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Texas | R307

TexasMale, Young, Medium

Please don’t be put off by this lad’s tough looks, he is a real softie. And no, Texas is not a staff, he just looks a bit like one, but he does not fall under the ridiculous French law requiring dogs of this breed to be muzzled in public. Texas was born in January 2013 and we have no idea why he is at the SPA. He was found as a stray at the end of June, in fabulous condition although not identified. That has been dealt with now, of course, and Texas is castrated and vaccinated too. He is a very easy dog, fine with males and females, great with people. He will play “fetch” for hours, happily giving the ball up each time. He doesn’t pull on the lead either. I can’t help feeling that he must have had a good family at one time; I wonder what happened to them?

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  • Sociable and friendly
  • Good with other dogs and cats
  • Will make a loving family pet

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