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The puppies|

puppiesMedium, Young, Male and Female

Just before New Year a litter of 8 puppies arrived at the SPA and were distributed to four foster families. They all appear to be Belgian Shepherd crosses, so it may be as well to be aware of the characteristics of this breed before getting too excited! Typically the dogs require lots of stimulation, both mental and physical. They are very protective by nature and can have tendencies to herd. A malinos owner needs to be fairly authoritative, as dogs of this breed need to be shown their limits. We have both male and female puppies, and their foster families will know them better than anyone. Remember these dogs are not at the SPA, so don’t pop in hoping to meet them; it is by appointment only!

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  • Will need lots of training
  • Need stimulation and lots of exercise
  • Owners must be authoritative






Pacha (Peejay)|LL592

Pacha beagle crossMedium, Young, Male

You may recognise this boy. He was adopted from s last summer and we thought everything was fine. However when PeeJay (or Pacha as he is now called) was found straying and brought to the SPA his owner’s phone did not reply and no one has been to look for him. Looks like another dog whose owners have decided they don’t want a dog after all! People on Facebook tell us that Pacha was often seen alone playing with other dogs, but so far at the SPA he wants his kennel to himself. That is fine, though, as it means he gets far more walks. I have trouble taking him out, though, as I love him and he knows it; he cries and clings onto me when I put him back, which is really upsetting. Pacha is a beagle cross who was born in March 2013. He is fine with children and is very lively and affectionate.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Fine with children
  • Lively and affectionate






Gossip| P006

Gossip black lab puppyMedium, Young, Female

This tiny lab puppy was found outside the SPA one Saturday. She was almost run over by several cars before someone stopped and brought her the final few metres to make sure she was safe. Obviously the person who dumped her could not be bothered to make the effort! Pip was immediately taken home to foster, and she is busy learning all about other dogs, cats, toddlers and children. This is exactly the sort of start in life that every dog should have in order to be a well socialised adult, and Pip is a very lucky girl. She looks like a “proper” labrador, but time will tell.

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  • Will need training
  • Will be socialised with dogs, cats and children
  • Lovely dog






Prosper| LL608

Prosper bordercollie crossMedium, Mature, Male

Like so many other dogs who return again and again to the SPA, Prosper is the victim of his owners’ personal lives. He is back due to a divorce, having been adopted a mere two months ago. Several people have commented that two months ago the couple must have known that their marriage was in trouble, so taking a dog at that stage was selfish in the extreme. I have to agree. Unless one of them was committed to keeping the dog when the relationship broke down, they had no business taking a dog at all. Let’s find Prosper his forever home next time. His perfect home would be one where he is the only dog, and he would like a child-free environment, too. Prosper is a border collie cross who was born in November 2011. He is castrated and chipped and all ready for a new home!

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  • Needs to be the only dog
  • Prefer a child-free environment
  • Ready for his forever home






Paca| LL595

Paca shepherd crossMedium, Young, Female

You may remember Paca. She spent well over a year at the SPA before being homed and she turned out to be a fabulous pet; good with other dogs, cats etc. But as with so many people, life changed and the “inconvenient” dog was the first casualty. So Paca is back at the SPA. She was put straight in to share, and as usual there was no trouble at all. I wonder if some day her former owner will regret having treated this wonderful dog so badly. Paca was born in April 2011 and is a shepherd cross who is vaccinated, sterilised and chipped and ready to go to her next home. Please make it quick, though, she has served her time!

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Good with cats
  • A fabulous pet






Dick| LL601

Dick Bleu de Gascogne basset crossMedium, Young, Male

Dick arrived at the refuge having been abandoned by his owner, but I am guessing it is the best thing that ever happened to him. Dick’s owner was a hunter, who had two male dogs who had a fight. Of course it was out of the question to spend any money on ensuring the dogs could not have any contact when left alone for days on end in their kennel. The only solution was euthanasia. So now Dick is at the SPA, and he has become one of my favourite dogs. He is a bleu de Gascogne probably crossed with a basset hound. He is incredibly long-bodied. He was born in July 2009, so is not old, by any means. What I like so much about him is that he has never known any affection, and I love sitting in his kennel with him and watching him blossom. At first he kept his distance and was terrified, but now he comes to be cuddled. He is gaining more and more confidence and is going to be just fine.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Will need training
  • Needs TLC






Prada| P005

Prada beagleMedium, Mature, Female

Prada was found in a nearby village and took refuge in the barn of a friend of the SPA’s. This beagle was in a terrible state, exhausted and emaciated and impossible to approach as she was cowering in a corner. Gradually she realised that no harm would come to her, and she made it to the SPA. From the time she spent in the barn we know that she is house trained (she ventured outside to do her business), and that she is good with other dogs, cats and goats. We also know that she is lovely on the lead but that she is a wonderer, so a fenced garden is required for anyone wishing to offer a home to this lovely girl.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Will need a fenced garden






Karlie| LL556

Karlie border collie crossMedium, Young, Female

Karlie is quite simply a stunner! A fine boned slightly rough haired border collie cross with startlingly blue eyes, she certainly stands out from the crowd! She was born in December 2012 and was extremely thin, so I doubt very much that her owner is looking for her. Far more likely that she has been accidentally “lost”, which may explain why her owner never bothered identifying her. Karlie is good with other dogs, and is a bright intelligent girl who will respond well to training. She does not seem to be particularly scared of people, and sharing her box with SPA veteran Chips is helping, for sure. Who will offer this beautiful girl a home?


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  • Good with other dogs
  • Bright and intelligent
  • Beautiful looking dog






Tonnerre| LL557

Tonnerre Lab crossMedium, Young, Male

This poor dog was brought in to the refuge having been knocked down by a car. His leg was broken in two places and he spent four days at the vets before he was brought to the SPA. I would be very surprised if his owner comes to collect him, as of course they will not want to pay the vets bill. Well, we would rather not do so either, and it was not us who left our dog to wander and get knocked over. The best thing we can do for this dog is find him a new home. He is expected to make a full recovery, although clearly he would rather do so out of the refuge. Tonnerre is a young male lab cross who was born in December 2013.
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  • Good with other dogs
  • Nice temperament
  • Popular Lab cross breed






Cooper| LL566

Cooper yellow labMedium, Young, Male

Cooper is a yellow lab cross who was born in November 2011 and is a fine looking lad, who loves people but does not appear to be good with other dogs. Having said that, it is possible that outside the refuge he could integrate with another dog, and this has been done on several occasions with dogs whom we have recommended as better as single dogs. He shows no aggression towards other dogs when he is out on walks, so maybe it is just a question of space. But not everybody wants multiple dogs, of course, and if you are looking for a young, handsome lad, this could be the dog for you!
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  • Loves people
  • Not good with other dogs in refuge
  • Handsome dog