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Chippeur | T200

Chippeur male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Shepherd cross Chippeur was brought in by a local rescue organisation who found him and his pal tied up in a field in the middle of nowhere. Okay, there might be a good reason for this (I am having trouble thinking of one, admittedly), but if that is the case, then surely the owner would have come to collect his dogs. Neither is underweight and both are sociable and affectionate, so maybe it was just a question of the owner not wanting to bring his dogs in for rehoming in a responsible manner. Chippeur was born in March 2015 and is a lovely dark borwn and black cross. Chippeur is vaccinated, castrated and identified and his adoption fee is €170.

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  • Beautiful colouring
  • Affectionate
  • Will make a great family pet

Goldy | T161

GoldyFemale, Young, Medium 

We do not know Goldy’s history, but we know that she deserves a really wonderful home. At first glance this young malinois looks like any other pup of this breed. Until you see that she has a deformed jaw, which the vet is sure is due to having been hit or kicked or otherwise abused. Goldy will always look a bit special. But special can be wonderful, and Goldy is certainly that. She was born in August 2017 and is fine with other dogs. Like all pups she will need lots of love, and like all malinois pups she will need lots of exercise and stimulus, as well. This is no couch potato of a dog. The breed is lively and intelligent and not one for first time dog owners.

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  • Good with dogs
  • Still a puppy needs lots of stimulation
  • Will make a great pet for an active family

Cally | T173

CallyFemale, Young, Large 

Cally was adopted from the SPA in January and we thought all was going fine. Apparently not, and once again it is not the fault of the dog. Yes, people’s circumstances change, but if you know that a big change is imminent, it is preferable to wait before adopting a new dog. In this case, the new owner moved in with someone and Cally did not get on with their (female) dog. So Cally is back at the SPA. She is a very attractive girl, young (born in January 2014) and is fine with male dogs. She is quite a chunky lass, as we say, and is suitably boisterous in her play. Attention must be paid with very young children, but apart from that, Cally is perfect. She is not too bad on a lead and would appeal to people who like the staffie types but don’t want to go through all the administrative steps to own a (a-hem) dangerous dog.

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  • Good with male dogs
  • Attention with children
  • Will make lovely pet for staffie type lovers

Boris | T111

BorisMale, Young, Medium 

I know we shouldn’t have favourites, but Boris is the dog I would take home from the SPA if I had any more room. He is another of the five dogs who were found in a warehouse, and in my opinion he is the best looking and friendliest. He is a crossbreed with unusual markings; plenty of tricloured patches and speckles all over his fur. He is a truly lovely boy, learning to walk on the lead (so a bit enthusiastic), but as Boris is only a year old (DOB March 2017) there is plenty of time for him to learn. He is fine with other dogs, both male and female, and adores human company. He would make a wonderful family pet, either as a sole dog or as a second dog.
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  • Good with other dogs
  • Adores human company
  • Will make lovely family pet

Mitch | T109

MitchMale, Young, Medium 

Another of the five dogs found in an old warehouse, Mitch is a fabulous looking shepherd cross. He was born in February 2017, and is extremely well socialised. Mitch is sharing his kennel with another male, but of course we know that all these dogs are used to cohabiting. Mitch is learning to walk on a lead and adores affection. He will make a wonderfully loyal family dog.
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  • Good with some dogs
  • Well socialised
  • Needs a family to give him love

Bang | T108

BangMale, Young, Medium 

Bang, who was born in January 2016, was one of five dogs who were found locked up in a warehouse. Apparently their owners did come along to feed them, but the place was in an unimaginable state as it was never cleaned and the dogs had no access to the outside. That is no way for dogs to spend their lives. Bang is the most timid of the pack, but he is gradually gaining confidence at the SPA. He is good with other dogs and although he is only just getting used to the lead, he is already making huge progress. He is a bit difficult with some other dogs, but that will improve with time, we are sure.

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  • Good with some dogs
  • A little timid
  • Needs a family to give him TLC

Jack | T153

Jack Black Labrador crossMale, Young, Medium 

Jack is another dog who has just been brought back to the SPA. He was adopted towards the end of last year by a woman who came to adopt a dog for her elderly mother. We cautioned against such an action, but she insisted, and like fools we allowed Jack to leave. This will no longer happen! Of course the elderly mum found Jack (a senior dog, but one with plenty of energy) too much to handle, and the daughter did not want a second dog. So Jack is back. He is like a mini black labrador crossed with a jagd terrier, he is good on the lead and really affectionate. Jack was born in July 2008, so he is a senior dog, and as such his adoption fee is is just €80 (vaccinated, castrated and microchipped)
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  • Good with dogs and cats
  • Really affectionate
  • Good on the lead

Lana | T099

Lana young female labrador crossFemale, Young, Medium

Lana has been at the SPA before, she was found as a stray last year and brought in, although she was recognised on Facebook but never collected. Her first home did not work out, as the owner lived in an apartment and worked long hours; in fact it is hard to see why he thought having a dog was a good idea. So it is not really Lana’s fault that she is back; she is just a typical young dog; eager to please, eager to learn and with some basic education. Lana looks like a small and slightly built labrador, she was born in December 2016 and is great on the lead, as well as being fine with other dogs and children.

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  • Good with other dogs
  • Eager to learn has some basic training
  • Would make a lovely family pet

Bogdan | T062

Bogdan male brittany spanielMale, Young, Medium

Bogdan and his brother Danov were brought in by a woman who claimed to have just found them on her way to Carcassonne. However it was a very wet week, the dogs were bone dry, and having met the dogs, everyone knows that catching them would have been no easy task. Oh, Madam, so that will be you not wanting your two dogs, then? Bogdan is a Breton spaniel who was born in March 2017. He has no lead training and is nervous of people, but he is in the right place to learn all about the world.
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  • Will need some lead training
  • Nervous at first
  • Would make a lovely family pet

Tatiana | T030

TatinaFemale, Young, Medium

This is not Tatiana’s first time at the SPA. She used to be called Maddie, and as far as we were concerned she was happily homed in August 2016 after spending four months at the refuge. However a phone call from the SPA in Toulouse told us that Tatiana had been found and brought to them, and the phone numbers associated with her microchip were no longer working. So Tatiana is back. She is a fabulous brindle coloured girl, who is now fine with other dogs (although she wasn’t before her last adoption, so she has mellowed!). Tatiana was born in April 2014 and we know that she is a great family pet. She is impeccable on the lead and shares her kennel happily.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Sociable
  • Would make a lovely family pet