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Benji |

Benji young male bearded collieMale, Young, Large

Benji is such a great looking dog! He is a young bearded collie who was found and brought to the SPA in mid December and the vet estimates him as being just a year old (born January 2017). Intially very nervous, he cheered up as soon as he was taken from the pound to the refuge (where there are more walks and more contact with other dogs). Benji was thin and in quite bad condition when he arrived, but already he is putting on weight and looking much happier. We see great things ahead for this lad! Benji is castrated, microchipped and vaccinated and his adoption fee is €170.

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  • Great looking dog
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Finn | R593

Finn male Bruno de JuraMale, Young, Large

We are happy to have Finn at the SPA. Why? Because we know for a fact that he has been straying in a nearby village for several months. All attempts to capture him failed until eventually an employee of the mayor’s office managed to gain his confidence and bring him to the refuge. He arrived in mid- December, and already by the end of the month he was much less scared, allowing people to walk and pat him. We know from his days as a stray that as long as food is available, he stays in one place. We also know that he is good with other dogs, as he is sharing his kennel quite happily. And he is gaining lots of confidence from his gregarious kennel mate! Finn was born in January 2016 and is a bruno de Jura. Let’s hope he does not suffer the same fate as Jura, who has now been looking for a new home for over two years….

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  • Needs confidence building
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Winnie | R592

Winnie large male cross breedMale, Young, Large

Winnie would be a great dog for anyone looking for a big young fluffy dog. We think he is a cross between a pyrenean mountain dog and a golden retriever, as he weighs 30 something kilos, with more to gain. He was born in February 2017, so even though he has finished growing upwards, some more outward expansion is almost guaranteed! Is this why he was abandoned? A car pulled up at the SPA just as the staff were arriving in mid December, and a man was seen shoving Winnie into one of the external kennels. When he was told to go to the reception, he did a tyre-squealing escape, leaving Winnie behind. Initially terrified, as soon as Winnie was able to leave the pound (which would have been immediately, had his owner filled in forms to abandon his dog), Winnie was just fine. He shared his kennel happily, and is great on the lead. He is a magnificent dog, quite calm and just waiting for a new home.
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  • Magnificent dog
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Muffin | R574

Muffin young male shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

It breaks my heart to see Muffin back at the SPA. He was adopted when he was a tiny puppy and afterwards we received dozens of photos of him growing up and enjoying life. Who would have thought that about a year later he would be back at the SPA, over a year old and over a year more difficult to rehome. That is the effect that a divorce can have on a dog. Muffin is a stunning dog, luckily for him. He is fine with other dogs and we hope he will find a new home soon. He is a shepherd cross with slightly drooping jowls, making him look very distinguished. He deserves a lovely home, a bit like the one he thought he already had.

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  • Lovely nature
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Helda | R545

Helda female German ShepherdFemale, Young, Large

Helda is a purebreed Germand shepherd who was bought at a local pet store five years ago. Having a purebreed puppy was important enough at the time for this family to spend considerable money on a dog, but Helda has ended up neglected at the bottom of a garden. Unsurprisingly she barks for attention, and it is for this reason that she has been abandoned at the SPA. Helda is five years old (born 31.07.12) but already has a cataract in one eye. Poor girl. She is fine with male dogs but not cats, and at the moment she is scared and timid. She is a fabulous girl though, and has had a miserable life up to now.

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  • Affectionate but timid
  • Good with other dogs not cats
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Indian| PP562

Indian female Czech Wolf DogFemale, Large, Mature

Indian is the second of the Czech wolfdogs at the SPA. She came from a man who rescues this breed but who had become overwhelmed with numbers, and the SPA stepped in to help. Indian is the mate of Artos, and would prefer to be homed with him and without other dogs if possible. She is about the size of a German shepherd, and timid with people who she does not know. Once she knows someone she will happily lick and nuzzle them, and shows lots of affection. She is not good with dogs other than Artos and cannot be homed with children. Indian was born in September 2013.

  • Timid with people not good with children
  • Mate of Artos or homed alone
  • Magnificent looking dog

Artos| PP563

Artos male Czech wolf dogMale, Large, Mature

It was only after the recent DRC photo shoot that I realised that Artos was not on our website, although he has been at the SPA since December last year! Taken in by the SPA by a rescuer who had bitten off more than he could chew, Artos is a czech wolfdog. If you don’t know this breed, it is worth doing some research, as they are quite particular! Artos is a big male, fabulous to look at and fabulous on the lead. He is good with some females, but does not like males, even of his own breed (yes, he is the Alpha dog). He is very affectionate with people, but we would not advise that he be homed with small children (although he can meet them on walks without any problems). Artos is magnificent and everyone feels a surge of pride whilst walking him. He as born in December 2010.

  • Sociable and friendly
  • Good with some female dogs
  • Magnificent looking dog

Baxter| R468

BaxterMale, Large, Young

Baxter is a pale shepherd who arrived at the SPA unidentified in October. He is about the size of a German shepherd, with medium long fur. And he is friendly and lively. The later is not surprising bearing in mind that the vet has estimated his age as being one year. Although he is mostly cream coloured, Baxter’s distinguishing feature is the yellow fur around his eyes. We haven’t tested Baxter with other dogs at the time of going to press, but by the time you read this we will know how he is with other dogs, and of course he can be tested with cats too. He is a great looking boy who will make a lovely pet.

  • Sociable and friendly
  • Great looking
  • Will make a lovely family pet


isidor male young MalinoisMale, Young, Large

Isidor was abandoned by his owner who has changed jobs and no longer has time to devote to his dog. And Isidor is going to take quite a bit of time, to be honest. Not a dog for the faint hearted, Isidor pulls a lot on the lead and is a bundle of energy, as is often the case of the malinois breed. We are told that Isidor is fine with dogs and cats and children, but at the SPA he is alone for now, as he has just too much “bounce” for most of our dogs. Isidor was born in May2013 is looking for a home with experienced owners and an enclosed garden where this lad can get rid of some of his energy!
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  • Strong and full of energy
  • Good with other dogs and Cats
  • Needs an active experienced owners and enclosed garden


Hershey male braqueMale, Young, Large

Wow, what a fabulous dog. Hershey is a chocolate brown braque who was born in May 2013. He is simply magnificent, tall, elegant, positively regal, and a dog to make any owner proud. A dog of this size can look imposing, but Hershey is very friendly and affectionate. A bit slobbery, but that is due to his breed’s soft mouth.  Hershey is fine with other dogs, but so far he appears to be extremely friendly and affectionate. His adoption fee is €170, which includes castration, microchip and vaccinations.
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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • A magnificent breed
  • Will make a lovely pet for an active family