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That Friday factor yet again

What is it about Fridays? We had yet another bumper day today, with no fewer than four adoptions and three reservations. As far as the reservations are concerned, you will have to wait, but I am happy to tell you about the adoptions. More than happy in fact!

Catherine, who was abandoned just a week ago was adopted! Fabulous for her, as she is just six months old and had been adopted as a puppy. When a dog is abandoned, we do not have to keep them for the usual ten days, so it was a quick in and out for her.

The second adoption was that of Bones. He arrived as a very young boy, and everyone fell in love with him. But of course he grew…and he grew….He was adopted, but he needed an enclosed garden, so back he came a week later. And then he grew some more. He left us today as a lovey but bouncy boy, but we are confident that it is the right home for him. At last.

We then said farewell to Hunter, a beautiful English setter whose owner lost him and his brother Barbour and refused to pay the fee to have them micro-chipped. Barbour left us a couple of months ago, but finally his brother has found a new home too.

And last but not least, we said goodbye to Faustino. His owner had given him away (un-identified) but when his new “owners” brought him to us, they claimed that they had found him. The original owner then contacted us to explain the situation, saying that he had rehomed the puppy “for his own good”, but he would now like to reclaim him. Why? To give him away again? As soon as he knew that money would be involved, things went quiet, and today Faustino found the home he deserves.

Sadly there were three new arrivals as well.  We had a call from a refuge in the middle of nowhere (Bonrepos sur Aussonnelle in Dept 31) to say that a dog adopted from us as a puppy four years ago had been abandoned there. Dedicated volunteer Dominique headed on up to collect this lad and bring him back to Carcassonne. He is a lovely Australian Shepherd, but we cannot find his owners. We will provide photos as soon as we can. Dominique then manned (or rather womanned) the fort as we were short staffed today. So huge thanks to her.

An old yellow lab, Romeo, was found and is now at the vets in the hope that his owner can be traced before he comes to the refuge. It is no place for a 14 year old dog, especially in this heat. And on her way home Carole found a lovely beagle who was dodging between the cars on the ring road. He too is at the vets, but will arrive at the SPA tomorrow.

A very busy day all round! Let’s hope for more adoptions tomorrow and of course we are open on Sunday too, it being the first Sunday of the month.

Catherine- ADOPTED












Bones – ADOPTED (look at the size of those paws!)











1560557_667071263335889_675146670_n (2)











Faustino- ADOPTED












New arrival- Romeo. He is 14












And Carpet, who was found on the Ring Road


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