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Merlin | T482

Merlin male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Merlin was brought into the refuge by the police who said that he had been seen straying in a local village for several weeks. However he shows no signs of being thin or neglected, so perhaps he is one of many dogs who spends the days wandering while his owners are at work, only to go home in the evenings. The fact remains that no one has come to collect him, though, and (almost inevitably) he was not identified. Merlin is sharing his kennel with another dog and is settling well into refuge life. He is a husky cross who was born in September 2014 (according to the vet’s estimate) and is a lovely affectionate boy.


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  • A lovely affectionate boy
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great pet for an active family

Sphinx | T517

Sphinx young male MalinoisMale, Young, Medium

Sphinx stole my heart in about 5 seconds flat. He is a malinois cross puppy who is absolutely terrified at finding himself at the ScPA and does his best to hide away. Except he has to see the vet, of course. And if we are to find his owners (or indeed a new home), we need pictures of him. So we had to coax him out of his kennel. Once he plucked up the courage to emerge, he decided that life was good, and he adored being patted and cuddled. And when I passed his kennel an hour later and called his name, he rushed out to see me. This boy will be loyal loyal LOYAL! Sphinx was born in February this year and so is still a puppy. The malinois is not a breed for everyone, but this little lad is not a pure breed and has none of the nipping that they are prone to. He will make a great companion.


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  • A loyal loving character
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great pet for an active family

Louby | T518

Louby labrador griffon crossMale, Young, Medium

Louby is still a puppy, he was born in May 2018 and we have no idea why he is at the refuge. Except hold on…he has a very minor skin condition that has made one of his eyes weep. A couple of days of treatment and it is fine, but is that the reason he was dumped at the ScPA? Taking any animal is a responsibility; even if you get one free from the internet (grrr), he will still need vet treatment from time to time. Sigh. In any case, Louby deserves a better home than the one he had, and so we will find him one! He is probably a lab/griffon cross (lab shaped body, but a little moustache!) and will be a medium sized dog who is full of love!


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  • Full of love
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Triffon | T514

Triffon young male griffonMale, Young, Medium

How fabulous is this lad! Griffon lovers will go crazy over this recent arrival. Triffon “Terrific Griffon” was born in January 2014, according to the vet’s estimate, and although he takes a bit of coaxing to come out to play, once he does he is not your typical scared-y boy. He seems really laid back and just accepting of whatever is going on. And he is more than happy to be patted. We are expecting lots of interest in this boy, and although we don’t yet know how he is with other dogs, it might be worth getting in touch soon if you think you may wish to offer him a home.


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  • Wonderful temperament
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Grace | T528

Female, Young, Medium

Grace female setter crossGrace is a beautiful harlequin setter who has just arrived. We are not sure of her history, but we suspect that she is going to have to have a leg amputated, and this is perhaps why she is at the ScPA. At present Grace has a “dead” paw, which just hangs limp and drags on the ground. The vet says she will be far happier with no leg at all, and as it is at the front, it should make very little difference to her mobility believe it or not. And looking at her happy, smiling face, we cannot believe that Grace will be anything other than a happy dog. She is very lively and affectionate and we are hopeful that her handicap will not affect her chances of being adopted.


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  • Lively and affectionate
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great pet for a special family

Karadoc | T445

KaradocMale, Young, Medium

I am amazed that Karadoc had been at the refuge for over a month before I met him properly. Maybe because so many dogs have arrived recently. In any case, I am delighted that I now know him at least a little bit. What a gem. Karadoc is quite an unassuming dog. He is mid brown, of medium size, neither young nor old (DOB Aug 2014)…easy to overlook, perhaps. But he is such a great dog. He doesn’t pull on the lead at all, he is fine with other dog and cats, and he is just a steady, easygoing dog. He will be a wonderful family pet; a great walking companion and just a superb all rounder. My new favourite boy and one not to miss!


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  • An all round great dog
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family addition

Fido | T450

Fido mature male crossMale, Mature, Medium

This is Fido’s third time at the refuge, and none of it is his fault. He was adopted as a tiny puppy, then brought back in July last year, as his owner claimed to no longer have enough money to look after him (and our offers of financial assistance were rejected). He was homed about a month later, and this time his owner has died, leaving poor Fido homeless once again. Next time we are looking for a forever home, for this dog who is now eight years old. Fido is very obedient, he doesn’t pull on the lead and he loves people, searching out human company as much as possible. He would love a new home as a single dog (he is not always good with other dogs), and preferably with someone who is at home all the time. He is exceptionally well housetrained and can be left alone, but would rather not be. He has had bad luck in life so far, let’s change all that!


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  • Loves human company
  • Better as a single dog
  • Will make a great companion for someone at home all day

Pebble | T448

Pebble female crossFemale, Young, Medium

I was not the only one to do a double take when this girl was brought to the ScPA. Apart from her age and the slight brindle pattern in her fur, this could be my dog Caillou’s younger sister. Hence the name Pebble, of course, even though very few of the French can say it! Caillou was quite spiky when he arrived at the refuge; he needed several months of work before he was ready for adoption, and only then it had to be with someone who knew him and loved him (haha, me!) This is not at all the case for Pebble. She is adorable; already calm and affectionate, and as soon as her pound time is over, she will be ready to leave. Don’t miss out if you like the look of this gorgeous girl.


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  • Calm and affectionate
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Balou | T395

Balou male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Balou was brought in by one of the refuge’s growing number of cruelty inspectors. This medium sized pale brown dog was spending his life attached by a chain so that he was unable to run away. That is no life for a dog. However now he is at the refuge we understand a bit more why someone with an unenclosed garden would have trouble keeping this boy in. Boy is he a Houdini! He scales fences and can leap really high. So if your garden is not properly enclosed, you should probably forget about this lad. Balou was born in November 2014 and although we have not managed to mix him at the refuge, we are told that he is okay with other dogs.

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  • Must have a secure garden
  • OK with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family

Falcor | T242

Falcor young male setterMale, Young, Medium

When Falcor was brought to the SPA for rehoming last week, staff took one look at his eyes and said “Uh-ho”. Because yes, those “goggles” do look very much as if Falcor has leishmaniasis. However not so; he is fine. Already a week later and he was looking much better. The trouble was caused by fleas, with which this lovely boy was infested. Nice owners, eh? Yes, Falcor deserves so much better. He is a fabulous setter who was born in May 2012. And he is fine with other dogs, cats and children! So if you are looking for an easy going family dog, he could be the one for you. He is fully vaccinated, castrated and identified by microchip and is waiting for his new home!
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  • Great with other dogs, cats and children
  • Easy going
  • Will make a great family pet