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Karlie| LL556

Karlie border collie crossMedium, Young, Female

Karlie is quite simply a stunner! A fine boned slightly rough haired border collie cross with startlingly blue eyes, she certainly stands out from the crowd! She was born in December 2012 and was extremely thin, so I doubt very much that her owner is looking for her. Far more likely that she has been accidentally “lost”, which may explain why her owner never bothered identifying her. Karlie is good with other dogs, and is a bright intelligent girl who will respond well to training. She does not seem to be particularly scared of people, and sharing her box with SPA veteran Chips is helping, for sure. Who will offer this beautiful girl a home?


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  • Good with other dogs
  • Bright and intelligent
  • Beautiful looking dog






Tonnerre| LL557

Tonnerre Lab crossMedium, Young, Male

This poor dog was brought in to the refuge having been knocked down by a car. His leg was broken in two places and he spent four days at the vets before he was brought to the SPA. I would be very surprised if his owner comes to collect him, as of course they will not want to pay the vets bill. Well, we would rather not do so either, and it was not us who left our dog to wander and get knocked over. The best thing we can do for this dog is find him a new home. He is expected to make a full recovery, although clearly he would rather do so out of the refuge. Tonnerre is a young male lab cross who was born in December 2013.
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  • Good with other dogs
  • Nice temperament
  • Popular Lab cross breed






Cooper| LL566

Cooper yellow labMedium, Young, Male

Cooper is a yellow lab cross who was born in November 2011 and is a fine looking lad, who loves people but does not appear to be good with other dogs. Having said that, it is possible that outside the refuge he could integrate with another dog, and this has been done on several occasions with dogs whom we have recommended as better as single dogs. He shows no aggression towards other dogs when he is out on walks, so maybe it is just a question of space. But not everybody wants multiple dogs, of course, and if you are looking for a young, handsome lad, this could be the dog for you!
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  • Loves people
  • Not good with other dogs in refuge
  • Handsome dog






Poupette| LL565

Poupette shepherd crossMedium, Mature, Female

Poupette is nine years old and although she is identified, we are unable to trace her owners. She has definitely been loved, though. She is extremely affectionate and is constantly jumping up to get even MORE love. Or maybe “bouncing” up is a better description. This dog is in fine form for her age. Officially she is a shepherd cross, but she has a broad head and pointy ears. A fine looking girl. So far we haven’t mixed her with other dogs or tested her with cats, but one thing we know is that she adores people! Due to her age, Poupette’s adoption fee is just 80 euros and for this she will be sterilised, identified and vaccinated.

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  • Loves people
  • Extremely affectionate
  • Bouncy






Zumba and Jazzy| LL551 and LL552

Zumba_Jazzy(Will be)Medium, Young, Female


Zumba and Jazzy were found together in a ditch and brought to the SPA. They appear to be chocolate coloured griffon crosses and they are lucky enough to be in a foster family, where they are living with children, other dogs, cats and even guinea pigs! We think they will be about 15kg when they are adult and will probably keep their little beards; which some might think is not a good thing as they are both girls! Christmas is approaching, and we are keen that puppies go to serious families only, but if that is you, and you prefer to adopt than buy, then please get in touch and we will give you the details of the lady who is looking after them.


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* Good with children

* Good with other dogs

*Good with Cats






Chester| LL550

chesterMedium, Young, Male

Chester was found in Limoux, a local village that seems determined to beat the national record for unwanted dogs. He is a great chap, well socialised and happily sharing his box with a male. He is a labrador cross, but a slightly built lab with a fine nose, rather than one of the stocky types. I don’t have any more information on him as yet, but he is a great looking dog. Please get in touch if you would like more details about him and I will try and update this description when I know more.

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Starck| LL548

starckMedium, Young, Male

Starck used to be called Loukoum and was adopted from us in August when he was a tiny puppy. Well, that didn’t last long, did it! But actually Starck is still pretty much a puppy, only now we can see a bit more what breed he is. On his identity papers he is noted as being a golden retriever cross, but now we can see that he is more fauve de Bretagne than anything else! And what a beauty! Starck was born at the end of May and has been living with children. He is also fine with other dogs and (I think) cats. He really is a fabulous little guy who deserves a lovely home.
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  • Good with other dogs
  • Good with children
  • Still just a puppy






Scaripan| LL554

scaripanMedium, Young, Male

Sacripan has returned from his adoptive family for that most familiar of reasons; he is a “runner”. This seems to be a justified reason for abandoning a dog, and it can mean anything from “he doesn’t come back to me when I call him” to “He scales 2 metre fences”. Sacripan is a border collie cross, so I suspect that he is just giving himself the exercise that his owners fail to give him. However the fact remains that they do not want him back. Sacripan was born in November 2012 and is a fine looking dog, very bright and lively. He is good with other dogs and children but not with cats. Sacripan is castrated and microchipped and all ready for his new home!

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Good with children
  • Needs lots of exercise






Sam| LL534

Sam - border collie crossMedium, Young, Male

Sam has just arrived and so far we don’t know much about him, as until dogs have their second vaccination we do not walk them. So although we do not know what Sam is like on the lead, we do know that he is good with other dogs, and gentle with humans. Sam is a border collie cross (probably with a pointer as he is very shorthaired) and tricoloured. A handsome looking lad who was born in November 2012.
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  • Good with other dogs
  • Gentle with humans
  • Border collie cross






Miedo| LL527

MiedoMedium, Young, Male

Miedo is a young Belgian shepherd who is just gaining confidence after some major (presumably human-inflicted) trauma. Nothing wrong with him physically, but lots of love and patience required. Once he is fully recovered, Miedo will be a lively active dog in need of mental as well as physical stimulation. He was born in January 2014, so has plenty of time to put his horrible past behind him. He is spending his afternoons in the office with Carole and this is helping him to get used to people. He is quite often to be seen with his head on her lap, looking adoringly into her eyes. He will be a devoted dog to whoever has the time and love for him.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Needs lots of TLC
  • We be a devoted family pet