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Lya| A318

Lya female border collie crossFemale, Young, Medium

Lya is a border collie cross who arrived at the refuge with her 5 puppies. They have all been adopted and Lya is now waiting for her turn. She is a lovely girl, who was born in April 2015. She is very obedient (her border collie instincts are very strong) and whilst she was looking after her pups in the park did a good impression of a guard dog. In actual fact she is very gentle and is fine with other dogs. She cannot live with cats, however. We would love to find a good home for Lya; this was not her first litter and there is little doubt that had she not come to the ScPA her life would have consisted of having litter after litter. Now her life has changed round completely, but let’s make it better still by finding her a home.

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  • Gentle and obedient
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Enny| A355

Enny female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Enny is a young and very sociable young girl who was born in July 2018. We have no idea why she is at the refuge; like so many of the dogs she was brought in as an unidentified stray. Perhaps it was just the inconvenience of having a dog at the start of the holiday season, or maybe she was just too lively for her family. The best thing is clearly to find this fabulous shepherd cross a new home. Enny is shiny and black and is a stunning girl. Especially with those incredible ears! Enny is fine with other dogs and is a stunning lass.

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  • Lively and sociable
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Cash| A328

Cash male spaniel crossMale, Young, Medium

Gorgeous spaniel Cash arrived with a beagle, Tango, who was adopted very quickly. However he just dusted himself off and went to share with another dog. He is very sociable, as you will have guessed! Cash was born in December 2017, and is a very handsome lad. Typical of his breed, he is lively and active, good with people although initially a bit over-excited. It is this “scattiness” that makes spaniels so appealing to lovers of the breed. They make very good companions on walks, not as much led by their noses as many other breeds and usually quite easy to teach recall due to their closeness to their owners. Cash will be a great family pet for anyone with an active lifestyle.

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  • Lively and active
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely companion to an active family

Keops| A321

Keops male beagleMale, Young, Medium

Keops used to be called Dionysus and will be known to many of you as one of 6 dogs who were left at the refuge gates one morning, all unidentified. He has been adopted twice before, and brought back on both occasions. This lovely beagle who was born in March 2014 needs to be in a family who spends a lot of time at home. He has never been alone, and if left in the garden will escape to seek out human or canine company, and if left indoors will chew furniture. When people are there he is no trouble at all, though. He walks well on the lead and unlike some others from his former pack, is not nervous around people. Keops is a fabulous lad who deserves a new chance with a loving and patient family.

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  • Needs human company
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs an enclosed garden

Olaf| A296

Olaf young male pointer crossMale, Young, Medium

Olaf is a young dog who was found and brought to the refuge in mid June, since which time he has made plenty of friends, both human and canine. He is a lovely lad, probably a pointer mix, who was born in January 2018, according to the vet’s estimate. Once it was clear that no one was coming to reclaim him, Olaf went straight in to share his kennel, and it is clear that he would be more than happy to share his life with another dog. Olaf is the kind of dog whom it is easy to overlook at the refuge, but he is really worth getting to know. Why not come and meet this lovely friendly young chap?

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  • Loves dogs and cats
  • Affectionate with everyone
  • Will make a fabulous family pet

Titou| A279

Titou male crossMale, Young, Medium

What a shame it was to see Titou back at the refuge. This young lad was adopted in April last year and sadly his owner has been taken into long term care and is unable to keep his dog. When his first owner brought him in, we were told that he was uncontrollable. However that is not what his most recent owner says. Titou is fine in the home, he is very well behaved, house-trained and calm. He is fine with other dogs and is affectionate and loves to play. The main problem facing Titou is his unusual physique, as he looks like a malinois corgi cross. Still, we all know that it is more important to have a well behaved and affectionate dog than one that conforms to the norms of beauty! Let’s find Titou a lovely home again! He is three years old ready to find love again.

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  • Well behaved and calm
  • Gets on well with other dogs
  • Looking for an active family

Alex| A242

Alex young male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Alex is a fabulous long haired black shepherd cross dog who was born in December 2017. We have no idea why he is at the refuge; he arrived unidentified towards the end of May, and much to everyone’s surprise he was not reclaimed. Alex is good on the lead and is a very affectionate young dog, and there is no reason at all why he shouldn’t find a new home quickly. For anyone who likes black dogs (and how could you NOT like black dogs) and wants a young active dog to share their life with, Alex is a great choice.

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  • Affectionate and lively
  • Lovely nature
  • Looking for an active family

Vaema| A255

Vaema female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Vaema is a dog in whom DRC has decided to take a special interest. From time to time we choose a dog who for some reason or other needs us more than all the others, and that is certainly the case with Vaema. This gorgeous and lively shepherd “not quite pup” was probably hit by a vehicle when she was very young, and the break was allowed to heal itself. This has left Vaema with a pronounced limp, meaning that she bunny-hops rather than walks. The vet says that to rebreak the pelvis area risks making the situation worse, so nothing can be done. However there is no reason why Vaema should not have a wonderful life, despite her “handicap”. She is gorgeous, very affectionate and desperate to run and play, but until her bones are fully formed (she is currently 9 months old), exercise should be controlled. I must point out that Vaema is not incontinent, she is just like any normal dog, except her back end is very wobbly. We at DRC love her, and want to find her a home where she can take things at her own pace and be loved as much as all dogs deserve to be loved!

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  • Affectionate
  • Needs controlled exercise
  • She seeks a special family

Lana| A064

Lana young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Lana is a very unlucky dog. She has been adopted twice and brought back both times for the same reason…she is what the refuge calls “a runner”. This girl needs a really well enclosed garden, and if this is not the case, she will lead other dogs astray. Her most recent family had another dog, and Lana got him into bad habits, despite the fact that he had never wandered before (or since). Her first family were perhaps better suited as they lived in an apartment (and even Lana could not escape from this). However her owner insisted on letting her walk with no lead, so off she went. Lana is a small shepherd cross. She was born in December 2016, and would love a new home. But only those with well enclosed gardens (or no garden but plenty of walks) need apply.

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  • Affectionate
  • Must have and enclosed safe garden
  • She seeks an active family live

Poma| A042

Poma young female border collieFemale, Young, Medium

Why hasn’t beautiful Poma found a home? When she and her two friends were brought in thanks to the ScPA’s cruelty team, I thought she would be adopted very quickly. Especially as like her pals, she was well socialised. It was more a case of neglect, rather than cruelty, and all three dogs were very used to being petted. And who doesn’t love a border collie? Poma’s only fault is that she does not like cats, but surely that is not preventing her from finding a new home? She was born in January 2016, is good on the lead, fine with other dogs, and simply stunning! Poma is sterilised, vaccinated and identified; please help her find a home.

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  • Stunning well socilised dog
  • Good with other dogs but not cats
  • He seeks an active family live