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AnethFemale, Mature, Medium

Aneth is a complicated dog and will be difficult to home, but that does not mean we should not try! Aneth is an anglo cross who has leischmaniasis, however it is well under control and she takes a tablet a day to keep the disease stabilised. That is not the major issue. This illness is usually enough to put people off, however despite this, Aneth has been adopted and brought back on two separate occasions for being a runner. And not just your average runner, either. Aneth will need a super-enclosed garden if she is to stay in one place. And she disappears on walks, too, so lead only for her. Not everyone’s ideal dog. However she is so adorable and affectionate that perhaps someone would be willing to give her a home. Aneth adores being outside, so if someone has an outside area in a well enclosed garden where she can sleep but have lots of cuddles too, that would probably be ideal. She was born in December 2009 and so although not the youngest of dogs, she is certainly one of the most active!
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  • Still full of energy
  • Will need an enclosed garden
  • Needs a loving family


SimbaMale, Young, Medium

Simba’s story is sadly one that is all too common. When he arrived (unidentified) at the SPA and his photos put on Facebook, someone immediately contacted us to tell us that she had found this dog when he was a puppy and had “found him a good home”. Except he was not identified by the new owner, who turned out to not be such a good person after all, as he made no attempt to reclaim his dog from the SPA. It would have been much easier for the SPA to home Simba when he was a puppy, rather than the adolescent that he is now. Simba was born in January 2016 and is a white and pale brown cross, probably with a bit of pointer in there. He is lively and could do with some training, but he is a lovely young lad who will make a great family pet.
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  • Lively and full of energy
  • Will need some training
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Flurry female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Flurry has been at the SPA since June 2016, and although she was a bit difficult at first, she soon settled down and is now a great young girl. She has stunning looks, primarily black but with brown highlights, and not only is she fine with male dogs, but she is also wonderful on a lead. Don’t let her near cats, though. Flurry was born in June 2015, so is young and full of energy. She would be a great guard dog, as she will be devoted to her family. If you like long walks and would like some canine companionship, Flurry may be the girl for you.

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  • Young and full of energy
  • Good with male dogs but not cats
  • Needs a loving family


Attic male Griffon crossMale, Young, Medium

Oh, I know a lot of you will be drawn to Attic! Before we go any further, I should explain his name. When he first arrived he was so scared that he tried to escape from his kennel, and he did so by climbing into the roof space above. So I am guessing that an enclosed garden would be required until Attic has gained in confidence. In some ways he is a typical griffon, timid and in need of love and patience. Like most griffons he is good with other dogs and affectionate with people he knows. He was born in December 2011, and it is a mystery as to where he has been up to now.
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  • Affectionate with people he knows
  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family


BonesMale, Young, Medium

Bones was so named due to his skeletal state on arrival at the SPA. We will soon have him looking great, though, so if you like the Bleu de Gascogne as a breed, please do not write this boy off on the basis of these initial photos. This breed is often used for hunting, but they make great pets, but usually only for people with well-fenced gardens. Please get in touch if you would like more information about Bones.
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  • Fine with other dogs
  • A fine beed
  • Needs a fenced garden


TaoMale, Young, Medium

Border collie Tao has not had the easiest of lives so far. He was brought to the SPA in summer in an emaciated state, so weak he could hardly stand. He was taken home by a volunteer who nurtured him until he was ready to be adopted. His new family loved him, but he kept herding their children and the nipping was a problem. We tried to keep him out of the SPA by finding him another foster, but that did not work out and Tao is now in a kennel. Understandably he has lost a lot of confidence, and we are looking for a family without other dogs. Tao is okay with other dogs, but he is so affectionate that he needs a lot of attention and for now it is best if he doesn’t have to share his master’s love. He is beautifully trained and was born in April 2014. He is vaccinated, castrated and identified.

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  • Well trained
  • Needs an active home
  • Does not want to share his home with other dogs

Looky| PP366

Looky border collieMale, Young, Medium

Looky is a fabulous looking border collie with one major problem. He is deaf. He was found and brought into the SPA by our cruelty inspector, as he was tied up on a balcony all day and night. Since this time he has been adopted twice and brought back twice. The first couple fell in love with his looks, and to be fair to them, they did not know that Looky was deaf. Because neither did we. Once we knew, however, we were able to give the next set of adopters plenty of good advice, as employee Carole has a deaf dog herself. However the second adoption did not work out either. Clearly having a deaf dog is not easy. However for the right person I think that Looky is going to be so worthwhile. He is fine with other dogs as long as introductions are done properly and he is very loving and affectionate. He was born in February 2015, so he is young and bright enough to learn all sorts of things! For experienced border collie owners, maybe?

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  • Loving and affectionate
  • has special needs – deaf
  • Fine with other dogs

Lutine| PP341

Lutine Female, Young, Medium

Here is one for the soft hearted. Lutine is a spaniel who arrived in early August 2016. At the time she had no fur and was emaciated. It didn’t take much time (seconds, in fact) for us the SPA to realise that she has leishmaniasis, and since then she has been receiving treatment. She now has fur and has put on weight and is ready for her new home. With regular medication her illness will not progress, but due to the advanced stage at which it was treated, the drugs are quite costly. For this reason the SPA is looking for a long term foster family, so that we can continue to pay for her ongoing vet bills. In this way we hope to find a home for lovely Lutine so that she does not spend her life at the SPA. She was born in 2010 and is very lively and you would never know that she is ill!

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  • Lively and affectionate
  • Long term foster
  • Needs ongoing medical treatment

Ernie| PP412

ernieMale, Young, Medium

This lovely lad was at the SPA for a couple of weeks before anyone really noticed him. Oh, don’t worry, he was being fed and everything, but a few of us got him mixed up with another dog who was waiting for his owner to collect him, and so it was only this week that he got an album of his own. Ernie is a handsome lad. He seems a bit nervous of people, but that is only at first. He is a sheer delight. Officially a shepherd cross, but quite stocky and probably with a bit of rottie in there Ernie is a sweetheart. He was born in September 2015 and would love to leave the SPA before he is fully adult.
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  • Shepard Cross
  • Good family pet
  • Friendly

Nesquick| PP429

Nesquick  french spaniel crossMale, Young, Medium

Nesquick is a French spaniel cross who was brought to the SPA in late September. At the time of going to press he has not seen the vet, but he looks to be young and in good health. He is quite a stunner, too, and for people who like long walks and exercise, he will make a great dog.
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  • Shepard Cross
  • Good family pet
  • Friendly