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carlMedium, Young, Male

Carl is a border collie cross (perhaps some griffon?) who was born in March 2013. His owner actually came to collect Carl, but didn’t want to pay to have him identified, so left empty handed. This may sound harsh on our part, but not only is identification a legal obligation, the owner gaily told us that two other of our dogs are in fact puppies of Carl, and that each time he has a litter, they just give the puppies away willy nilly. Far better that Carl stays with us so he can be castrated. He is a handsome boy, very friendly with some training and good with other dogs. The pups at the SPA are both adults and are well-adjusted, happy dogs. But enough is enough, Carl!

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Friendly dog
  • Has some basic training







duffyMedium, Young, Female

Duffy arrived in 2013 and was a beautiful girl, lively and perky. She has just been brought back as she is too strong for her elderly owners. Er, maybe she would not be as strong if they hadn’t turned her into a barrel. Duffy is now obese, and looks nowhere near as attractive as she used to. And this is not her fault! Sometimes I hate people! Duffy is a braque/Labrador cross who was born in October 2010. So she is young enough to lose weight in the right home and with the right exercise regime. Lets get her out of there and get her back into shape, guys!

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs active owners
  • Needs an exercise regime






Lady Harley|P112

lady harleyMedium, Young, Female

Any of you remember Harley, the small brown mutt who finally found a home thanks to Doglinks after ages at the SPA and several foster homes? Well if you do, you will know why this girl has been called Lady Harley! This fine-boned girl was born in March 2013, and is a lovely fox-like girl. She went straight in to share with another dog and is settling down nicely. Being sort of non-descript and brown she may find it hard to be adopted, but being female is a big plus, as we have so few girls at the SPA

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Fine boned
  • Lovely looking dog







caramelMedium, Young, Male

Caramel was born in April 2014, so is a very young dog. He arrived already chipped, but our calls to his owners have gone unanswered. When Caramel’s “problem” was diagnosed, I wondered if this was the reason why he had been abandoned. But Carole, who has “had dealings” with the owners before, states that they are unlikely to have even realised that Caramel needed treatment. So what is wrong with him? Well, his tibia was too long for his leg, causing him to limp. The top of this bone has now been removed (ouch) and Caramel is expected to make a full recovery. He is a lovely natured small sized yellow lab cross with beautiful eyes. He is fine with other dogs and would love a new home.

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  • Lovely nature
  • Good with other dogs
  • Small size







greyMedium, Young, Male

Grey is officially listed as a border collie cross, but we are just dreaming. He is short haired and broad of muzzle and is just really a mutt. But one with border collie colouring! Born in March 2014 this boy was brought to the SPA having been found in a nearby village. We are very surprised that no one has come to collect him. Or maybe we aren’t. In any case, it is time he found a new home, so if you like the look of this boy, don’t hesitate to come along to meet him or ask for more information.

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  • Lovely looking dog
  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs a forever home







zeldaMedium, Young, Female

Who remembers Zizouille, a beautiful young female beauceron who was adopted about 18 months ago? Well, since we heard from her last, she has been adopted, renamed Zelda and dumped again at the SPA. Shocking. At the moment I feel like we are providing some kind of Rent-a-Dog service. What happened to this whole “a dog is for life” thing? In any case, Zelda is a magnificent dog. She is joyful and full of fun, easy on the lead and great with children of all ages. Not with chickens, though, apparently, which is why she was dumped. Last time she was adopted very quickly and I am hoping she is lucky again this time. With one big difference, of course, that this time it really is an adoption for life.

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  • Easy on the lead
  • Not good with chickens
  • Great with children







geurandeMedium, Young, Female

We are very fond of Brittany spaniels at the SPA. Which is just as well, as we get quite a lot of them, especially considering how far we are from Brittany! Yes, another hunt type breed who are often left alone once the hunting season is over. Guerande is a lovely delicate little girl who is fine with other dogs and went straight in to share her kennel with another dog. She was born in March 2010 and has a very appealing little fact that is just begging for love. How can you resist?

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family
  • A lovely delicate little female







blossomMedium, Young, Female

Blossom is a griffon Nivernais who is young and affectionate. She was born in February 2010, and despite being initially timid, has quickly become a favourite with just about everyone. She licks faces, lies down to have her belly rubbed and is just a delight. For those of you who know this breed, you will know that they are often used for hunting, and we are pretty sure that Blossom has never known the love of a family. She is young enough to adapt, though, and she will reward your love a thousand-fold. Blossom is fine with other dogs and would probably benefit from the company of other dogs, as this will help her to gain confidence.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family to build her confidence
  • Would be better with another dog for company







zyaMedium, Mature, Female

Oh Zya. Nearly ten years old and homeless. We know this girl well, as she spent two years with us while her owner was sorting his life out. At the time she would have been much easier to rehome, as she was younger. And perhaps had we had a crystal ball we would have done so. Who knew that her owner would become too ill to look after her? And Zya does herself no favours; her “brother” Luther, who is the same age as Zya, just lies around all day, but Zya is an active border collie and wants to play all the time. Zya is 10 years old now, but still lively and in need of a new home. She is fine with other dogs and is a beautiful girl.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs to be active
  • Beautiful dog







fredMedium, Mature, Male

Fred is a beagle cross who arrived with a very badly ripped ear, which needed an operation. We took the opportunity to castrate him at the same time, so he probably had a bit of a shock when he woke up! Although initially afraid of everything, Fred is gradually gaining confidence. We have no idea what he went through before arriving at the SPA. He wags his tail as you pass his kennel and shows no aggression, but he lies as still as a plank if you try to stroke him, and stays in that position when you pick him up. And he knows as well as we do that he is too big to be picked up. Inside that terrified exterior is a fabulous dog, I am sure. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?! Fred was born in February 2005, so he needs someone wonderful who will offer a home to an old beagle

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  • OK other dogs
  • Needs a patient loving family