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Taser’s turn at last and Tyron leaves as well.

We had a wonderful adoption today! After almost five years, Taser has finally left for a new home.

Yes, that is a long long wait!  Adopted briefly in 2014, he was brought back when his new family divorced. Since then he has been at the refuge patiently waiting. But he never gave up. And neither did Moira, who loved him from the start.

Initially Taser pulled a lot on the lead. Apart from not being good with cats, that was his only “fault”. Neither of these is a disaster, and should not have prevented this dog from finding a home for so long. The long and short of it is that some dogs just get overlooked, and it takes a LOT of effort to bring them to the world’s attention.  It was literally after years of trying that Moira found the right family for Taser. She spent hours on Skype with them, discussing Taser and how he would fit in with their life (and their chunky female dog), and, bearing in mind how much she loves Taser, you can be sure that this family is every bit as wonderful as Taser deserves.

brindle coloured dog

Taser – ADOPTED after nearly five years!

This morning Taser, who is now eight years old, left for his new home in the UK, complete with TRACES paperwork, of course. In fact the transporters were later than expected as there were issues with the TRACES documentation of some of the other (Spanish) dogs on board, but everything was finally in order and Taser’s new life begins here. And yes, we will certainly get news!

Many of you will know that Taser has been the inseparable companion of scaredy girl Kaline. Don’t worry about her, please. Good things await her too!

two dogs walking side by side

How Taser is usually seen; cheek by jowl with Kaline

Taser was not the only leaver of the day, either. The ScPA also said goodbye to Tyron. This shepherd cross had not been at the refuge for long, but he has never really had a proper home, as before coming to us he was being looked after by another association who was also trying to home him. Sometimes a change of scenery and a bit more exposure is what is needed, and just over a month after his arrival, Tyron has a real home at last.

pale shepherd cross


Tomorrow is Sunday but who knows, we could have good news; the refuge is open as usual!

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