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The sun shines again. A bit.

After a couple of pretty miserable days the sun shone again today, both literally and metaphorically. Several volunteers came to walk the dogs and the husky who was brought in yesterday found his home.

Then came the excellent news that the owners of the 15 year old English setter had been found. This old boy arrived on Monday in fabulous condition and with a tattoo, which would usually enable us to locate his owner. However after 15 years the tattoo had become illegible, and so we had to rely on Facebook  and good will to do the work. Over 2000 people shared the picture of the dog, who incidentally was lucky enough to be taken home to the house of Martine, one of volunteers. No one wants to see a dog of that age in a kennel in the rain.

Anyway today all the work paid off and his owners were found. Thanks to the ever tenacious Carole and also to Facebook follower, Catherine, for solving the mystery. The owners live in Toulouse so won’t be able to come to collect their dog till tomorrow, but I think it will be quite a reunion!

In other news yesterday saw the completion of the Anatolian Exodus, with Titan leaving for his new home, near to Marseilles.

And today we said goodbye to Jimmy. He arrived on October 11th and when the employees and volunteers saw him, they said “English”.  It is true that we seem to be drawn to this kind of dog (small, bit griffony, wire furred). So I was not very surprised when the woman who arrived to adopt him today turned out to be a fellow countrywoman! Jimmy is going to keep his name and has a lovely friend, Lola to play with. The photo only shows Jimmy, not his new mum, Nicky, as she had not expected to pose, and was “not looking her best”. She looked fine to me, but in any case she follows the site and blog and has promised to send photos of Jimmy once he has settled in.

So today wasn’t too bad, although six dogs have arrived in the past two days, which is not ideal. Still, onwards and upwards.

Oh, and Baby Eddy did a nice solid poo. I took a photo. Don’t worry, I won’t put it on the blog, but it did make me very happy. I am a woman of simple pleasures!

Swing find his mum












Jimmy leaves



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