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The Return of Ondine at last!

No adoptions today, but fabulous news nonetheless. Ondine has finally been caught and is safe and well. And better still, she is not at the SPA.

Ondine, as many of you know, was adopted on 1st December last year, and went missing in early January. There were several “lucky” aspects to her escape, the main ones being that her adopters lived in a rural area, meaning the chances of her being hit by a car were less than they might otherwise have been. Also there has been a small group of employees and volunteers who just refused to give up on her.

The main players here have been Angelique and Angelique! Yes, two like-minded and determined women, one a volunteer, one an employee. Angelique B (the volunteer) has been feeding Ondine and monitoring her via occasional sightings since the word go, and she has been working with a nice hunter (yes!) to keep Ondine safe and to bring her home. After months of trying to coax her into a cage, they resorted to borrowing a humane trap, and it was a matter of days later that the hunter called Angelique to let her know that Ondine had been caught.

Angelique L, a SPA employee, has been helping throughout, and she was at the SPA today to meet Ondine as she arrived. Ondine doesn’t seem too much the worse for wear; covered in ticks and missing a bit of fur on her head, but otherwise apparently in good health.

After all that freedom (stressful though it undoubtedly was at times), a kennel at the SPA would have been awful. So we are happy to report that Ondine has gone home to live with Angelique L. She was Ondine’s closest human at the SPA, and always promised that she would adopt Ondine if ever she was found.

Thanks to the Angeliques and everyone else who helped bring Ondine back. Just goes to show; never ever give up!

Ondine- GOTCHA!
small white dog in cage

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