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The end of an era!

What a day! Eight leavers, including two whose adoption marks very much the end of an era. Read on….

First off, a border collie puppy, left yesterday during the open Sunday. This is great news for this lad, especially as he had to compete with the puppies who were for sale at a dog show in the centre of town. (Grrr.) His new family has named him Owen. We have already received pictures of him in his new home and he looks very contect. We wish him a long and happy life.

Puppy Owen – ADOPTED

The same goes for Aorlhac (aka Roxy), a young malinois who arrived at the refuge unidentified exactly ten days ago. He was reserved yesterday (another result of the open day, despite the searing heat) and today he left for his new home.

Aorlhac (aka Roxy) – ADOPTED

Three dogs were reclaimed too. Firstly there was Toy, who arrived nine whole days ago! Yes, his pound time was almost over, and it is perhaps this that prompted his owner to come and collect him. Yes, it might have taken him some time, but at least he didn’t let his dog risk being adopted by someone else.  Puppy Otis who arrived on Saturday, also found his family, as did puppy Maya. Her owners have been desperately searching for this little girl since she went missing sometime last week, and now she is identified, which should stop such a thing happening again, with any luck. No photos of Maya, as she was not with us for long enough!

Pepito (aka Otis) – RECLAIMED



We also said goodbye to shih-tzu Yellow. He arrived unidentified and although someone recognised him thanks to Facebook, they didn’t come to collect him. Had they made the effort to come in and sign a form to officially abandon him, Yellow could have left earlier. Instead he has spent ten days in the heat of the pound before leaving for his wonderful new home today. However all that will soon be forgotten.


Yellow – ADOPTED

Now to the day’s BIG news! It actually took place before the refuge opened this afternoon, when Carole and Aude delievered two dogs to their new home. Many thanks to them. ……Today after almost two and a half years, the last dogs from the dog-hoarding situation at Ste Eulalie finally left the refuge.

Small dogs are usually adopted very quickly. However after years of inbreeding and neglect, many of the 27 dogs who were brought in from the dog hoarders had never been handled and were understandably terrified of people. With the exception of Rica and Pérou, all have been homed with varying degrees of success. Many of you will have seen that a moment’s inattention has resulted in a couple of them disappearing, never to be seen again. Ondine was luckier, as thanks to Angelique’s almost superhuman persistance she was brought back into the fold, but make no mistake, several of these dogs are quite traumatised.

Rica – ADOPTED and in her new home

Progress at the refuge had really come to a halt, as there are just too many resident dogs for staff and employees to have time to devote to all of them. Dominique has been unwavering in her devotion to them, however, and has spent the last several weeks constructing an enclosure in her garden in order to be able to look after Rica and Pérou in a safe and secure environment.

Not that they weren’t safe at the SCPA , you understand. However with little or no chance of their being adopted, they were in a kind of no-man’s-land, occupying a box and not enjoying life very much at all. Seeing pictures of them in their new quarters this morning is wonderful and we say a huge thank you to Dominique for offering a life to these two dogs that will suit their temperament.

Pérou – ADOPTED and looking much happier already

Today is truly the end of an era! And what a great start to a new week!

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