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Oscar| A515

OscarMale, Young, Medium

We were very happy when Oscar was rehomed about 3 weeks ago, so very disappointed when he was returned so soon thereafter. Yes, life can change very quickly, but surely not THIS quickly! And apparently the sight of this poor, timid lad literally quaking with fear as he was put into a kennel was very distressing for all who saw it. Oscar did not have an easy life before the refuge, and being brought back will not have helped him one jot, so this time we are looking for a REAL forever home. Oscar was once a hunt dog, and was lucky to make it to the ScPA. He is understandably nervous of people. He is looking for a kind and patient family who will let him settle in gradually. He is a stunning lad, who was born in March 2018. He will certainly appeal to griffon lovers. We know you are out

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  • Very nervous
  • Needs some time and TLC
  • Will make a lovely pet for a patient family

Soda| A477

Soda young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Small

One year old Soda (date of birth 01.09.19) was found one morning at the refuge gates, having been tied up there and left by her owners. Of course she was not identified, so we cannot trace her owners. Soda is a smallish mostly black crossbreed who is very lively. She pulls on the lead, but it is natural that a young dog who spends most of her time behind bars should have an abundance of energy. Luckily she is small and is easy to control. Soda is affectionate with people and fine with other dogs. We have no idea why she is at the refuge, but we know that she is lucky to be there, and we hope she finds a home very soon.

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  • Affectionate and lively
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Moon| A507

Moon young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Some of you may remember Moon. She was one of 5 dogs who were found in an abandoned warehouse by some supporters and brought to the refuge in February 2018. Moon was the first of these dogs to be homed, and everyone regarded her as being the luckiest, as she spent very little time at the refuge. However she was not so lucky after all, as she is back at the refuge. Her owner was starting a new career, and had no time for the dog. Moon is a fabulous brindle and white coloured dog who was born in June 2016. She is fine with other dogs and has been living with cats. If you are after a medium sized affectionate dog, look no further, Moon is here and waiting for you!

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  • Affectionate and loving
  • Good with other dogs and cats
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Buster| A360

Buster large male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Buster was brought in by a couple who pretended to have found him, but who may have just decided that having a dog made it more awkward to go away on holiday. Luckily for Buster it wasn’t long before he found a new home, but sadly after just a couple of weeks he is back again. I am assured that this was not the fault of the dog. Well, to be fair it usually isn’t. Buster is a magnificent dog. Despite his chunky appearance (he is a boxer cross) he is very gentle both on the lead and when playing with other dogs. He shares a kennel just fine. Buster was born in July 2018 and is all ready for his forever home, vaccinated, castrated and identified.

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  • Magnificent dog
  • Gentle on the lead
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Plume| A506

Plume sharpie crossFemale, Young, Medium

Sharpei cross Plume is still very much a puppy, she was born in February 2019 and was brought in to the refuge for rehoming at the age of 6 months. The fact that it is stated on her papers that she is not good with chickens tells you everything you need to know ! Poor Plume. Perhaps calling her “Feather” was not a good idea after all, she probably wanted to play with her feathered friends! Still, for Plume the ScPA will be a stepping stone to a new life. Plume is just adorable, she rolls on her back for cuddles and skips along happily without any pulling. She is a lovely lively girl who will surely find a home quickly, so if you are interested, please get in touch soon!

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  • Adorable nature
  • Not good with chickens
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Canelle| A498

Canelle young female malinoisFemale, Young, Large

Canelle is a dog who, together with beauceron cross Mabrouka, was brought to the refuge because her owners did not like her barking. As Canelle is a malinois it is quite likely that her barking came of frustration. Many people underestimate the need these dogs have for stimulation. They love to be occupied and are highly intelligent. It is not by accident that they are the chosen breed of firemen and police throughout much of Europe. Canelle has many of the breed’s traits. She can be a bit snappy towards other dogs, and will need an experienced owner. Canelle was born in February 2016, so is a young, active dog.

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  • Needs an experienced owner
  • Highly intelligent breed
  • Will make a lovely pet for an active family

Irish| A474

Irish young male springer crossMale, Young, Medium

The ScPA quite often gets dogs who are noted down as being springer spaniel crosses, but it is not often that they look quite this much like a springer spaniel! Isn’t Irish fabulous? With his liver and white markings and the curly hair on his ears, Irish looks very much the part. He was found unidentified in Esperaza, and the vet estimates his age as being some 18 months. Irish is sharing his kennel with another dog, and is ready to leave the refuge all vaccinated, identified and castrated. It would be great to find him a home soon, so please share far and wide for this lovely boy.

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  • A friendly nature
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Gafarot| A469

Garafot young male terrier crossMale, Young, Small

Depending on whether you see the “before” or “after” photos of Gafarot you will wonder if he is a Chinese crested. That is because since his arrival this young fox terrier cross has been totally shaved! For those of you who don’t know, Gafarot it a local word for grass seed, and this boy was covered in them when he arrived. Shaving his coat was the only thing possible, and he looks much better for it, as well as feeling far more comfortable, of course! If you like a hairy boy then you will need a bit of patience, but Gafarot is a great lad. Well worth a visit, I promise. He was born in January 2011 and is fine with other dogs

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  • A very hairy coat
  • A lovely temperament
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Falbala| A467

Falbala young female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Falbala was adopted briefly but brought back the following day as despite passing the cat test at the refuge, her new family were very nervous about her reaction to their own cat. So perhaps a cat free home would be best, or at least one where Falbala can be separated from any felines until she has settled in. It was such a shame, as this stunning lab cross had already been in kennels for 6 months before her brief taste of freedom. That is a long time for a young dog. Falbala was born in March 2018; she is not even 18 months old! Falbala is good with other dogs, is fine on the lead and will make a fabulous companion. Please give her a chance!

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  • Loves walks and is good on the lead
  • Not good with cats
  • Will make a lovely companion

Idylle| A455

Idyll female bull dogFemale, Young, Large

Idylle is an American bulldog, and a magnificent creature! Contrary to what one might assume when looking at pictures of this girl, American bulldogs are not regarded by French law as being a dangerous breed, which means she can be adopted without the need for permits or additional insurance, so if you like a chunky lass, she might be of interest to you. So why is she at the refuge? Well very sadly for her owners, Idylle was unable to cohabit with their other dogs. They did not adopt Idylle as a puppy, (she was born in September 2013) and although they tried to integrate her into their pack, this was just not possible. Whereas most things can be worked through, this is not the case when every “incident” results in injury to either other dogs or the owners. So Idylle is looking for a home with no other animals or small children. She is a wonderful dog, superbly trained and really deserving of a new home.

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  • Superbly trained dog
  • Must have animal and child free home
  • Will make a lovely family pet