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Pica| R421

Pica female labrador crossFemale, Mature, Large

Poor Pica was brought to the SPA following the death of her owner. Yes, another one! She is a lovely girl, though, and we are hopeful that despite her age, she will find a new home soon. Pica is a labrador cross, mainly black but with lots of white markings, making her simply stunning. She is fine with dogs and we think cats too, but we can check that again easily enough. Pica was born in September 2009, making her eight years old at the time of her arrival, but she is in great shape and should have many years ahead of her, so please do not discard her on account of her age.


  • Sociable and friendly
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a loving family pet

Celeste | R202

celesteFemale, Young, Large

Celeste is not going to be an easy dog to home, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. She is a big Anglo cross who arrived in a terrified and emaciated state in early May this year. Since then she has made progress, and she is certainly looking a lot better, but she still has a long road ahead of her. Although there are some people whom Celeste knows and trusts, she freezes when she is stroked. She does not seek out human affection and for the most part would rather be left alone. She is fine with other dogs, but has not learned to play as yet. I suspect the noise of the refuge is keeping her true personality hidden, although she escaped from her walker’s hands recently and came back to the SPA on her own, so she is not too unhappy with us! Celeste was born in January 2014 so has a lot of time to get over her fears. A calm patient home is required!

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  • Will need help to become affectionate
  • Good with other dogs
  • Calm patient home required

Denis | R391

denis male border collie crossMale, Young, Large

We are very cross that Denis is back at the SPA. No, he has never been adopted from us, but this is the third time he has been here, and each time his owner has come to collect him. As Denis was identified we had no option but to let him leave. The first time we had found him a wonderful new owner, who was just waiting for the ten days’ legal pound time to be over. The next time Denis was reclaimed by his owner on day ten. This time he is too late. Phew. We have now castrated Denis, so doubtless his owner will no longer want him. Good! Denis is a beauceron/border collie cross, with one brown and one blue eye. A stunning lad, but the size of a shetland pony! He is fine with other dogs and would love a training minded family with an enclosed garden. Denis was born in July 2016.
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  • Happy lively and friendly
  • Needs a training minded family
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Mario | R363

Mario male doberman crossMale, Young, Large

When I first saw the pictures of Mario I assumed he was a small dog. There was very little in the picture from which to judge the scale. In fact he is the size of a Doberman, which shouldn’t be surprising, as he is a Doberman cross! Lovely Mario was born in July 2016 and before being brought to the SPA he was living with children. We know that he is good with other dogs, too, and he is cohabiting quite happily at the SPA. If you want a dog who looks impressive, this could be your boy. Mario is a go-everywhere dog, too, he loves car travel and smiles happily out of the window.


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  • Impressive dog
  • Fine with dogs and children
  • Will become a lovely family pet

Lili | R357

Lili female black shepherd crossFemale, Young, Large

Lili was adopted from the SPA when she was a puppy and brought back recently as the owners no longer want a dog. Yes, this may seem impossible to you, but we have had three dogs brought in for this very reason just in the month of July! Lili is a fairly big stocky black female, she perhaps has some dogue in her, as her jowels are a bit droopy. Or maybe it is just her age! I know, I am not painting a glowing picture, am I. In fact she is adorable, and fine with cats and children, too. Who wouldn’t want to offer this lovely lass a home? Lili was born in June 2009, Shocking that after so long in a family she should find herself back at the SPA.


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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Fine with cats and children
  • Will become a lovely family pet

Diesel R304

DieselMale, Young, Large

Diesel should not really be at the SPA. He had an owner, but when Diesel was found straying in his village, they refused to collect him. We hate it when this happens, but perhaps the only way forward is to agree that perhaps the owner does not love his dog as much as he should. And Diesel is so worthy of love! He is a fabulous looking dark and pale shepherd/border collie cross who is very gentle and affectionate. His date of birth is estimated as being in November 2016, so although this boy is more or less fully grown, he is still a very young dog who will adapt quickly to his new home. He is good with other dogs, both male and female and his adoption fee is €170.

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  • Gentle and affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a kind and loving family


isidor male young MalinoisMale, Young, Large

Isidor was abandoned by his owner who has changed jobs and no longer has time to devote to his dog. And Isidor is going to take quite a bit of time, to be honest. Not a dog for the faint hearted, Isidor pulls a lot on the lead and is a bundle of energy, as is often the case of the malinois breed. We are told that Isidor is fine with dogs and cats and children, but at the SPA he is alone for now, as he has just too much “bounce” for most of our dogs. Isidor was born in May2013 is looking for a home with experienced owners and an enclosed garden where this lad can get rid of some of his energy!
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  • Strong and full of energy
  • Good with other dogs and Cats
  • Needs an active experienced owners and enclosed garden


Hershey male braqueMale, Young, Large

Wow, what a fabulous dog. Hershey is a chocolate brown braque who was born in May 2013. He is simply magnificent, tall, elegant, positively regal, and a dog to make any owner proud. A dog of this size can look imposing, but Hershey is very friendly and affectionate. A bit slobbery, but that is due to his breed’s soft mouth. At the time of writing we have not tested Hershey with other dogs, but so far he appears to be extremely friendly and affectionate. His adoption fee is €170, which includes castration, microchip and vaccinations.
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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • A magnificent breed
  • Will make a lovely pet for an active family


Look male german shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

Look is a lovely gentle german shepherd cross who was found at the SPA gates one morning. He was identified so we called his owner, who said that she no longer wanted him, and she subsequently came along to sign him over to us. Look has spent a lot of time tied up in a garden, so he has not seen much of the world. Despite this he is very affectionate, and is gradually getting to know other dogs. He settles down really well on walks and is very attentive to whomever is walking him. Look was born in April 2013.
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  • Good with children
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Oscar male shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

Oscar’s owner was unable to manage this fairly large strong dog as well as her other animals, so Oscar is at the SPA looking for a new home. He is a shepherd cross with a small griffon-like beard who was born in February 2016. Oscar is good with other dogs but has a tendency to be a bit dominant

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs training on the lead
  • A lovely dog