So it all started back in 2018 where I discovered the Dog Rescue Carcassonne page on facebook. I already had a very large female American bulldog to call my baby but had been really wanting to help out an older pooch who needed their last forever home.

So for weeks, I scrolled through different sites online. Searching all types of different breeds when I come across a post about Taser. The post was explaining that the team were thinking about changing Tasers name from Taser to Toffee in hope to improve his chances of finding him his forever home.

The moment I saw his gorgeous big brown eyes I just knew I needed to help him. I mean he was 8 nearly 9 years old, how could we change his name?!


So it was from there where I messaged the lovely Moira and explained my feelings on doing this and asked more questions aboutTasers’ story.

And that’s where my boy got me.

Moira explained that Tasers’ previous owner had been sadly murdered. Taser had been a stray for a while before this was apparent and had been at Dog Rescue Carcassonne for 5 years since!

Taser was rehomed and sent back during this time due to him not getting on well with his new mum’s cats.

I just knew me and my Missy needed this old boy in our family and it was from there that the video calls and emails between me and Moira really picked up.

We skyped and discussed Missy and our home environment and after a short while, Moira confirmed that I was able to rehome our gorgeous boy!!!

So TASER has been with us since January 2019.

He has been the most loyal loving and caring companion since getting here. He adores his new sister although there were a few teething problems to start with (Missy was rather jealous). Taser pulled a little on the lead and had a few bad habits such as going through the kitchen bin or jumping up on the kitchen sides. (I was warned he was very foodie haha) he settled in and after just a few weeks you would never tell he had only been here a few weeks and come all the way from France!! He fitted into our home in the UK with such ease.

He walks amazing on and off the lead. He is a very very smart boy. He knows all his commands and of course adores a cuddle in bed at sunrise. He gets on amazing with my friend’s children. He has many friends at our local park and adores a swim.  In these past few months, I rescued Taser and then he rescued me. He’s been my best friend through some very hard and happy times. Through loss and gain, he’s been my rock and I could never imagine life without my “old boy”


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