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rex male brittany spanielMale, Young, Medium

Rex was brought in by his owner as he felt he was too old to look after his dog properly. However Rex is in no way a difficult dog and although he would probably like more exercise than he was getting, he seems very happy with whatever life brings him. Rex is a seven year old brittany spaniel (date of birth April 2010) who has fabulous body language and who is wonderful with other dogs. He is not a “runner”, and like other dogs of his breed, is a great “all rounder”. Brittanies are very loving family pets as well as often being used for hunting. Rex would like a new family with a garden and maybe another dog to play with too.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Not a runner
  • A lovely family pet


Badou male podenco crossMale, Young, Medium

Some of you may remember Badou. He arrived with a badly injured front leg and spent a long time recuperating at the SPA before being adopted. During this time we found him to be a wonderful sociable dog and his adopter found the same. His only “fault” was his fear of cars (understandable bearing in mind that he had been run over by one, and was found struggling to escape the other vehicles along the road). His adopter did not feel able to deal with this issue, and so Badou is back at the SPA. He is a young podenco cross who was born in January 2016. A fabulous dog who is great with children and dogs of both sexes but not with cats!
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  • Fine with other dogs but not cats
  • Needs help to build his confidence with cars
  • A lovely sociable dog


paige - female Gasgone de bleuFemale, Young, Medium

We know nothing about Paige’s past, but we are willing to bet that she has a lovely future ahead of her! Paige is just the sort of dog who appeals to DRC supporters. A gentle griffon blue de Gascogne cross, she was found and brought to the SPA at the beginning of April. The vet estimates her date of birth as January 2015, and she is really affectionate and loving, as is so often the case with dogs of this breed. Despite the fact that they are often used for hunting. Paige will need an enclosed garden (the power of that nose should not be underestimated), but will be a wonderful family pet.


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  • Affectionate and loving
  • Needs enclosed garden
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Hermione shepherd spaniel crossFemale, Young, Medium

Hermione is a great looking dog, but an unusual one. Her head is brown and silky and seems to belong to a completely different dog than her body, which is that of a grey and black brittany spaniel! She is very lively but also extremely affectionate and she is fine with other dogs. Who will be lucky enough to adopt this lovely girl? Hermione was born on April 1st 2015 and is all ready for her new home.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Extremely affectionate and lively
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Oural mature male shepherd crossMale, Mature, Medium

Oural is the SPA’s old man. He was found as a stray over ten years ago, and the man who found him never had him checked for a microchip. When he brought Oural to the SPA to abandon him (grrr), they contacted the legal owner, who not surprisingly, had given up searching years ago, and more surprisingly, no longer wanted the dog. So Oural, at the grand old age of 12, has no home. He is a medium sized caramel coloured shepherd who is a bit deaf and who requires lots of love and attention. If he is left alone outside he will bark. If he is inside with his owners he lies down and sleeps contentedly! He would be the perfect dog for someone who spends lots of time lounging around in the sun, and of course we will continue to pay vet’s bills, although at present Oural has no health issues. He is fine with dogs and cats, too! A perfect cuddle companion!
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  • Fine with other dogs and cats
  • No health problems
  • Loves to sleep a lot


KalouMale, Young, Medium

Kalou arrived at the SPA the first time when he was just out of puppyhood as a mistreatment case and was adopted shortly afterwards. Sadly this adoption did not work out, and Kalou is back at the SPA. As with every failed adoption, we know much more about the dog than we did before. We now know that Kalou is not good with cats, and never will be, no matter how hard an owner may try to change his behaviour. However we also know that he is fine with female dogs and is very affectionate with humans. Since he has been back at the SPA, Kalou has proved to be fine on the lead and he is sharing his kennel with a female dog whom he adores. And he is such a handsome boy that we hope he will not have too long to wait before finding his new CAT FREE home. Kalou is a fine-boned long haired black shepherd who was born in December 2014.

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  • Affectionate with humans
  • Fine with female dogs
  • Cannot live with cats


Jack jagd terrierMale, Mature, Medium

If any of you remember lovely Rosie, who was at the SPA this time last year and now happily homed, you will have an idea of what Jack looks like. Jack is smaller than Rosie, but very similar to look at…kind of like a mini black labrador with a stumpy tail. Officially he is a jagd terrier cross, we know this as he arrived already identified. He was already castrated, too, but as he was put in the external boxes when the SPA was open, it seems likely that he was brought in by his owner. Jack was born in July 2008.

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  • Lovely dog
  • Fine with other dogs
  • A lovely family pet


PascoeMale, Young, Medium

Pascoe was found in a nearby village, in fact statistically it is the village that brings proportionately more dogs than any other, Limoux. In this case it appears that someone has moved house and accidentally forgotten their dogs. Because Pascoe arrived the same time as Leo, and the first thing Leo did was fall ill with parvovirus, so we know that the dogs were not vaccinated. Pascoe was born in January 2012 and is a grey and black griffon cross. Clearly he is okay with male dogs, and is a lovely lad who is shocked to find himself at the refuge. This is a breed that really appeals to Brits, so let’s try and find a home for lovely Pascoe.

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  • A lovely lad
  • Fine with male dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Pollux male griffon crossMale, Young, Medium

Pollux spent the first year of his life attached on a very short chain. Until his owners moved house, leaving him behind, still attached to the chain! Luckily a neighbour spotted him and brought him to the SPA. So life is already tons better for this gentle griffon cross. But it will be even better still once he has a real home! Pollux was born in January 2016, so is a very young dog. Plenty of time ahead of him to forget his rough start, and to be honest although he has not had a nice life, he is nowhere near as timid as some of our griffons. This boy will be just fine!

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  • Needs a loving home
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a fine family pet


Engy female Brittany SpanielFemale, Young, Medium

Engy arrived at the SPA when her elderly owner went into long term care. As usual there were no family members to take the dog, but on this occasions perhaps because the dog arrived with hefty vets bills. Luckily enough the SPA is there to pick up the pieces. No, they did not make a contribution to the refuge, but such is the state of this sad world we live in. Engy has now been treated for her infection and has made a full recovery. She is a brittany spaniel who was born in May 2009 and who is fine with other dogs. She is used to a lot of love, so is having to adapt to life in a kennel, but we are trying to give her as many cuddles as we can.

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  • Needs lots of cuddles
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Deserves a loving home