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The Tale of Isis and Capsule – Continued (and Concluded)

Yesterday there was a surprising but very happy conclusion to the tale of Isis and Capsule. They, of course were the dogs who were found by my friend tied up along the Aude here in Carcassonne while she was visiting last month and taken to the ScPA. In the first part of their story, I stated that the chances of them being reclaimed was very small, but I was wrong.

Yesterday their owner came to collect his dogs and all became clear.

Capsule out on a walk during her ScPA mini-break 

What had happened was that the owner had felt unwell and had tied his dogs up to keep them safe while he went to the nearby café for help. At this point he collapsed and was unable to tell the Pompiers that his two dogs were waiting for him.

Usually in such cases the Pompiers will inform the Police Municipal, who will bring the dogs to the nearest refuge. But this did not happen in the case of Isis and Capsule. And so when the owner was sufficiently recovered, he had to find out where his dogs are. I should have mentioned that he is not from the area, hence much of the confusion.

Yesterday he came to the refuge, and watching the reunion between him and his dogs made it clear that they are very much loved. In fact when he arrived Capsule, the rottweiler, was at the vet having some tests (she is fine, just old lady stuff, as it turns out), and her owner was really pleased to see how well his dogs had been looked after while they were at the ScPA. They, for their part, jumped all over the place with joy.

Isis – a family was visiting her on Saturday with a view to an adoption

He has had both dogs since they were puppies and they are inseparable, although being separated would have doubtless been the case had they not been reclaimed The younger dog, Isis, would probably have been the first to leave first, and the elderly rottweiler spending potentially many months waiting, not only due to her age, but also due to that pesky permitting process.

So how could this situation have been avoided? Well, it is a tricky one. If you are single, who will know that something has happened to you? Of course you could carry a “My dog is home alone card”, which would be fine for the majority of situations. Medical emergency staff would look in a wallet for identification and would find it. However there is no such thing as a ” I have left my dogs tied to the railings” card. However at least medical staff would be aware that you have animals and could contact the police if required.

man with two dogs

Reunited (and it feels so good)

It is something worth thinking about, if you risk ever being in such a situation.

So that was yesterday, and on the same day Tom, one of DRC’s hidden gems found a new family, so I was a very happy girl indeed last night.

Cards like this can be ordered online and could be very useful in some situations.

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