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Betty| LL34

Betty - Brittany spanielMedium, Young, Female  

Betty used to called Belote and was adopted from the SPA just over two years ago as a family’s third dog. Whereas Betty had no problems at all with the male, she was insanely jealous of the family’s other female, and this situation became completely untenable, thus causing Betty’s return to the refuge. She is sharing with Chips, one of the boys, and is doing fine, so we know she can be homed as an only dog or with a male, but not with a female. Betty is a Brittany Spaniel who was born in January 2010. She has been well loved and looked after, her medical issues (slight arthritis) need no treatment, and a fatty lump has been analysed (totally benign). So Betty needs nothing more than a loving family and all will be sorted. She is fine off the lead and is what the French call a Pot of Glue, totally loyal to her owners and extremely affectionate. A lovely dog for a couple with a non-too active lifestyle and loads of love to give to a loving little girl.



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  • Loving and affectionate
  • Not good with other female dogs
  • Loyal family pet

Chinah| LL360

ChinahMedium, Young, Female  

Another “not quite pup” who risks being left behind, Chinah was born on January 1st and was brought to the refuge in July, right in the middle of the holiday season. No comment. Chinah has beautiful brindle colouring, which we are hoping will attract an adopter. But of course she has had no training and is even a little bit timid. Perhaps it is just nerves at finding herself in the noise of the refuge, but it is also possible that she was not well treated before arriving with us. However Chinah is young and will soon overcome her nerves. Young dogs bounce back so quickly! Chinah is a cross breed who will be of medium size when adult and will be a stunning dog.


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  • Needs basic training
  • Good with other dogs
  • Nervous at first

Jiffy| LL347

JiffyMedium, Young, Male  

Jiffy is a dog that I am really worried about. He arrived at the refuge at the age of four months (born on April 1st ), and was just that bit older than the other pups, who were all fluffy and cute. Poor Jiffy went straight to a kennel and no one has even looked at him. He is such a lovely boy. He was found at La Cite in Carcassonne, and I suspect whoever dumped him was hoping that a kind-hearted tourist would keep him. Instead he is in a cage at the SPA with no prospect of being adopted unless he is very lucky. He is mostly black, too, which does not help! Jiffy is a typical puppy, curious and loving. It breaks my heart when he puts his paw on my arm to try and stop me leaving him alone in his cage. I really want to find him a home before he grows up. Help me to help him! Please!



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  • Curious and loving
  • Good with other dogs
  • Friendly and sociable

Darwin| LL276

Darwin labrador crossMedium, Young, Male  

Darwin was found lost and alone in a local village and brought to the refuge. He was born in July 2013, so I can probably guess what the issue is; cute puppy becomes adult dog, no one has trained him and it is time to go on holiday. Do you pay for a kennel when you don’t really want the dog, or do you just pick up another cute pup for free on the internet when you get home? The latter, of course. Darwin is a black lab cross, perhaps with some border collie there too, as he has a white blaze and white paws. As I say, he has had no training, but is quick to learn and although very excitable, he will soon calm down. Darwin would like an enclosed garden to run off some energy, and as he is great with other dogs, perhaps a friend would be good too!



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  • Needs training
  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs enclosed garden

Helios| LL273

Helios - griffon crossMedium, Young, Male  

Some puppies in a litter are lucky, others are not. That is just a sad fact of life. Helios used to be called Eduard and was one of the Twilight litter, born in September 2012. He was fine with the couple’s toddler and cat, but then baby number two arrived, and no one had time to walk the dog. Plus the now unsupervised toddler started annoying the dog, which is never a good thing. So back to the refuge for him. Helios is a lovely dog, he was slightly timid when he arrived (I don’t think he had been shown much affection for obvious reasons), but he is gaining in confidence thanks to the other dog with whom he is sharing. He is a griffon cross, sand coloured and just the right size! Already housetrained, Helios would be a great pet. He is wary of young children, but so would I be after what he has been through! Helios needs a second chance!

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  • Still young but already housetrained
  • Good with other dogs
  • Wary of young children

Cash| LL189

CashMedium, Young, Male  

Cash was born in December 2010 and adopted from us when he was just a puppy. His race was noted as being “crossbreed”, but now he is older it is clear that he has a touch of the staffies! He is not classed as a banned or categorised breed, so there is no more paperwork to do for him than there would be for any other dog, so if you like this type of dog, Cash could be your boy. He has good basic training (sit, stay) and although he pulls a bit on the lead, once corrected he remembers his manners and walks alongside. I am very fond of Cash and love walking him; where else can you see a smile like this on a dog?

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  • Has good basic training
  • Good with other dogs

Treck| L695

TreckMedium, Young, Male  

Treck has been at the refuge since December 2013, but was missed off the site due to an oversight on my part. Or perhaps I just assumed that such a young, handsome dog would be adopted quickly, as was the case with Treck’s mate, Star. However Treck is unlucky, he has arthritis. At present he has no treatment, but he cannot have long walks. Now this is good and bad. Perhaps he will find an owner who is desperate for a young dog (Treck was born in May 2013) but is unable to walk them far or for too long. But of course there will be plenty of people who are unwilling to take on a dog of this age who already has a health issue. Let’s hope Treck is lucky. He is a beautiful natured dog who gets on with everyone and has such an appealing expression. Please, can someone offer him some love?



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  • Lovely character
  • Good with other dogs
  • Good with cats

Little Minx| LL344

Little minx - spaniel crossSmall, Young, Female  

When Little Minx was adopted I was one of many people present who said “no no no”. This was not a dog for an elderly and infirm couple who only chose her because she was the smallest dog we had at the time. A week later and they may have found someone far more suitable. However people will not listen. Four months later and Minx is back as being “too lively”. Could they swap her for a calmer dog please. I despair. Minx is six years old and is a tiny grey and white spaniel. Despite her Houdini-like activities at the refuge she did not escape from the couple’s garden, but they found her too energetic for their slow walking pace. Minx is great with other dogs and would love a home with an enclosed garden and/or lots of walks. Dogs are not toys, do not take them home against our advice and demand an exchange, as if we forced you to adopt them in the first place.

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  • Needs an enclosed garden
  • Good with other dogs
  • Lively and energetic

Balik | LL357

Balik - tricoloured spanielMedium, Mature, Male  

When a beautiful dog of eight years old arrives at the refuge in great condition, you have to ask where he has been so far, and why no one is looking for him. Balik is a bit of mystery. He is a faboulous tricoloured spaniel who is friendly and happy. He arrived at the refuge on August 8th, and as no one came to look for him in the first ten days the best thing we can do for him is to find him a new home. If only he had been identified! With a micrcochip we could have traced his owners, assuming they wanted him, that is. Balik was born in January 2006, so although not old per se, he is no longer a crazy youngter! If you like this breed and are willing to offer a home to an older dog, please consider Balik.


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  • Friendly and happy
  • Good with other dogs
  • Lovely character

Jam | LL333

Small, Mature, Male  

jamJam was abandoned at the SPA because of his owner’s health problems. So this tiny bichon/York cross no longer has anyone to care for him. Looking at the state of him, though, I think it has been some time since anyone has taken care of him. His fur is matted, he looks simply dreadful. This will soon be put right, though, and we hope that someone will offer this little boy a second chance. He was born in 2006, so is now eight years old, which is no age for a dog of this size. If you like Yorkies or the tiny, scruffy type of dog, he could be the one for you!

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  • Not old for this breed
  • Small size
  • Affectionate