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Bella griffon crossFemale, Young, Medium

Another stint at the SPA for Bella. She was adopted after being here for a very long time, but sadly could not settle in with the family’s cat. She had lived with cats before arriving at the SPA the first time, but apparently this cat is not good with dogs, and her family were unable to keep Bella. This was to their huge regret, as she was fine in every other way. She is fine with children and we know from her time at the SPA that she is fine with other dogs. Who is able to give this young griffon cross of four years a home?

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  • Not good with cats
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make lovely pet


FlynnMale, Young, Medium

Flynn is another dog whom we suspect was abandoned rather than found. When the person who brought him in left the SPA, this dog cried with a mixture of sadness and fear that really upset us all. We don’t have information on his as yet, because Flynn was too upset for us to be able to approach him. We hope he will settle down soon and that he can be happy with us until a new home can be found.
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  • Still young
  • Fine with cats and other dogs
  • Will need basic training


Female, Young, Medium

HydeYes, poor Hyde is back again. She was adopted in at the end of September after 18 months at the SPA, but is now back with us. Her new owners cried when they brought her back, as they had become really fond of her, but could not cope with the fact that she is not house trained. This is such a shame, as it is often an easy issue to deal with. However as with all failed adoptions we have learned lots. Firstly although she is terrified at the SPA, Hyde is actually very affectionate. It seems that the noise of the refuge prevents her from showing this aspect of her personality. Also she makes no attempt to jump what were actually very low garden fences, which is also good. We are sure that this girl must have a bright future ahead of her once she find the right home! Hyde was born in December 2013 and is a smallish dark coated shepherd cross.

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  • Still young
  • Very affectionate
  • Will need basic training

Poupette| PP433

PoupetteFemale, Mature, Medium

I remember Poupette well from the time she spent with us some two years ago. She was lovely then, and she is lovely now. But there is more of her to love now, that is for sure. Her recent owner was unable to walk her, although I have no idea why. Poupette is dream on the lead, and although she does not like other dogs, she is fine with cats, with whom she has been living for the last two years. Poupette is approaching 12 years old, and seeing her at the SPA is breaking everyone’s heart. She will benefit from our senior tarif of just €80 for which you will have a lovely old lady, full of life and love and so deserving of a home in which to spend her final years.


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  • A lovely senior dog
  • Fine with cats not other dogs
  • Lovely on the lead

Looky| PP366

Looky border collieMale, Young, Medium

Looky is a fabulous looking border collie with one major problem. He is deaf. He was found and brought into the SPA by our cruelty inspector, as he was tied up on a balcony all day and night. Since this time he has been adopted twice and brought back twice. The first couple fell in love with his looks, and to be fair to them, they did not know that Looky was deaf. Because neither did we. Once we knew, however, we were able to give the next set of adopters plenty of good advice, as employee Carole has a deaf dog herself. However the second adoption did not work out either. Clearly having a deaf dog is not easy. However for the right person I think that Looky is going to be so worthwhile. He is fine with other dogs as long as introductions are done properly and he is very loving and affectionate. He was born in February 2015, so he is young and bright enough to learn all sorts of things! For experienced border collie owners, maybe?

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  • Loving and affectionate
  • has special needs – deaf
  • Fine with other dogs

Kohl| PP068

Kohl bull terrier crossMale, Young, Medium

Kohl was adopted from us when he was a little puppy. I think his owner liked the way he looked; a bit of bull terrier in him. However she had a young child and was unable to devote enough time to Kohl, who was growing up rapidly, as was the child. No prizes for guessing what happened. Kohl was brought back and missed his chance of a home. He was born in October 2015, so is still a very young lad. He has been attending dog school for several months, thanks to a devoted volunteer, and although he has trouble mixing with other dogs (he gets over excited and can be a bit rough), he is very obedient and has great recall. He is devoted to the volunteer who takes him to school, and is clearly desperate to have a home of his own. Can you offer a home to Kohl?
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  • Lively and affectionate
  • Still very young
  • Obedient and good recall

Lutine| PP341

Lutine Female, Young, Medium

Here is one for the soft hearted. Lutine is a spaniel who arrived in early August 2016. At the time she had no fur and was emaciated. It didn’t take much time (seconds, in fact) for us the SPA to realise that she has leishmaniasis, and since then she has been receiving treatment. She now has fur and has put on weight and is ready for her new home. With regular medication her illness will not progress, but due to the advanced stage at which it was treated, the drugs are quite costly. For this reason the SPA is looking for a long term foster family, so that we can continue to pay for her ongoing vet bills. In this way we hope to find a home for lovely Lutine so that she does not spend her life at the SPA. She was born in 2010 and is very lively and you would never know that she is ill!

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  • Lively and affectionate
  • Long term foster
  • Needs ongoing medical treatment

Ernie| PP412

ernieMale, Young, Medium

This lovely lad was at the SPA for a couple of weeks before anyone really noticed him. Oh, don’t worry, he was being fed and everything, but a few of us got him mixed up with another dog who was waiting for his owner to collect him, and so it was only this week that he got an album of his own. Ernie is a handsome lad. He seems a bit nervous of people, but that is only at first. He is a sheer delight. Officially a shepherd cross, but quite stocky and probably with a bit of rottie in there Ernie is a sweetheart. He was born in September 2015 and would love to leave the SPA before he is fully adult.
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  • Shepard Cross
  • Good family pet
  • Friendly

Salt| PP

Pepper saltMale, Puppies, Medium

Three of the pups from this litter of five have already been adopted, but let’s give the last two a bit of a helping hand, eh? Spaniel cross pups born on July 1st,one speckled orange, the other speckled black. What could be cuter? Last weekend three were adopted, so if you are interested please get in touch SOON!
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  • Affectionate and cute
  • Puppies
  • Fine with other dogs 

Maddox| PP410

Maddox setter crossMale, Young, Medium

Those of you who follow the daily blog might recognise Maddox as the puppy who was dumped at the SPA gates almost dead from parvo. It was touch and go for him for several days, but he pulled through and now he would like a home! Being such a handsome lad he should have no trouble with this! Maddox is a setter cross who is little more than a puppy. He is fine with other dogs and will have no long term problems caused by his illness, other than antibodies that will protect him from this illness for life!

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  • Affectionate
  • Still a puppy
  • Fine with other dogs