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Thinking ahead…..

Despite another day of incredible weather, which would be more normal in Spring than in November, the scary fact is that Christmas is approaching. A visit to the shops is proof of that, with festive items on display wherever you look.

One thing is as sure as night follows day; some people will think that Christmas is the ideal time to get a new dog. For some this may well be the case. Many people have time off work, giving a nice window in which to get the new dog settled in. However for many families, especially those with children, Christmas is far from a settled time, with noise, guests and chaos in general.

If a new dog is on the wish list, then please do not go to a pet shop, or worse, a garden centre, to buy one. Many of us were shocked at the advertisements from a local business last year promising a puppy delivery service. A puppy could be delivered to your home any time between midnight and 3 am on Christmas Eve, a bit like you might dial up and order a pizza.

If you do want a puppy for Christmas (or an adult dog, for that matter), please let your decision be guided by proper reflection. Now is perhaps the time to start looking, especially if you want a puppy. But rather than go to a shop, why not go to adopt from your local refuge?  There are well over 100 dogs and several pups at the SPA who would like nothing better than to have a new home for Christmas…it would be a present for both of you.

Finally, if you are thinking of offering a dog as a present, please make sure the recipient actually wants a dog! Otherwise all three of you will be disappointed; you, them, and crucially the poor dog, who will probably end up back at the SPA or worse.

Remember, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

cute wrinkly dog wearing santa hat.

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