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Mabrouka| A497

MabroukaFemale, Mature, Medium

Mabrouka is one of two dogs (the other being Canelle), who were brought in together for rehoming, as they barked too much. This reason may sound insane, but of course we do not know how bad this was, and who complained; having issues with next door neighbours is never nice. But we all know that dogs often bark because they are alone for two long, or distressed. Plus it seems obvious that two dogs will make more noise than one, so why bring both in. I guess the answer is that the dogs will both be happier elsewhere, and this is where the ScPA comes in. Sadly for Mabrouka, she is not as young as her pal. She will be 10 years old next month and although she is of medium size and hopefully will have a long life ahead of her, it means that she can be adopted at the senior price; €80 for a dog who is vaccinated, sterilised and identified! Mabrouka is a lovely long haired beauceron/border collie cross who would be very grateful to have a new home.

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  • A friendly nature
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely companion

Gribouille| A466

Gibrioulle elderly male cross breedMale, Mature, Medium

It is always so sad when elderly dogs arrive at the refuge, and it seems to happen more and more frequently these days. Poor Gribouille doesn’t seem to understand what is happening at all. At eleven and half years old this boy should be lying around relaxing, but instead he is locked up, not knowing what he has done wrong. Of course as usual the answer is “nothing”. We are assured that he is very calm at home, totally housetrained. He is not good with cats, and is a bit picky about which dogs he likes, but he is very bright and lively for his age and loves his walks. We would love to find him a home before the onset of winter, so please share for Gribouille and let’s try to get this old boy out of the refuge asap.

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  • Loves walks and is lively for his age
  • Not good with cats
  • Will make a lovely companion

Gaspard | T647

Gaspard male German shepherdMale, Mature, Medium

Gaspard was brought to the refuge by the cruelty inspectors, who found this dog chained up and starving. Who would do that to a fabulous German shepherd? Gaspard is still in recovery inside the infirmary, although he goes outside for short walks most days. He is still very thin, so wolfs his food down a bit, and this is one reason why he is not mixable for the moment. We hope that he soon realises that food will be plentiful from now on, and that other dogs are not competition. Gaspard was born in February 2011 and would love a new home where he will be loved properly

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  • Needs some TLC
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great companion

Fido | T450

Fido mature male crossMale, Mature, Medium

This is Fido’s third time at the refuge, and none of it is his fault. He was adopted as a tiny puppy, then brought back in July last year, as his owner claimed to no longer have enough money to look after him (and our offers of financial assistance were rejected). He was homed about a month later, and this time his owner has died, leaving poor Fido homeless once again. Next time we are looking for a forever home, for this dog who is now eight years old. Fido is very obedient, he doesn’t pull on the lead and he loves people, searching out human company as much as possible. He would love a new home as a single dog (he is not always good with other dogs), and preferably with someone who is at home all the time. He is exceptionally well housetrained and can be left alone, but would rather not be. He has had bad luck in life so far, let’s change all that!


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  • Loves human company
  • Better as a single dog
  • Will make a great companion for someone at home all day

Ernie| R316

Ernie male rottweiler crossMale, Medium, Young

Rottweiler cross Ernie was adopted but brought back in July. He really is not a dog for first-time owners, and that is what his last family was. Despite our advice (we advised them against the adoption, too) and their best intentions, this young couple were just not ready for a dog like Ernie. Born in January 2015, Ernie is still in need of education. Not the usual commands, he has mastered all of them. His difficulty is with authority. He needs a firm hand or he risks running rings round his owner. Not that he bites, he is just a bit unruly. If you like a chunky dog and are an experienced owner, Ernie could be the one for you.

  • Friendly and affectionate if a bit unruly
  • Needs an experienced owner
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Indian| PP562

Indian female Czech Wolf DogFemale, Large, Mature

Indian is the second of the Czech wolfdogs at the SPA. She came from a man who rescues this breed but who had become overwhelmed with numbers, and the SPA stepped in to help. Indian is the mate of Artos, and would prefer to be homed with him and without other dogs if possible. She is about the size of a German shepherd, and timid with people who she does not know. Once she knows someone she will happily lick and nuzzle them, and shows lots of affection. She is not good with dogs other than Artos and cannot be homed with children. Indian was born in September 2013.

  • Timid with people not good with children
  • Mate of Artos or homed alone
  • Magnificent looking dog

Artos| PP563

Artos male Czech wolf dogMale, Large, Mature

It was only after the recent DRC photo shoot that I realised that Artos was not on our website, although he has been at the SPA since December last year! Taken in by the SPA by a rescuer who had bitten off more than he could chew, Artos is a czech wolfdog. If you don’t know this breed, it is worth doing some research, as they are quite particular! Artos is a big male, fabulous to look at and fabulous on the lead. He is good with some females, but does not like males, even of his own breed (yes, he is the Alpha dog). He is very affectionate with people, but we would not advise that he be homed with small children (although he can meet them on walks without any problems). Artos is magnificent and everyone feels a surge of pride whilst walking him. He as born in December 2010.

  • Sociable and friendly
  • Good with some female dogs
  • Magnificent looking dog