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Fudge | A548

Fuge young small Brittany spanielMale, Young, Small

Fudge is a small sized Breton spaniel who has just arrived at the refuge. There is a chance that he will be reclaimed, but this does not often happen with this breed sadly; their owners are often hunters who tend to be quite practical about their animals; if the dog is not a good “tool” then he is not worth the expense of reclaiming from a refuge that will insist on identifying the animal. If this is the case then so much the better for Fudge, who is a fabulous lad. He is small sized and very cuddly. Fudge has not finished his pound time yet, but is definitely one to watch!

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  • Small sized
  • Very cuddly
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Bolide| A532

BolideMale, Young, Large

Oh, poor Bolide. He waited so long for his home and everything was going so well for him. The ScPA received countless photos of him in his new life, and his family was enchanted with him. Sadly they did not tell us that Bolide was having problems sharing with the family’s cat. Had they asked for help, then perhaps the problem could have been resolved (as has been the case with other dogs). However they just brought Bolide back one afternoon and so this young lad is looking for a home again. Bolide is a wonderful German Shepherd cross who was born in January 2018. And he has already spent more than 6 months at the refuge. Please help us find him a home!

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  • Friendly and affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs not cats
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Tom| A526

Tom young shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

I strongly suspect that Tom, like the recently arrived and adopted Tommy, is a younger sibling (a few litters later) of my Caillou. He has exactly the same markings; white bib and white socks on all four paws, plus the same features. However I have to point out that Tom is like Caillou is now, not how he was when I adopted him. Tom is a very friendly and sociable dog who loves a cuddle. He is sharing his kennel fine and is going out on walks already. Tom was born in February 2019 so is not much more than a puppy. Let’s get him a home quickly and start him off on the wonderful new life that he, and

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  • Friendly and sociable
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Nilo| A513

Nilo young male HuskieMale, Young, Medium

Nilo is one of two magnificent huskies who arrived at the ScPA together towards the end of September. Both he and his sister, Oaka, were identified. However their owner was trying to give them away on the internet, so with a bit of persuasion he agreed to leave them at the ScPA for rehoming instead. Nilo is a fabulous dog. He was born in June 2016 and is in the prime of life. Thanks to the refuge he is now castrated and ready for his new home. Many of you know that huskies are not dogs for everyone. They can have trouble with recall, for example, and a well enclosed garden is a must. It is worth reading about the breed on line before deciding to adopt any nordic type dog, but if you are already experienced with these breeds or think you are up to the challenge, then please get in touch. Nilo is good on the lead and attentive to his owner. Relatively easy for the breed.

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  • Fine on the lead attentive to owner
  • Needs experienced owner
  • Will make a lovely family member

Oscar| A515

OscarMale, Young, Medium

We were very happy when Oscar was rehomed about 3 weeks ago, so very disappointed when he was returned so soon thereafter. Yes, life can change very quickly, but surely not THIS quickly! And apparently the sight of this poor, timid lad literally quaking with fear as he was put into a kennel was very distressing for all who saw it. Oscar did not have an easy life before the refuge, and being brought back will not have helped him one jot, so this time we are looking for a REAL forever home. Oscar was once a hunt dog, and was lucky to make it to the ScPA. He is understandably nervous of people. He is looking for a kind and patient family who will let him settle in gradually. He is a stunning lad, who was born in March 2018. He will certainly appeal to griffon lovers. We know you are out

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  • Very nervous
  • Needs some time and TLC
  • Will make a lovely pet for a patient family

Buster| A360

Buster large male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Buster was brought in by a couple who pretended to have found him, but who may have just decided that having a dog made it more awkward to go away on holiday. Luckily for Buster it wasn’t long before he found a new home, but sadly after just a couple of weeks he is back again. I am assured that this was not the fault of the dog. Well, to be fair it usually isn’t. Buster is a magnificent dog. Despite his chunky appearance (he is a boxer cross) he is very gentle both on the lead and when playing with other dogs. He shares a kennel just fine. Buster was born in July 2018 and is all ready for his forever home, vaccinated, castrated and identified.

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  • Magnificent dog
  • Gentle on the lead
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Irish| A474

Irish young male springer crossMale, Young, Medium

The ScPA quite often gets dogs who are noted down as being springer spaniel crosses, but it is not often that they look quite this much like a springer spaniel! Isn’t Irish fabulous? With his liver and white markings and the curly hair on his ears, Irish looks very much the part. He was found unidentified in Esperaza, and the vet estimates his age as being some 18 months. Irish is sharing his kennel with another dog, and is ready to leave the refuge all vaccinated, identified and castrated. It would be great to find him a home soon, so please share far and wide for this lovely boy.

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  • A friendly nature
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Gafarot| A469

Garafot young male terrier crossMale, Young, Small

Depending on whether you see the “before” or “after” photos of Gafarot you will wonder if he is a Chinese crested. That is because since his arrival this young fox terrier cross has been totally shaved! For those of you who don’t know, Gafarot it a local word for grass seed, and this boy was covered in them when he arrived. Shaving his coat was the only thing possible, and he looks much better for it, as well as feeling far more comfortable, of course! If you like a hairy boy then you will need a bit of patience, but Gafarot is a great lad. Well worth a visit, I promise. He was born in January 2011 and is fine with other dogs

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  • A very hairy coat
  • A lovely temperament
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Gribouille| A466

Gibrioulle elderly male cross breedMale, Mature, Medium

It is always so sad when elderly dogs arrive at the refuge, and it seems to happen more and more frequently these days. Poor Gribouille doesn’t seem to understand what is happening at all. At eleven and half years old this boy should be lying around relaxing, but instead he is locked up, not knowing what he has done wrong. Of course as usual the answer is “nothing”. We are assured that he is very calm at home, totally housetrained. He is not good with cats, and is a bit picky about which dogs he likes, but he is very bright and lively for his age and loves his walks. We would love to find him a home before the onset of winter, so please share for Gribouille and let’s try to get this old boy out of the refuge asap.

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  • Loves walks and is lively for his age
  • Not good with cats
  • Will make a lovely companion

Sand| A451

Sand male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Sand is one of many medium sized shepherd crosses who arrive at the refuge each month. In some ways this type of dog, along with the black ones, have the most trouble being noticed in a refuge environment. Sand arrived towards the end of August, and is only just starting to make his mark on the refuge. He is sharing his box quite happily with a female, but it is likely that he is fine with male dogs as well. He is quite a timid boy who is gradually gaining in confidence, and having another dog would be good for him at the moment, although of course the ScPA will work on this. Sand was born in August 2018; he was just a year old when he arrived, and we would like him to know the love of a home very soon.

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  • Timid at first
  • Would like a doggy companion
  • Will make a lovely family pet