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Things can only get better…..

After the  sad news of two dogs being returned within 2 weeks of being in their new families and then the news of all the entries over the last few days,  I thought that today we would concentrate on our successes.  Habbie and Mojitos return was very sad but looking at the facts and figures its only 5% of Septembers adoptions, that’s 95% of our adoptions have resulted in happy dogs in loving families.

So lets have a look at some of Septembers happy dogs:-

First of all there is Pollux, a Griffin Korthal cross who arrived at the refuge when he was only ten months old. This boy was a real stunner and why it took 7 months to rehome him is a mystery but maybe he was just waiting for the perfect family. And true enough in September we were contacted by Caroline and Vince who had seen his picture on our website and were sure that they could offer Pollux a forever home. After many emails and calls they reserved Pollux online and drove down to pick up up on the 25th September. When they met Pollux it was love at first sight and so a happy dog and happy owners set off for home. A five hour journey was nothing for Pollux who traveled like a dream and has fitted right in to their lifestyle. He is loving his new life walking in the vineyards and swimming in the river Lot. Caroline is just about to retire but commutes from London on the same plane as my hubby so I am going to meet Pollux at the airport on Thursday nights….I cant wait to see this handsome boy again!

Lucky is the perfect example of there being a perfect family for every dog! Lucky, a two and a half year old shepherd cross arrived at the refuge in March 2012 and for some reason didn’t attract much attention. Maybe he too was just waiting for the right owner as the fantastic updates we have had since his adoption last week are enough to bring tears to your eyes! Lucky has a playmate Ami, a young Doberman who was very used to being an only dog, but clever Lucky minded his manners and behaved impeccably and within a couple of days they were best friends.  So Lucky has gone from the refuge to a very loving home, with a playmate, long walks and snoozes on the couch…bliss!

Bronx is the 10 week old pup that I took to Bordeaux last week. This young chap was very well behaved en route in the car with my dogs and was delighted to meet his new mum and dad. He was especially pleased to meet his new ‘brother ‘ Hugo who is a young, very friendly Griffon cross, desperate for a playmate so there are bound to be lots of fun and games for Bronx. Bronx will have 2 ha to run free in so I can’t think of a better life for a Border Collie x Griffon!

Watch our ‘Life After The Refuge’ page for Pitchous story and without giving too much away all I am saying is have tissues at the ready!

Habbie and Mojito have now gone to super, experienced homes so hopefully this little upset will already be forgotten ! Its true that we may have had more dogs arrive than nearby refuges who euthanize but we pride ourselves on happy healthy dogs, super adoptions and a fantastic team of volunteers. We will move heaven and earth to get good homes for our dogs and whats more we have a clear conscious because we care!

 Pollux with his mum.

9.27.13 Pollux (4)

Lucky trying his best to keep up with Ami

both are a bit tired now (1)


Bronx with his new friend Hugo





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