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Frimousse | T004

Frimousse small female cross breedFemale, Young, Small

This is a sad story. Who remembers the dogs from Ste Eulalie, who were rescued from dog hoarders in March 2016? Four of them are still at the SPA looking for homes, but many more are happy in their forever homes. And we thought this was the case for Frimousse. However her owner has just passed away, and with none of the relatives prepared to take on the dog, Frimousse finds herself at the SPA. She was born in June 2014, and spent nine months in hell before coming to the SPA. She stayed with us only briefly (she was far less traumatised than some of her poor companions) but is now back. We hope that her size and young age mean that she will not have a long wait this time either, and that she will soon be back in a home. And that this time it is for ever!

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  • Small size
  • Affectionate
  • Would make a lovely family pet

Ernie| R316

Ernie male rottweiler crossMale, Medium, Young

Rottweiler cross Ernie was adopted but brought back in July. He really is not a dog for first-time owners, and that is what his last family was. Despite our advice (we advised them against the adoption, too) and their best intentions, this young couple were just not ready for a dog like Ernie. Born in January 2015, Ernie is still in need of education. Not the usual commands, he has mastered all of them. His difficulty is with authority. He needs a firm hand or he risks running rings round his owner. Not that he bites, he is just a bit unruly. If you like a chunky dog and are an experienced owner, Ernie could be the one for you.

  • Friendly and affectionate if a bit unruly
  • Needs an experienced owner
  • Will make a lovely family pet


PortoMale, Young, Small

By now you should all be aware of the dogs who arrived at the SPA following a case of dog-hoarding in the local village of Ste Eulalie. Several of the dogs have now been adopted, and Porto too, is ready for his new home. He is a small dog, 5 kg or so, still a bit timid, but gaining in confidence all the time. After a lot of work, Porto is now able to walk on a lead and allows people to stroke him, although he is still a bit nervous with people he does not know. Porto was born in March 2007 and and has been at the SPA since March 2016. It is time he left the SPA and had a family of his own. As a senior dog, Porto will benefit from a reduced adoption fee of just €80, for which he is castrated, vaccinated and microchipped. And make no mistake, small dogs like this can live for a very long time!
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  • Still a little timid
  • Walks well on lead
  • Needs a loving family