she bunny-hops rather than walks. The vet says that to rebreak the pelvis area risks making the situation worse, so nothing can be done. However there is no reason why Vaema should not have a wonderful life, despite her “handicap”. She is gorgeous, very affectionate and desperate to run and play, but until her bones are fully formed (she is currently 9 months old), exercise should be controlled. I must point out that Vaema is not incontinent, she is just like any normal dog, except her back end is very wobbly. We at DRC love her, and want to find her a home where she can take things at her own pace and be loved as much as all dogs deserve to be loved!

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  • Affectionate
  • Needs controlled exercise
  • She seeks a special family

Lana| A064

Lana young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Lana is a very unlucky dog. She has been adopted twice and brought back both times for the same reason…she is what the refuge calls “a runner”. This girl needs a really well enclosed garden, and if this is not the case, she will lead other dogs astray. Her most recent family had another dog, and Lana got him into bad habits, despite the fact that he had never wandered before (or since). Her first family were perhaps better suited as they lived in an apartment (and even Lana could not escape from this). However her owner insisted on letting her walk with no lead, so off she went. Lana is a small shepherd cross. She was born in December 2016, and would love a new home. But only those with well enclosed gardens (or no garden but plenty of walks) need apply.

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  • Affectionate
  • Must have and enclosed safe garden
  • She seeks an active family live

Poma| A042

Poma young female border collieFemale, Young, Medium

Why hasn’t beautiful Poma found a home? When she and her two friends were brought in thanks to the ScPA’s cruelty team, I thought she would be adopted very quickly. Especially as like her pals, she was well socialised. It was more a case of neglect, rather than cruelty, and all three dogs were very used to being petted. And who doesn’t love a border collie? Poma’s only fault is that she does not like cats, but surely that is not preventing her from finding a new home? She was born in January 2016, is good on the lead, fine with other dogs, and simply stunning! Poma is sterilised, vaccinated and identified; please help her find a home.

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  • Stunning well socilised dog
  • Good with other dogs but not cats
  • He seeks an active family live

Tia| T631

Tia  young femaleFemale, Young, Medium

Another dog who was adopted and brought back, and thus missed off the website, Tia is not a staffy, and can in fact be adopted by anyone who likes the chunky type dogs but does not want to apply for all the permits needed to have a categorised dogs. Tia was born in June 2015, and although her owners made lots of effort to socialise her, she really has to be an only dog. She has a very strong character and will not be suitable as a first dog, although she already has good basic obedience. A very affectionate dog, Tia will need discipline and an experienced owner, but she is worth it!

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  • Very affectionate but strong character
  • Needs to be an only dog
  • Needs and experienced owner