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Kopo | L682

kopoLarge, Mature, Male 

Before being abandoned at the SPA Kopo had spent his entire life guarding a wood yard with another dog. The wood yard shut down, so of course the best way to reward this dog for his 5 and a half years of loyal service was to bring him to the SPA. Kopo was born in July 2008, which for website purposes makes him an older dog, though of course he is barely middle aged for a labrador, which is what he is; mostly at least. He is only slightly off white and is very handsome, but at the moment at least is not very affectionate; probably cos he is just not used to all the friendly voices. I feel sorry for him, and I think his former owner should be ashamed. Animals are not just tools to be used until you no longer require them. Let’s hope someone shows Kopo how good life can be!

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  • Needs some TLC to build his confidence
  • Needs enclosed garden