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Three adoptions!

Today was day one of the national “Weekend of Adoptions”, which I think used to be named after Francis of Assisi. In any case, you didn’t let us down, as three dogs and eight cats found new homes today. We are Dog Rescue Carcassonne, so we are here to tell you about the canine leavers!

First to leave for a new home was puppy Smash. He arrived with his brother Tim towards the end of September and we are pleased that he hasn’t had long to wait. His new family came all the way from Bordeaux to collect him, so many thanks to them for offering a home to this young lad.

fluffy puppy

Puppy Smash – ADOPTED

Next we said goodbye to Blaise, another puppy, but one who has been with us slightly longer, arriving a week or so before Smash. He is a cute little fellah, but has a big personality, and it has been funny seeing him boss the bigger puppies around in the park. His new owner was so delighted to adopt him; she just couldn’t stop smiling, it was lovely to see.

yorkshire cross puppy

Blaise – ADOPTED

Finally we said goodbye to German Shepherd Lucy. She was brought in for rehoming by her owner who was not able to cope with such a large dog. What is that we say about making sure you get a dog who suits your lifestyle? In any case, the family who adopted Lucy today have been along several times to walk her and to make sure she is compatible with their male dog, and we are sure that Lucy’s life will be nothing but wonderful from now on.

german shepherd


Day two of the Weekend of Adoptions tomorrow, so let’s hope for lots more good news.

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