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Three Adoptions

We had three adoptions today, and so although the overall mood is glum, we have to dust ourselves off and carry on.

First to leave today was Dayron. This big and impressive dog arrived in April last year, meaning he has been at the SPA for almost a year. Sadly for him he has not been able to share his kennel, and as he is very strong, not all the volunteers have been able to walk him. However he has kept his good humour, and one of his regular walkers has fallen under his charm so much that today she adopted him! We love it when this happens. Dayron is a very lucky boy!

big shepherd cross

Dayron – ADOPTED 

Next to leave was little shih-tzu Happy. He is the “brother” of recently adopted French bulldog Laika (now renamed Ella) and has gone home to live with a lovely couple and their elderly Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Happy will keep his name, and this time it will be more appropriate, after all the recent upheavals in his life. His new owners are at home all day and have cats, too. It sounds just perfect, and we will keep up to date with news.

little shih-tzu


Finally, and although he will not be leaving the SPA till tomorrow, Benji’s new family came to visit him today and officially adopt him. They have come all the way from the south of Spain to collect him, and as they will be spending tonight in a hotel, decided that it would cause less disruption to Benji to pretend that today’s walk was just that; another walk with a volunteer.

Benji has found his home thanks to Sharon and Andrew, who adopted Radley from us seven years ago. They have kept in touch and follow the news on Facebook, and when they saw Benji they knew he would be ideal for their friends. Benji was vaccinated against rabies 3 weeks ago, and today they all came to collect him. Of course in the meantime we have been sending news and videos to show his new family Benji’s evolution from the terrified dog who arrived at the SPA a few days before Christmas to the happy and friendly boy they met today.

hairy griffon


The photograh shown here was taken on the mass walk that took place last month, and by coincidence another one is taking place tomorrow. This time people have been asked to sign up in advance, and it is already oversubscribed. How lovely that instead of spending the afternoon in their kennels, many of the dogs will be having fun. The SPA is open, but please bear in mind if you are coming to look for a dog, many of them will be out and about!


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