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Elvira| A547

Elvira young female crossFemale, Young, Medium

Poor Elvira. She actually arrived in May 2018 and was adopted a couple of months later only to be brought back again in mid October. And apparently the time she spent in her new home was not a happy one. Yes, sometimes the ScPA gets it wrong. Elvira doesn’t seem to hold it against anyone though, she has got right back into the swing of refuge life. Elvira was born in April 2017 and although she might look like a categorised dog, one of the measurements doesn’t fall into the scale. This means she avoids all the annoying permitting procedure. Ideal for people who, like most of us, agree that breed specific legislation is nonsense. If you think that you can offer Elvira a GOOD home, please get in touch.


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  • Needs a stable environment
  • Lovely temperament
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Perla| A536

perla young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Pretty Perla was found straying at a local shopping centre, and so far her owner has not been to collect her. Perla is a wonderful young dog. She is just one year old (she was born in October last year). She is full of joy and is wonderful on the lead, really interacting with the person on the other end of the lead. She is treat motivated and will be easy to train. It took one walk for me to fall in love with her; she is magical! Perla will leave the ScPA identified, sterilised and vaccinated. Perhaps being abandoned at the shops is the best thing that has happened to Perla!

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  • Friendly and well motivated
  • A treat to walk on the lead
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Thea| A527

Thea young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Thea is the sister of Tom, and she like him, almost certainly shares the same parents as my dog, Caillou and recently adopted Tommy. It looks like their start in life has been far better than Caillou’s was. Thea is a already lovely and affectionate. She is fine with other dogs and loves people. And thanks to the ScPA she is now sterilised so will not be condemned to having litter after litter of pups, as he mum seems to have been. Thea is one of those dogs who you need to come and meet to appreciate, so why not pop along and say hi!

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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs loves people
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Cherry| A522

Cherry young beauceron crossFemale, Young, Medium

Cherry is a beautiful young girl who was born in October 2018 according to the vet’s estimation. She is a black and tan beauceron cross who is very easy on the lead. She is very attentive to humans too and there is lots of interaction on walks, it is not just a question of full steam ahead, as is the case with some dogs. Cherry is fine with other dogs and although she is a bit timid initially, she is already making great progress at the refuge.If you are looking for a big, young female, then it is really worth coming to meet Cherry. She is one of those dogs whom it is easy to overlook, but who will make a wonderful pet.

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  • Fine on the lead
  • Timid at first but fine with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Oaka| A514

Okara young female husky crossFemale, Young, Medium

Oaka arrived with her brother Nilo towards the end of September. Both she and her older brother Nilo were identified. However their owner was trying to give them away on the internet, so with a bit of persuasion he agreed to leave them at the ScPA for rehoming instead. Had this not been the case then Oaka’s life would probably have been one of producing litter after litter of babies, some of whom would almost inevitably have ended up in bad hands or at the refuge, so we are very pleased that she made it to us and that she is now sterilised! Oaka was born in January 2018 so at the time of going to press is just coming up to three years old. The ScPA is looking for experienced owners of nordic type dogs or people prepared to become so. Oaka has quite a strong hunting instinct and will chase small animals and birds. She is fine on the lead.

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  • Fine on the lead
  • Needs experienced owner
  • Will make a lovely family member

Canelle| A498

Canelle young female malinoisFemale, Young, Large

Canelle is a dog who, together with beauceron cross Mabrouka, was brought to the refuge because her owners did not like her barking. As Canelle is a malinois it is quite likely that her barking came of frustration. Many people underestimate the need these dogs have for stimulation. They love to be occupied and are highly intelligent. It is not by accident that they are the chosen breed of firemen and police throughout much of Europe. Canelle has many of the breed’s traits. She can be a bit snappy towards other dogs, and will need an experienced owner. Canelle was born in February 2016, so is a young, active dog.

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  • Needs an experienced owner
  • Highly intelligent breed
  • Will make a lovely pet for an active family

Mabrouka| A497

MabroukaFemale, Mature, Medium

Mabrouka is one of two dogs (the other being Canelle), who were brought in together for rehoming, as they barked too much. This reason may sound insane, but of course we do not know how bad this was, and who complained; having issues with next door neighbours is never nice. But we all know that dogs often bark because they are alone for two long, or distressed. Plus it seems obvious that two dogs will make more noise than one, so why bring both in. I guess the answer is that the dogs will both be happier elsewhere, and this is where the ScPA comes in. Sadly for Mabrouka, she is not as young as her pal. She will be 10 years old next month and although she is of medium size and hopefully will have a long life ahead of her, it means that she can be adopted at the senior price; €80 for a dog who is vaccinated, sterilised and identified! Mabrouka is a lovely long haired beauceron/border collie cross who would be very grateful to have a new home.

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  • A friendly nature
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely companion

Falbala| A467

Falbala young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Falbala was adopted briefly but brought back the following day as despite passing the cat test at the refuge, her new family were very nervous about her reaction to their own cat. So perhaps a cat free home would be best, or at least one where Falbala can be separated from any felines until she has settled in. It was such a shame, as this stunning lab cross had already been in kennels for 6 months before her brief taste of freedom. That is a long time for a young dog. Falbala was born in March 2018; she is not even 18 months old! Falbala is good with other dogs, is fine on the lead and will make a fabulous companion. Please give her a chance!

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  • Loves walks and is good on the lead
  • Not good with cats
  • Will make a lovely companion

Idylle| A455

Idyll female bull dogFemale, Young, Large

Idylle is an American bulldog, and a magnificent creature! Contrary to what one might assume when looking at pictures of this girl, American bulldogs are not regarded by French law as being a dangerous breed, which means she can be adopted without the need for permits or additional insurance, so if you like a chunky lass, she might be of interest to you. So why is she at the refuge? Well very sadly for her owners, Idylle was unable to cohabit with their other dogs. They did not adopt Idylle as a puppy, (she was born in September 2013) and although they tried to integrate her into their pack, this was just not possible. Whereas most things can be worked through, this is not the case when every “incident” results in injury to either other dogs or the owners. So Idylle is looking for a home with no other animals or small children. She is a wonderful dog, superbly trained and really deserving of a new home.

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  • Superbly trained dog
  • Must have animal and child free home
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Panda| A434

Panda female cross breedFemale, Young, Medium

No prizes for guessing how Panda got her name! Of course it is not her real name, but as she arrived unidentified, the staff had to choose one for her. Panda was very timid on her arrival and very thin, but is now looking and feeling much better. She was born in August 2013, according to the vet’s estimate, and is fine with other dogs, but as yet cats are an unknown quantity. She is a fabulous tri-coloured shepherd, not too big, not too small. She is wonderful on the lead, no pulling at all and always ready for a pat and a cuddle. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a medium sized, medium aged female!

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  • Very affectionate
  • Well socialised good on the lead
  • Will make a lovely family pet