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Mirabelle French bulldog beagle crossFemale, Young, Medium

Like her brother Caramel, Mirabelle was one of 11 pups (in two litters 6 months different in age) brought in by a woman who had let her dogs breed irresponsibly. Her female is now sterilised, and the SPA is homing the pups, who are French bulldog/beagle crosses. That is a great mix, and although these older pups, who were born in October 2016, are not used to being handled or walking on the lead, all are doing really well, and those who have been homed already are responding to love and kindness the way of all dogs! Mirabelle is vaccinated, sterilised and identified and all ready for her new home!
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  • Need training on the lead
  • Good with other dogs
  • Shows no sign of wondering


Female, Young, Medium

Helly is a gorgeous girl who needs just a bit of kindness and attention to gain confidence and really come out of her shell. Nervous of people on first meeting, Helly loves hearing a gentle voice, and adored cuddles. On a lead she is fine but shies away from cars and loud noises. This will pass once she gains in confidence, we are sure. A reassuring hand on her collar steadies her, and then she trots along happily once again. Helly probably has her origins in a hunt type dog, she is black and tan with longish ears. She is a very pretty girl indeed and should appeal to lots of you. Plus she is young, her date of birth is January 2016, and she is fine with other dogs. A real gem.

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  • Fine on the lead
  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs help to gain confidence


Louisa spaniel cross femaleFemale, Young, Medium

Louisa is a very pretty spaniel cross, pale brown and white in colour. She was found as a stray in Aragon and as she was not identified we have no way of finding her owners. However we are pretty sure she must have had owners until fairly recently; she is not particularly thin, she is affectionate and she HATES being locked up. Still, if her owners are not looking for her, surely someone else will fall for this beautiful girl. Louisa was born in January 2016.
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  • Affectionate
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet


AnethFemale, Mature, Medium

Aneth is a complicated dog and will be difficult to home, but that does not mean we should not try! Aneth is an anglo cross who has leischmaniasis, however it is well under control and she takes a tablet a day to keep the disease stabilised. That is not the major issue. This illness is usually enough to put people off, however despite this, Aneth has been adopted and brought back on two separate occasions for being a runner. And not just your average runner, either. Aneth will need a super-enclosed garden if she is to stay in one place. And she disappears on walks, too, so lead only for her. Not everyone’s ideal dog. However she is so adorable and affectionate that perhaps someone would be willing to give her a home. Aneth adores being outside, so if someone has an outside area in a well enclosed garden where she can sleep but have lots of cuddles too, that would probably be ideal. She was born in December 2009 and so although not the youngest of dogs, she is certainly one of the most active!
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  • Still full of energy
  • Will need an enclosed garden
  • Needs a loving family


Flurry female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Flurry has been at the SPA since June 2016, and although she was a bit difficult at first, she soon settled down and is now a great young girl. She has stunning looks, primarily black but with brown highlights, and not only is she fine with male dogs, but she is also wonderful on a lead. Don’t let her near cats, though. Flurry was born in June 2015, so is young and full of energy. She would be a great guard dog, as she will be devoted to her family. If you like long walks and would like some canine companionship, Flurry may be the girl for you.

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  • Young and full of energy
  • Good with male dogs but not cats
  • Needs a loving family

Lutine| PP341

Lutine Female, Young, Medium

Here is one for the soft hearted. Lutine is a spaniel who arrived in early August 2016. At the time she had no fur and was emaciated. It didn’t take much time (seconds, in fact) for us the SPA to realise that she has leishmaniasis, and since then she has been receiving treatment. She now has fur and has put on weight and is ready for her new home. With regular medication her illness will not progress, but due to the advanced stage at which it was treated, the drugs are quite costly. For this reason the SPA is looking for a long term foster family, so that we can continue to pay for her ongoing vet bills. In this way we hope to find a home for lovely Lutine so that she does not spend her life at the SPA. She was born in 2010 and is very lively and you would never know that she is ill!

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  • Lively and affectionate
  • Long term foster
  • Needs ongoing medical treatment


Patty labrador cross femaleLarge, Young, Female

Patty was found with since adopted Sweety, and she had a bit of trouble adjusting to the loss of her long term pal. Now however she is back sharing a kennel, this time with a big boisterous male. Patty is a gorgeous deep black labrador cross. She is very affectionate and although she is quite strong on the lead, she settles down well. She is playful and fun and would love a home with lots of walks, no cats, and perhaps a handsome friend to play with. Patty was born in July 2013 and like all our dogs will  leave vaccinated, sterilised and identified, all for €170.
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  • Affectionate
  • Fine with female dogs
  • Will need some TLC







Baila female shepherd crossMedium, Young, Female

Baila is a very young female lab/ pointer cross who was found attached to a picket in a vineyard behind the old hospital in Carcassonne. We have no idea how she got there; if she was tied up deliberately by her former owner or by someone whom she was following. Nor do we know how long she was there before her cries were heard. In any case, she is safe at the SPA now, and looking for a new home, as clearly her old owners are not coming to find her. Baila was born in April 2014 and is a gorgeous girl.

SPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Lab/Pointer cross
  • Lovely dog
  • Fine with other dogs