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Frimousse | T004

Frimousse small female cross breedFemale, Young, Small

This is a sad story. Who remembers the dogs from Ste Eulalie, who were rescued from dog hoarders in March 2016? Four of them are still at the SPA looking for homes, but many more are happy in their forever homes. And we thought this was the case for Frimousse. However her owner has just passed away, and with none of the relatives prepared to take on the dog, Frimousse finds herself at the SPA. She was born in June 2014, and spent nine months in hell before coming to the SPA. She stayed with us only briefly (she was far less traumatised than some of her poor companions) but is now back. We hope that her size and young age mean that she will not have a long wait this time either, and that she will soon be back in a home. And that this time it is for ever!

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  • Small size
  • Affectionate
  • Would make a lovely family pet

Polly | R607

Polly old female cross breedFemale, Mature, Medium

Polly was found in a nearby village and almost inevitably she is not identified. The vet estimates her date of birth as January 2009, making her nine years old. This puts her already into the senior dogs category, and we hope she will not have too long to wait before finding a new home. She is a shepherd cross with beautiful black and tan markings and gentle eyes. She is calm and affectionate would suit someone looking for a gentle older dog for love and companionship. Like all out senior dogs, Polly’s adoption fee is just €80, for which she will be vaccinated, identified and sterilised.

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  • Calm and gentle
  • Affectionate
  • Would make a good companion

Brenda | R559

Brenda female griffon crossFemale, Young, Medium

If I know DRC followers as well as I think I do, Brenda will not have long to wait. This wonderful griffon cross was born in June 2016 and she is AMAZING. She is fine on the lead, very attentive to whomever is walking her. Yes, she is a griffon, so yes, she has her nose to the ground a lot, but she is easily distracted by cuddles. She doesn’t pull and she is great with other dogs. I do not think she was a hunt dog, she has all the hallmarks of a family pet. She really is a gem and deserves a wonderful home, either as a sole dog or as a pal for another dog, male or female.
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  • Loves cuddles
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Mila | R544

Mira female border collieFemale, Young, Medium

Mila is a fabulous border collie who has just been abandoned at the SPA. We often get border crosses, but I am sure you will all agree that this girl is a stunner! Mila is three years old and is extremely nervous especially of men. We will do our best to socialise her at the SPA, but it will probably be some time before she learns to trust again. Poor girl, what on earth happened to her before she came to the safety of the refuge? Mila is not at all good with cats, so a patient, loving, feline-free home is needed for this beautiful girl, pleasse

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  • Needs a patient cat-free home

Helda | R545

Helda female German ShepherdFemale, Young, Large

Helda is a purebreed Germand shepherd who was bought at a local pet store five years ago. Having a purebreed puppy was important enough at the time for this family to spend considerable money on a dog, but Helda has ended up neglected at the bottom of a garden. Unsurprisingly she barks for attention, and it is for this reason that she has been abandoned at the SPA. Helda is five years old (born 31.07.12) but already has a cataract in one eye. Poor girl. She is fine with male dogs but not cats, and at the moment she is scared and timid. She is a fabulous girl though, and has had a miserable life up to now.

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  • Affectionate but timid
  • Good with other dogs not cats
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Citrouille | R516

Citrouille young female spaniel crossFemale, Young, Medium

Citrouille (aka Pumpkin) is perhaps a hunt dog who has managed to escape from her owner. A beautiful pale spaniel, Citrouille is very timid on first meeting, but once she is out of her kennel, she comes to life. Citrouille was born in November 2014, so is still a young dog. She arrived with raw patches of fur on her back, which was due to an untreated flea infection. Yet again we are happy that an animal who was destined to have a life of misery has made it to the safety of the SPA. Now what we need for her is a new home!
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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Indian| PP562

Indian female Czech Wolf DogFemale, Large, Mature

Indian is the second of the Czech wolfdogs at the SPA. She came from a man who rescues this breed but who had become overwhelmed with numbers, and the SPA stepped in to help. Indian is the mate of Artos, and would prefer to be homed with him and without other dogs if possible. She is about the size of a German shepherd, and timid with people who she does not know. Once she knows someone she will happily lick and nuzzle them, and shows lots of affection. She is not good with dogs other than Artos and cannot be homed with children. Indian was born in September 2013.

  • Timid with people not good with children
  • Mate of Artos or homed alone
  • Magnificent looking dog

Comet| R442

Comet female Anglo crossFemale, Medium, Mature

Oh, Comet! What a fabulous looking girl you are! This Anglo cross is a beautiful looking girl who is 7 years old. Is she a hunt dog who has become lost? We will perhaps never know, as like so many of our dogs, she arrived unidentified. Comet shows none of the timidity of a dog who has spent its life in a kennel, however. Comet lies calmly in her kennel watching the world go by. She is very affectionate and as she is so stunning that we hope she will leave soon. Whoever adopts her should have an enclosed garden and be prepared to keep her on the lead if necessary, though. She has a long nose and long ears, and we know what that can mean!

  • Sociable and friendly
  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs an enclosed garden


AnethFemale, Mature, Medium

Aneth is a complicated dog and will be difficult to home, but that does not mean we should not try! Aneth is an anglo cross who has leischmaniasis, however it is well under control and she takes a tablet a day to keep the disease stabilised. That is not the major issue. This illness is usually enough to put people off, however despite this, Aneth has been adopted and brought back on two separate occasions for being a runner. And not just your average runner, either. Aneth will need a super-enclosed garden if she is to stay in one place. And she disappears on walks, too, so lead only for her. Not everyone’s ideal dog. However she is so adorable and affectionate that perhaps someone would be willing to give her a home. Aneth adores being outside, so if someone has an outside area in a well enclosed garden where she can sleep but have lots of cuddles too, that would probably be ideal. She was born in December 2009 and so although not the youngest of dogs, she is certainly one of the most active!
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  • Still full of energy
  • Will need an enclosed garden
  • Needs a loving family


Flurry female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Flurry has been at the SPA since June 2016, and although she was a bit difficult at first, she soon settled down and is now a great young girl. She has stunning looks, primarily black but with brown highlights, and not only is she fine with male dogs, but she is also wonderful on a lead. Don’t let her near cats, though. Flurry was born in June 2015, so is young and full of energy. She would be a great guard dog, as she will be devoted to her family. If you like long walks and would like some canine companionship, Flurry may be the girl for you.

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  • Young and full of energy
  • Good with male dogs but not cats
  • Needs a loving family