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Three adoptions!

From the time I left the refuge yesterday until I arrived today we had three adoptions! One of them was Jingo who was being cat tested as I left. He passed with flying colors so this lovely 2 year old berger cross left with his new family!

Next to leave was Ibis, a one year old levier cross followed by Flight a 2 year podenco cross. Both Ibis and Flight have one to live with the same family although not in the same household. That leaves one reservation from yesterday that you will hear about later in the week.

Today we had a visit from a couple who traveled from Brittany to meet us. When Terry and her husband moved to Brittany they knew that they wanted to extend their family. They came across our website and facebook page, liked it and started following the stories about our dogs and cats.

Lots of people see a dog on our site and after a long chat we have the dog transported to them but for Terry and John it was important that they met the animals and us before choosing their furry friends. Although their remit filled our heart with joy..two dogs and 2 cats, it was always going to be quite a task finding two dogs, small to medium sized who got on together, didn’t pull on the lead and were ok with cats! That would have been a big ask but I am happy to say one dog and two kittens were reserved!

The said dog and two kittens will be transported at the end of the month to Brittany.

When choosing a dog there are lots of things to consider…

  1. Size and exercise needs
  2. Breed traits
  3. Other family members ( human and animal)
  4. How much time that you have available for walking and training?
  5. Food and vet costs

Do your homework and ask questions! We know all of the dogs and what kind of lifestyle would suit them best.  Ask us for advice…we are happy to help!

Jingo adopted!


Ibis adopted!


Flight adopted!









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