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Kouban| PP414

KoubanMale, Young, Medium

Oh, here is a great dog! Kouban is a stocky and gentle black and tan boy who is really friendly and affectionate. Upon arrival he was put straight in to share with a female dog, and the two of them are busy having a competition as to who gets the most cuddles when you enter the kennel to say hello. He is a shepherd cross with a huge smile and great dog body language who will make a lovely family pet. Like most of our dogs we have no idea of his origins, but he appears to be well socialised. One to watch.

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  • Shepard Cross
  • Good family pet
  • Friendly

Samson| PP391

SamsonMale, Young, Medium

A young black lab cross with a small white patch on they chest. This is how Samson is best described if all you are looking at is the exterior. And we have many dogs like him at the SPA, of course. Dogs like this have a hard time attracting attention, and tend to stay longer than more distinctive dogs. Like all of these dogs, Samson deserves a home and tries his best to show us why he is the one that should be picked. He wiggles his body with happiness when he sees people and can’t wait to go out for walks. Who can offer him a home with a garden to run around in? Samson was born in August 2015 and is still a baby!

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  • Lovely nature
  • Needs exercise
  • Still a baby

Jubba| PP413

JubbaMale, Young, Medium

Yes, sigh, another border collie at the SPA. This time it is a puppy, so let’s hope he is not with us too long. As many of you know, this breed hates the confines of the refuge, and it will be doubly hard for a puppy. Jubba was born in June this year, making him three months old at the time of going to press. This is great age to adopt a pup, and Jubba will be read to soak up everything that is coming his way. Like all the dogs of this breed he will be lively of both mind and body, and would like an active, exercise minded home. If you know border collies or if you think you would like to, why not get in touch?

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  • Border Collie Puppy
  • Needs exercise
  • Ready for a lovely new family

Toufou| PP411

ToufouMale, Young, Medium

Toufou has just been abandoned and when you get down to it,the reason was because his owner will not have him castrated! Toufou used to belong to someone else, and when they moved house, he was taken by a neighbour so as to avoid the SPA. This was two years ago, since which time Toufou has been the perfect dog. Fine with cats, fine with children, fine with chickens. His only fault is that he wanders off looking for female dogs. Yes, castration would have solved that, most likely, but that would cost money. So the SPA it is. Toufou is a pointer/setter cross who was born in September 2010. Needless to say he will leave us castrated, and then he really will be the perfect dog!

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  • Fine with cats
  • Fine with children
  • Will make a perfect pet

Pueblo| PP402

PuebloMale, Young, Medium

Pueblo is one of the dogs who tends to get passed by at the SPA. Young, black (although in this case with a lovely white bib), dogs like this just blend into the background. Pueblo is sharing his kennel and is a happy and outgoing young lad. He was born in September 2013 and so although he is not as lively as some of our younger dogs, he still has lots of energy. Being a the SPA is not easy for him, and he would love a garden to play in either alone or with another dog and a family of his own.

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  • Outgoing
  • Plenty of enegy
  • Good with other dogs

Goldie| PP392

GoldieFemale, Young, Medium

Goldie was found at the refuge gates one morning, complete with collar and lead. It looks like someone decided they no longer wanted this yellow lab puppy, then. Goldie is a lovely girl, as a pup she gets on with everyone, and she is sharing with another pup, Denver. I suspect she will be adopted quickly, as although she is not a tiny pup, she is still in that pre-adolescent adorable phase.


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  • Adorable
  • Very Sociable
  • Good with other dogs

Noche| PP401

NocheFemale, Young , Medium

Noche (pronounced Not-chay) is something really special. She is perhaps the closest we have seen to a flatcoat for a long time, and is a gorgeous and affectionate girl. We have no idea at all what she is doing at the SPA, but she was found attached to the gates when the employees arrived one morning. And in fact she could have been killed, as it is a sliding gate and had the employees not noticed her (a black dog, in the half light!), she could have been dragged into the mechanism. Noche was born in September 2012, and it appears that she has been much loved up to now. She craves affection and loves to lie at your feet being petted. She is great with other dogs and is an incredible find!


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  • Very affectionate
  • Loves affection
  • Great with other dogs

Claudius | PP336

ClaudiusClaudius actually has an owner who is currently in prison. We are going to see if we can find him a better life before his owner gets out and starts neglecting him again. Claudius is about 10 years old and is a medium sized black fluffy dog. Until his arrival at the SPA he has not been looked after at all well and lacks energy. He does not pull on the lead and seems just resigned to life. It would be so nice to give him a better way to live.

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  • Needs lots of love
  • Good on the lead

Caillou | PP309

CaillouI am very pleased to be able to put Caillou on this site. For several weeks after his arrival he hid in the back of his kennel and not only were there no photos of him, no one even knew what his character was like. Little by little he started coming to see what was going on, although initially he was very wary and would bark angrily. Now he knows us all and jumps up happily to see us when we come to see him. On walks he is wonderful, he does not pull and his brain is busy soaking everything up. Caillou was born on January 1st 2016, but seems to have seen NOTHING in his life so far. Being a border collie cross he is really quick to learn (he learned “sit” in about 5 minutes and now sits instantly on command). Caillou is looking for a training minded family with plenty of love. In return he will be the best dog ever!

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  • Very bright, easy to train
  • Good on the lead
  • Happy personality

Chippeur |PP340

ChippeurChippeur is good with cats. We know that for sure, because he was brought in after having been found in a car with three cats; they had been locked in there for 2 days, and the fact that no fur was flying tells you all you need to know about this boy. Chippeur was born in August 2010 and is a dark and cream coloured shepherd cross. Lovely boy and very forgiving of humans. Luckily.
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  • Really good with cats