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The Famous (Scottish) Five!

When spirits are low and adoptions are few and far between the news of our former SPA dogs really brightens us up, especially when we see how happy and how lucky the dogs have been to go to such super families.

The first update is of Melba, the beautiful Braque Allemande who traveled with me from France to Scotland to find her forever family.  Melba has been with Stuart and Juliette for eight weeks now and is doing fantastically well. Again another dog who was abandoned as an boisterous youngster who had received no training whatsoever so it was back to puppy basics and toilet training was the first issue to address. Melba had no idea that outside was for toileting and I am sure she had had the odd hit for weeing inside as after she weed, she ran, but after eight weeks she is getting the hang of it and there is now only the odd accident. The next issue to be addressed was separation anxiety and she really howled when left alone. This was going to be a problem as Stuart and Juliette work during the day and Melba was still howling even after a long early morning walk.  To help Melba get over this a doggy walker comes in to take her out mid-morning . This is working well and already she has begun to settle for short periods alone and isn’t barking when the walker comes to collect her at 11am or when Stuart returns from work at 5pm. She has already had six sessions at dog training class and has learnt to sit and stay but most importantly is learning to come back when called. This is just as well as Melba spends her weekends on the hills and just loves running free. Well done Stuart and Juliette!

Melba – Loves The Hills



Maddie  ( ex Malaga) our Bleu de Gascogne has also come on in leaps and bounds.  This timid girl quickly found her paws in Scotland and has settled really well with Elinor and Dave. Having two others dogs in the household has helped Maddie gain confidence and she is loving all the exciting Scottish smells. She loves her walks in the woods and her tail is now up and wagging instead of between her legs! Maddie is going through the ‘puppy’ stage of stealing socks and anything she can get hold of which is only natural as she has never learnt otherwise. This is nothing to Elinor who has lots of doggy experience and is using clicker to train Maddie!

Maddie enjoying the Scottish Sun!



Handsome Garfield is settling into family life beautifully and adores the children. Regular walks and jogging with his new dad is really helping him settle and he is much, much calmer even although he is in a very busy household.  Garfield really is the perfect example of how well our boisterous youngsters do with a bit of guidance and exercise.  What a difference in his life now as a much loved family dog to his life a month ago which was spent jumping at the bars in a concrete kennel!

Handsome Garfield with his new family!


Eclat, who went to stay with Garfields ‘granny’ settled well from day one. This came as no surprise as we knew he was a gentle natured calm boy. Hes loving his walks on the beach as well as his home comforts so is proving to be the perfect retirement companion!  This boy had been kicked out of two villages where he had been straying before arriving at the SPA, now he has a loving home, a warm bed and regular food, this must be bliss for lovely Eclat!

Eclat our calm gentle boy!



Django , our nine year old Ariegeois is exploring the highlands and islands of the Outer Hebrides .  Sue and Mark must take all the credit for Django looking so well, they have done so well and he is now a happy confident boy. It really brings a tear to my eye when I think of the skinny, anxious, terrified dog who left us…just look at him now!

Django – Wow, he looks so well!



So a massive thank you to those of you who have taken on boisterous youngsters like Melba, Maddie or Garfield and to those who have taken an older dog like Ecalt or Django.  It really validates all our efforts when we see happy dogs in loving families!



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  1. ……..and of course there is the beautiful Harlequin who goes from strength to strength with his agility training. Not in Scotland, but loving life as a ex Carcassonne/ Wiccaways boy
    You all do such a wonderful job. xxx

  2. Nicki
    A future blog will cover some of the other dogs homed to Brits, as we have had loads of recent news and picks from many of them.
    We haven’t forgotten Harlequin, don’t worry!

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