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Poma| A042

Poma young female border collieFemale, Young, Medium

Why hasn’t beautiful Poma found a home? When she and her two friends were brought in thanks to the ScPA’s cruelty team, I thought she would be adopted very quickly. Especially as like her pals, she was well socialised. It was more a case of neglect, rather than cruelty, and all three dogs were very used to being petted. And who doesn’t love a border collie? Poma’s only fault is that she does not like cats, but surely that is not preventing her from finding a new home? She was born in January 2016, is good on the lead, fine with other dogs, and simply stunning! Poma is sterilised, vaccinated and identified; please help her find a home.

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  • Stunning well socilised dog
  • Good with other dogs but not cats
  • He seeks an active family live

Fly| T670

Fly young male crossMale, Young, Medium

Fly was very nervous when he first arrived, and although he is now in many ways one of the refuge’s easiest dogs, he has not found a home. Time to give him a push the DRC way! Fly is a stunning spaniel cross who was born in December 2011. He is fine with other dogs and is good on the lead, as well as being very affectionate. Don’t be put off by that worried look on his face; he is a very cool dog. He really is a lovely boy, and just the right size. A family with an outdoorsey lifestyle will be ideal, although Fly would be very happy with a couple of walks a day and lots of love!

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  • Nervous at first but affectionate
  • Good on lead good with other dogs
  • He seeks an active family live

Tia| T631

Tia  young femaleFemale, Young, Medium

Another dog who was adopted and brought back, and thus missed off the website, Tia is not a staffy, and can in fact be adopted by anyone who likes the chunky type dogs but does not want to apply for all the permits needed to have a categorised dogs. Tia was born in June 2015, and although her owners made lots of effort to socialise her, she really has to be an only dog. She has a very strong character and will not be suitable as a first dog, although she already has good basic obedience. A very affectionate dog, Tia will need discipline and an experienced owner, but she is worth it!

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  • Very affectionate but strong character
  • Needs to be an only dog
  • Needs and experienced owner

Kalin| T483

Kalin young male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Kalin is a beautiful pale shepherd who should have been put on this site way before now. I think we assumed that he would be reclaimed, so just missed him off. However better late than never, although it is quite late; Kalin has been at the refuge since September 2018. This is far too long for a dog who is this well behaved and sociable. But perhaps that is just it; he has fit so well into refuge life that people hardly notice him. Good with dogs, good with cats, playful and fine on the lead, surely someone will offer this boy a home. Kalin was born in January 2012 and would love another chance at love.

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  • Affectionate and playful
  • Good with dogs and cats
  • Will make a great family pet

Neigo| A219

Neigo male lab spaniel crossMale, Young, Medium

Neigo arrived in early May with young female malinois cross, Kara. Neigo was identified, but he was not reclaimed. Perhaps just as well, as his owner is not the most attentive, at least not in terms of tick and flea treatment. Both dogs were riddled when they arrived. Neigo and Kara are now doing well, Neigo is far more outgoing than Kara, he is very affectionate and used to being petted. A handsome lab/spaniel cross (I think), Neigo was born in August 2017. He is now vaccinated, castrated and of course treated against parasites.

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  • Affectionate
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Kara| A218

Kara young female MalinoisFemale, Young, Medium

Kara was brought to the refuge along with Neigo in early May having been found straying in a local village. Unlike Neigo she was not identified, and there was a chance that they had the same owners. Luckily no one came to collect them. I say luckily because unless the dogs had been straying for a long time, they would both be better off elsewhere. Covered in huge ticks and fleas, these poor dogs were lucky to arrive at the refuge. They are now doing well, and we hope that they will both soon be rehomed. Kara is a malinois cross who was born in May 2017. She is a very young dog who is a bit nervous but will be quick to learn, especially if there is another dog in the family. Please come and meet her, she is lovely.


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  • A bit nervous at first
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Elvira| A215

Elvira young female crossFemale, Young, Medium

Poor Elvira. She arrived with another dog and apparently the two dogs were often seen together playing. However the other dog was collected and told us that no, Elvira was not theirs, although they too knew her by sight. So Elvira is now alone and at the refuge. Despite her chunky looks, Elvira is not a categorised dog, so no permits are required. She is a very affectionate girl, too, fine with other dogs although not good with cats. Elvira was born in April 2017, and would love a new home.

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  • Affectionate
  • Good with other dogs but not cats
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Molly| A182

Molly Austrian ShepherdFemale, Young, Medium

Molly was found and brought to the SPA in March, and as she was not identified, we hoped that her owners would come to collect her. Then they did come and we wished they hadn’t! They came to reception area and then stole the dog, returning her the next day. Strange days indeed. In any case, there has been no sign of them since, and Molly is looking for a new home that is, how shall we say, a bit more stable. In fact she is an amazing dog. A fine boned brindle girl who is mostly if not all Dutch shepherd, Molly was born in August 2016. She is perfect on a lead, trotting alongside, occasionally looking up for reassurance. She will be a devoted family friend. Very much a DRC favourite, Molly deserves a wonderful home. She is identified, sterilised and fully vaccinated.

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  • Lovely nature
  • Not too strong on the lead
  • A devoted friend

Gordon| A183

Gordon male Gordon SetterMale, Young, Medium

Gordon is a magnificent Gordon setter who arrived in late April complete with one of those luminous collars so beloved on hunters. No identification, of course, either on dog or collar, and no one has been to collect Gordon. He is settling in to life at the refuge; he shares well with other dogs and is great on the lead too. In typical setter fashion he has his nose on the ground, but not as much as some other dogs, and is very receptive to human voice. He will be a great family pet for an active family, although he does love to lounge around in the sunshine. Gordon was born in April 2014 (vet’s estimate) and is a superbly handsome dog.


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  • Well adjusted dog
  • Fine with people and dogs
  • Will make a great companion to someone

Biggles| A121

Biggles male Bleu de GasgoineMale, Young, Medium

Biggles is a super dog for anyone who likes the hounds. He is a bleu de Gascogne who arrived as an unidentified stray courtesy of a local mairie, and as he is so young (born in March 2017) he can now have a normal life rather than spend it in a hunt kennel, which was probably his destiny. He would have hated that; Biggles is not the bravest dog in the world and will jump out of his skin at the sound of a car backfiring. Biggles is fine with cats and there are some videos of him off the lead in the cat house on the DRC Youtube channel. Not only that, he is wonderful on the lead, trotting along like a champion on a slack lead. Biggles is fine with other dogs and people of all ages. Hurry hurry hurry if you like this boy.

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  • Great on the lead but a bit jumpy
  • Fine with other dogs and people of all ages
  • Will be great pet for an active family