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Twig | T391

Twig young male pointer crossMale, Young, Large

Twig was found by a British family who was holidaying in the area. As they had heard of the SPA Carcassonne they brought Twig to us, although the location where he was found is closer to Perpignan. This of course makes it harder for him to be found by anyone looking, but of course we are keeping an eye on lost dog announcements from the Perpignan area just in case. Twig is a lovely dog. He is probably a pointer cross, on the large side, but very gentle with humans, other dogs and CATS! Yes, Twig has been let off the lead in the cat house for a test, and he behaved impeccably, which has to be good news for him. He was born in September 2017 and is a wonderful young family friendly dog.

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  • Gentle with humans
  • Good with dogs and cats
  • Needs a loving active family

Mattie | T397

Mattie mature female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Mattie is without doubt my new true love, and if I didn’t have a grumpy female at home, I would be doing everything I could to adopt her. Mattie is one of eight (yes, EIGHT!) dogs who were left to fend for themselves when their owner moved house. This really does happen, shocking though it is. Not all of them have made it to safety yet, as traps are being used to capture these poor dogs who have been terrorized by their owners. Not Mattie, however. She was the first to arrive and is amazing. Blind in one eye, Mattie is trusting and affectionate. She comes to her (new) name, licks your face, takes treats gently, wags her whole body with pleasure when people approach. She is an exceptional dog who is steady and calm. She is helping to calm down one of the other dogs who is very skittish and who is now making rapid progress. Mattie deserves a great home. She was born in July 2011 and we want her to only know love from now on.

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  • Trusting and affectionate
  • Steady and calm with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family

Balou | T395

Balou male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Balou was brought in by one of the refuge’s growing number of cruelty inspectors. This medium sized pale brown dog was spending his life attached by a chain so that he was unable to run away. That is no life for a dog. However now he is at the refuge we understand a bit more why someone with an unenclosed garden would have trouble keeping this boy in. Boy is he a Houdini! He scales fences and can leap really high. So if your garden is not properly enclosed, you should probably forget about this lad. Balou was born in November 2014 and although we have not managed to mix him at the refuge, we are told that he is okay with other dogs.

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  • Must have a secure garden
  • OK with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family

Bounty | T401

Bounty setter pupMale, Young, Medium

With all the litters of pups arriving, it is sad to see a lone pup arrive and having to go into the pound alone. Bounty is a setter pup who was found at the gates one morning, so we have no idea where he came from. He was born in May 2018, so really is a young lad, and we really don’t want him at the refuge any longer than necessary. Can you offer him a home? Setters are active dogs who love the outdoors, but here is a chance to adopt one at a young age so he can benefit from a lifetime of good care.

Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Still a young dog
  • A beautiful dog
  • Would love an active family

Mila | T309

Mila border collie crossFemale, Young, Large

This is Mila’s third time at the SCPA. She is quite a complicated dog, and whereas both her previous adopters were decent enough people, Mila took some time to show her true colours. Truth is that however tolerant she appears to be of other dogs in the short term, this border collie would be far better off as the only dog in the family. She is bright and intelligent, like most borders, but she definitely has her moments. When some people pass her kennel, she is calm and docile, with others she leaps up like an enraged beast. When she finds the right owner she will be the most obedient and devoted dog, but I suspect that it is Mila who will do the choosing. She was born in November 2014 and needs a border experienced home without other animals and where there are no small children or cats. She will make a great dog for the right owner!


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  • Needs to be an only dog
  • A home with no small children or cats
  • A border experienced family preferred

Cerise | T409

Cerise female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Cerise was brought in for rehoming by her owner who was not someone who should have an animal, and who realised that Cerise would be happier elsewhere. So really we don’t know much about her, as her owner did not know her so couldn’t pass on much information. What we have learned so far is that Cerise is nervous of brusque movements, but is gaining in confidence as the days pass. She has never been on a lead, so some work in this area will be required, although of course the staff and volunteers at the refuge will have this sorted pretty soon. She is fine with other dogs and is very pretty, a medium sized black and tan dog with wispy hair and an adorable expression. Cerise was born in July 2016 and will leave the refuge fully vaccinated, sterilised and identified by microchip


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  • Needs some encouragement
  • Fine with dogs
  • Will make a great family pet

Enok | T411

EnokMale, Young, Medium

Enok is a lovely looking dog who was found by a refuge employee as she arrived one morning. Does he belong to someone nearby (who has so far failed to come to collect him) or was he dumped at the refuge gates at some stage and been straying since? We will probably never find out. When he first arrived he seemed so incredibly passive that we thought there might be something wrong with him, but he was given a clean bill of health by the vet. He soon started perking up, so maybe he was just exhausted after being without proper food and shelter. Enok is making great progress and is fine with other dogs. A really gentle soul. Enok was born in May 2017 and will leave the refuge fully vaccinated, castrated and microchipped.


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  • A gentle soul
  • Fine with dogs
  • Willl make a great family pet

Sissi | T396

Sissi female griffon crossFemale, Young, Medium

Never have I seen such a quick transformation in a dog. When Sissi arrived she was completely terrorised. I have no idea how the woman who brought her in managed to catch her. She was doing her best to escape from the lead and was unapproachable. Like everyone else I thought it was going to take weeks of patience before Sissi would be ready for a new family. However less than a week later and she was back to being a happy dog, coming for cuddles and nuzzling against anyone who wanted to pat her. She is a tiny bit nervous of men, but nothing to worry about. And Sissi is simply adorable. A small sized black and tan griffon cross, she is slight of build and dainty. She is fine with other dogs and children. A real gem of a dog. Sissi was born in October 2017, so is a very young dog with her whole life ahead of her, and she will make a wonderful family pet.


Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Nervous with men at first
  • Fine with dogs andchildren
  • Will make a great family pet

Diane | T347

Diane female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Large

Diana is a fabulous girl who we hope does not get overlooked. She is a young shepherd cross, born, according to the vet’s estimate, in December 2017. We have no idea at all why she is at the refuge, apart from the fact that she is a young dog who needs exercise. Diana is fine with other dogs, she shares her kennel very nicely and although she pulls initially she soon settles down on walks. And bearing in mind she was at the SCPA for over two weeks before going out on her first walk, it is hardly surprising that she had some energy to get rid of. The volunteers who walked her said she was just adorable; really attentive and affectionate. Diana will make a wonderful pet for an active family, either as a single dog or as a playmate. She is vaccinated, sterilised and identified by microchip and her adoption fee is €170.




Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Loving and Affectionate
  • Fine with dogs
  • Will make a great pet for an active family

Bobby | T290

Bobby fox terrier crossMale, Young, Small

We are hopeful that Bobby will find a home soon, especially after DRC’s enormous success in rehoming fox terrier Stuart recently. If you missed out on that little lad, Bobby is here for YOU! He was born in January 2012, making him six and a half years old. He is fine with other dogs, “megafine” with cats and fine with children. He is fine on the lead and is really affectionate. Bobby weighs under 15kg, and has a lovely smiley face and great body language. Come and meet him and let him wiggle his way into your heart! He would be fine as an only dog or as a friend to another dog, but he is so loving that we would prefer him to have lots of presence, be it canine or human. Or feline, actually, as some of Bobby’s favourite friends are cats!



Contact ScPA Carcassonne about this dog

  • Loving and Affectionate
  • Fine with dogs, cats and children
  • Will make a great family pet