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Lancelot | T472

Lancelot male blue merle terrierMale, Young, Small

Lancelot is a blue merle coloured terrier who was brought to the refuge in early September. He is a great looking lad, small and very fluffy, looking a bit like a very mini griffon. We don’t know much about him as yet, but he is a dog that will appeal to lots of people, so we thought we would give you a sneak peek! Let us know if you would like more information about this lad when it becomes available; he is sure to be popular!


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  • Small and fluffy
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family addition

Gadjo | T470

Gadjo male Ilhaso apsoMale, Young, Small

It is always sad when an owner’s ill health forces him to surrender his beloved dogs for rehoming, and all the more so when the dogs arrive at the refuge and instantly sink into apparent depression. Gadjo and his pal Lasko seem to be completely shut down, lying in a shared kennel and refusing to eat or greet visitors. Gadjo is the elder of the two; a llhaso apso who was born in June 2011, he has been loved all his life. He is fine with other dogs, cats and children. Please can someone offer this boy a new home?


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  • Fine with dogs cats and children
  • Has been loved all his life
  • Will make a great family addition

Pompom | T467

Pompom male poodleMale, Young, Small

Wow, what a change since the last time we saw this boy. When five and a half year old poodle Pompom arrived the first time in June, he was in a terrible state. It was almost impossible to see what breed he was. Plus he was skeletal and covered in matted fur. He spent a month or so at the refuge before being adopted, and although he is now back, we are sure he will be rehomed in super quick time. Doesn’t he look amazing? Things didn’t work out with his family; poodle savvy people will know that they tend to be quite possessive and jealous, and Pompom is no exception. He did not like living with two other dogs, and his family worried for their visiting grandchildren, whom they feared would be caught in the middle of the scuffles. Luckily this never happened, and Pompom is sharing his box fine at the SCPA. But unless you are very sure of your other dog, Pompom should probably be homed alone. He was born in January 2013 and is a very affectionate little chap, providing he is the one getting all the attention!


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  • Will need a poodle savvy home
  • Better as an only dog in a home without children
  • Will make a great family addition

Lila | T407

Lila young female crossFemale, Young, Small

Lila is doing much better than when she was brought to the ScPA for rehoming at the end of July. It took her only four weeks or so to realise that people can be kind and that it is okay to approach them to be petted and cuddled. I wonder what went on in her former home…Lila is a young dog, a pale and pretty crossbreed who was born in December 2017. She shares her kennel well and has started to enjoy her walks. We would like her to find a home preferably with another dog, or at least with kind and patient people, as despite her young age, I suspect that Lila has had enough nasty experiences to last her a lifetime. Lila’s adoption fee is €170, for which she is microchipped, sterilised and fully vaccinated.


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  • Learning to love human company
  • Would like a doggy companion
  • Will make a great pet for a patient family

Freddy | T286

FreddyMale, Young, Small

I am worried that Freddy is going to be one of those dogs who just slips through the net. Like Bridou (our last urgent appeal) and Némo, both of whom are still at the refuge, Freddy arrived at just the wrong time. He was not a puppy, but neither was he an adult. So he was too young to appeal to people looking for a puppy (and we have lots of pups), but people looking for a calmer older dog would not be interested in him, either. Freddy was born in January this year, and sadly it looks like he is doomed to grow up at the refuge. Having said that, Freddy is making the most of it. He is busy playing with his kennelmate and bouncing around as much as he can within the confines of kennel life. If you are after a young, lively dog, then please give Freddy a chance. He is desperate for love and will make a great family friend.


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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs some basic training full of fun
  • Will make a great family pet

Chupito | T143

ChupitoMale, Young, Small 

Chupito was adopted from the SPA when he was a puppy, back in September last year. He is now coming up to a year old (he was born in May 2017) and finds himself back at the SPA. We don’t know why, as instead of coming to explain and fill in the rehoming questionnaire, Chupito’s owners just took him to the local vet and left him. How nice! Since he has been back with us we have seen that this dog is good with other dogs, he is lively and affectionate and small. In fact when you see him in real life you will be surprised; he is like a mini version of one of the “standard” SPA shepherd crosses. A cute little lad who deserves a better home than the last one he had.

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  • Good with most dogs and cats
  • Full of joy and love
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Ernie| R316

Ernie male rottweiler crossMale, Medium, Young

Rottweiler cross Ernie was adopted but brought back in July. He really is not a dog for first-time owners, and that is what his last family was. Despite our advice (we advised them against the adoption, too) and their best intentions, this young couple were just not ready for a dog like Ernie. Born in January 2015, Ernie is still in need of education. Not the usual commands, he has mastered all of them. His difficulty is with authority. He needs a firm hand or he risks running rings round his owner. Not that he bites, he is just a bit unruly. If you like a chunky dog and are an experienced owner, Ernie could be the one for you.

  • Friendly and affectionate if a bit unruly
  • Needs an experienced owner
  • Will make a lovely family pet