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Terrific Tuesday

After a poor day yesterday, today was a bit better, with three of yesterday’s five (yes, 5) arrivals leaving, and four adoptions.

First off we said goodbye to another of the little pups. Frida left for a new home and although she leaves her siblings behind, she will soon have forgotten all about them, as her new life is finally beginning. We still have pups at the ScPA, and although we were delighted for today’s adult leavers, it is always sad to see puppies growing up without homes.


Next we said goobye to Twig.  This lovely young braque cross was found by some British visitors to the area on the day before they returned to the UK. They adored him and have kept in regular touch with a view to adopting him if this became possible, but as this was not possible for the moment they were delighted when we informed them yesterday that he had been reserved after 5 weeks or so at the refuge. Twig’s new family are happy be in touch with the English family and have already sent some pictures so they can see the dog they found as a stray playing happily with the family’s other dog.


Third to leave was old boy Chechpouch (no, we don’t know what that name means, either, nor how to pronounce it, but the dog responds instantly!) This is not the first time he has been at the refuge. The last time he spent a month with us, with no news from his owner before he was reclaimed. Perhaps his owner will show up in a few weeks time, but as far as we are concerned, once the pound time is over, Chechpouch, who is eleven years old, has as much right as any other dog to find a new home.

mini border collie

Chechpouch – ADOPTED

Finally today we said goodbye to Boris, a lovely young dog who arrived way back in February as one of several dogs  found in a deserted warehouse. The girls were all rehomed quickly but Boris is the first of the males to leave. He has a lovely new family with two young and very dog-savvy children, and we are sure that at last he is going to have the home he deserves. The family took their time choosing, walking three dogs to see how they were on the lead and how well they responded to the family. The staff and volunteers were on tenterhooks to see who would be the lucky dog, and Boris was the one they picked. There followed much kissing and petting (the humans) and tail wagging (Boris) and it was off to a new life for him.


So it was a bumper day at the refuge, and we hope for many more like this now that things are starting to pick up after a quiet summer.

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