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Scampi border collie crossMale, Young, Medium

Scampi simply MUST have had an owner before this beautiful spaniel/border collie cross arrived at the SPA. I know border collies are clever, but it is very unusual for one to obey commands at a distance from someone they have never met. When taking photos of Scampi (who was in his kennel) I said “Sit” and he did so, despite being about 2 metres away. He has the “pas bouger” too, and I am sure when we get him out on walks he will show us the rest of his tricks. How can a dog like this end up at the SPA? Of course he is unidentified, so we cannot contact his owners. Scampi is going to hate the confines of the SPA, please help find him a home!
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  • Intelligent and loving
  • Extremely well trained
  • Needs an active family


Sirene female young cross breedFemale, Young, Medium

Sirene is a lovely looking girl who is extremely lively and in need of lots of exercise. This means of course that the refuge is a very bad place for her to be. In order to keep her safe from disease we will not be able to walk her, and she really needs to run off some of her energy. She really is a beautiful dog, though, and I am sure the person who is willing to put in the time with her will find her to be immensely rewarding. Sirene was born in November 2015 and will leave us sterilised, vaccinated and identified.
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  • Lively and still young
  • Beautiful
  • Needs an active family


EllieFemale, Young, Medium

Ellie is typical of the hunt dogs who arrive at the SPA. She has had many litters and is quite timid, although not as bad as some new arrivals. Ellie is quite happy to come for a cuddle, for instance. She is just three years old and so has her whole life ahead of her, and she will be a joy, I am sure. She has a very nurturing personality; when she went share her kennel with a very timid dog her first action was to cuddle up to him in his basket to try and comfort him. She really is a gentle girl. Please someone give Ellie the life she deserves.

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  • Gentle and affectionate
  • Lovely nature
  • Needs some TLC


Fido Male griffon crossMale, Young, Medium

We know that lots of you will love this lad. Fido is a fabulous griffon, probably a cross between a nivernais and bleu de gascogne. Whatever the mix it is one that has most definitely worked! Strangely Fido was found in the centre of Carcassonne, not the sort of place our griffons are usually found; they tend to be in far more rural areas. And Fido is not at all timid, so we suspect that he was formerly a family pet. However he is not identified so we cannot trace his owners. Fido was born in May 2010. Please get in touch soon if you like the look of this lad!

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  • Affectionate
  • Confident
  • Lovely looking dog


TaoMale, Young, Medium

Border collie Tao has not had the easiest of lives so far. He was brought to the SPA in summer in an emaciated state, so weak he could hardly stand. He was taken home by a volunteer who nurtured him until he was ready to be adopted. His new family loved him, but he kept herding their children and the nipping was a problem. We tried to keep him out of the SPA by finding him another foster, but that did not work out and Tao is now in a kennel. Understandably he has lost a lot of confidence, and we are looking for a family without other dogs. Tao is okay with other dogs, but he is so affectionate that he needs a lot of attention and for now it is best if he doesn’t have to share his master’s love. He is beautifully trained and was born in April 2014. He is vaccinated, castrated and identified.

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  • Well trained
  • Needs an active home
  • Does not want to share his home with other dogs


Risette female spaniel crossFemale, Young, Medium

Another absolutely stunning spaniel, Risette is just 2 years old and is small, fun and pretty. This little girl is sharing her kennel and bringing joy to the life of Balou, her new friend. She has been at the SPA since mid October, and is all ready for her new home; sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated. Risette would like an active home, preferably with an enclosed garden and maybe another dog to play with.
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  • Well socialised
  • Needs an active home
  • Needs an enclosed garden and preferably a buddy


JonnyMale, Young, Medium

Jonny was found at the SPA gates, so we do not know if he is lost or if he has been abandoned. One thing we do know is that in a few days time this young lab/ spaniel mix will be up for adoption. His coat is glossy and he is not at all thin, and he seems to be well socialised. Where was he before arriving at the SPA? We don’t have details of Jonny’s age, yet, but with his white bib and waggy tail, he may well leave quickly. We hope so, at least!

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  • Well socialised
  • Lovely nature
  • Will make a great pet


Pence young male PointerMale, Young, Medium

Pence is a wonderful looking pointer who arrived at the SPA in early November. He is very thin, so even if his owners are looking for him (he is not identified), we will want to have words with them if they are going to be allowed to reclaim him. For now Pence will be alone in his kennel, as we want him to be able to eat without having to worry about other dogs wanting to share, but soon we hope to mix him with other dogs, unless he finds a home first, that is! We don’t have his date of birth yet, but he is a stunning boy, so if you like this breed, please get in touch!
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  • Lovely breed
  • needs some TLC
  • Will make a lovely pet


Shelia female griffon crossFemale, Young, Medium

Sheila is a lovely looking girl, and just the type that appeals to many of our followers. A lovely griffon who has probably been lost by a hunter, but as we so often say, if she were a good hunter, her owner would surely have come to collect her. Sheila has probably been living in a kennel and does not know how to walk on the lead, but that is something we can work on at the SPA. If you like the griffon look, please give some thought to Shelia. She was born in November 2014 and has her whole life ahead of her.

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  • Still young
  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs training on the lead


Female, Young, Medium

HydeYes, poor Hyde is back again. She was adopted in at the end of September after 18 months at the SPA, but is now back with us. Her new owners cried when they brought her back, as they had become really fond of her, but could not cope with the fact that she is not house trained. This is such a shame, as it is often an easy issue to deal with. However as with all failed adoptions we have learned lots. Firstly although she is terrified at the SPA, Hyde is actually very affectionate. It seems that the noise of the refuge prevents her from showing this aspect of her personality. Also she makes no attempt to jump what were actually very low garden fences, which is also good. We are sure that this girl must have a bright future ahead of her once she find the right home! Hyde was born in December 2013 and is a smallish dark coated shepherd cross.

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  • Still young
  • Very affectionate
  • Will need basic training