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Bezingha| A113

Bezhinga female Bruno de Jura crossFemale, Young, Large

Bezingha was brought to the ScPA by one of their cruelty inspectors; she has not been mistreated at all, but she was definitely not wanted and a life of neglect awaited her. Her owner was a hunter, and Bezingha does not like to hunt. Clever girl. Instead of spending her life in an outside kennel with 5 other dogs, she is at the ScPA with a far far better life to come. Bezingha is a bruno de Jura cross who was born in January 2018. She is fine with people, (not at all timid) and loves other dogs. So far her interaction with felines has been limited to being biffed on the nose by the office cat, but she might well chase ones that run. A fabulous fabulous dog for everyone that likes dog with long ears!

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  • Fabulous dog loves humans
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Hermione| A069

Hermione Jack Russell crossFemale, Young, Small

Looking for a young small, and very active dog? Meet Hermione, a tiny jack russell cross who was born just over a year ago. When she arrived at the refuge she was very thin, but that didn’t seem to reduce her energy levels, and now she is back to full strength, she is a real firecracker. Having said that, she does love affection, and if you gather her in your arms, she does a great impression of a lap dog. Quite a wonderful mix! Hermione is very small, not much more than ankle high. She is a great little girl, if you like ‘em small and feisty!

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  • Small and feisty
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Prune| A089

PruneFemale, Young, Medium

Prune was adopted from the refuge several years ago but now needs a new home due to a change in family circumstances. She is a lovely dog, used to children and other dogs, clean in the house and obedient. When her “welcome” photos were taken on her arrival, the leave was left on the floor, and she just sat calmly. Prune is a shepherd cross who was born in December 2012. Six years old, now, Prune is a calm and steady middle aged dog who will make a great companion for just about anyone.

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  • Calm and steady
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Cheyenne | A007

Cheyenne young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Cheyenne arrived as an unidentified stray, and so far has not realised that life has taken a turn for the worse. She is full of joy, leaping up to play with anyone who comes to see her, really adorably assuming that they are going to take her out ..or home with them, preferably. The vet estimates her age as some 4 years (born in January 2105), and she is in great condition. Sadly for her, Cheyenne is pretty nondescript, “just another” shepherd cross, with greyish brown markings. I have a feeling that this girl is pretty special, though. If you would like more information about Cheyenne, feel free to ask!


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  • A special dog
  • Fine with other dogs and children
  • Will make great family pet

Meline | T667

Melie female young shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

It looks like Meline arrived at the refuge immediately after having had puppies, and she was in an extremely emaciated condition. Whoever dumped her at the SPA gates needs a good talking to, as they clearly have no idea about animal welfare. Or more likely they just don’t care. Meline is fabulous though, and although she is a bit baggy of breast at the moment, she is young and they will soon bounce back!

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  • Needs some TLC
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

Zebuline | T583

ZebulineFemale, Young, Medium

Zebuline’s owner is well known to the SCPA, as we have played host to many of his dogs over the years. Usually he reclaims them, and usually (like always!) we wish he wouldn’t. Zebuline has a chance for a new life, as he has not come to collect her. It would be great for this stunning cross breed to find a new home. Zebuline was born in December 2017, doubtless the puppy of one of her owners other dogs. She is really beautiful with staffy-like brindle colouring, but there is nothing staffy about her at all. She is sociable and affectionate. Had she not arrived at the ScPA she would doubtless have spent her life having litter after litter of pups who would have been condemned to the same life. So this is a super save all round.

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  • Sociable and affectionate
  • Still a young dog
  • Will make a great family pet

Douce | T613

DouceFemale, Young, Medium

This dog’s arrival at the refuge is fabulous news. Douce has been living wild and providing us with a regular supply of puppies. Of course everyone loves puppies, and Douce’s babies have been very popular each time, but the cycle had to stop. At last someone managed to close Douce in their garage when she went for food, and at last we have been able to sterilise her and start fattening her up. Living on the streets all her life has not been easy, and Douce will have to take things slowly. She is in the warm of the infirmary and there she will remain until she is strong enough to live outside. In the fullness of time, Douce will be looking for a new home. She is unused to human contact but love and patience will work wonders, as it does with all dogs. She will need an enclosed garden, obviously, and it might be some time before she is ready to come for cuddles, but Douce will make a lovely companion for a hound lover.

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  • Needs lots of patience and love
  • Will need an enclosed garden
  • Will make a great companion dog

Pia | T503

Pia female staffie crossFemale, Young, Medium

Pia is a lovely little girl who has had a difficult time so far and is looking for a new home. Unlike the family’s other dog, who had a normal life, with regular walks etc, Pia was kept inside to look fierce and guard the property. Probably because she is small and stocky and looks like a dangerous dog! It is true that Pia has problems with some men, particularly when she first meets them. She is fine with all the male SCPA employees, however, proving that it is just a question of confidence. On the positive side, Pia is fine with other dogs, and she passed the cat test with flying colours. This is a chance to get a staffie type dog with none of the administrative hassle that comes with these breeds here in France. Pia was born in August 2015.

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  • Needs to build her confidence with men
  • Fine with other dogs and cats
  • Will make a great family pet

Noisette | T501

Noisette female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Noisette was found at the refuge gates one morning with her puppy, Pirouette. Both dogs had mange and were put in isolation until this infection had been treated. Luckily they had each other, so it was not too bad an experience for them. Now, they are all well and ready for a new home. Noisette is a shepherd cross who seems to be a very calm girl. Recently she escaped from her kennel and her first instinct was to run to the nearest person, who just slipped a lead over her head and gave her a cuddle. Yes, you are right, probably a homeless person’s dog; sociable and well balanced. Her puppy-bearing days are over now, and although she is not quite five years old, Noisette would like a more stable lifestyle than she has had up to now!

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  • A lovely calm dog
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Ilona | T529

Ilona bull dog crossFemale, Young, Medium

Ilona is a fabulous white coloured bull terrier who needs a new home fairly urgently. We do not know all the details, but we believe that she has been used for breeding. Coming to the ScPA is really a blessing for her, especially as her owners have made no attempt to find her. What she needs now is a new home. Ilona is wonderful with people, but is a bit reactive to dogs, and she hates cats. So a home as a single dog would be ideal for this lovely girl who was born in May 2013.


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  • A lovely dog
  • Needs to be an only dog and no cats
  • Will make a great family companion