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Three Adoptions

Today we had three adoptions, so the week is finally starting to pick up.

First to leave was Kalia. the sister of Shiva, who left us a couple of weeks ago. Unusually, this time it was the black puppy who left first, but Kalia did not have long to wait, as it turned out. In fact she has been adopted by a young veterinary student from Toulouse, and it looks like she is going to have a wonderful life, as well as the best possible care, of course!


Next we said goodbye to Chupito. This young dog has been with us since March, when he was brought back after an unsuccessful adoption. Like many of our long-ish termers, he has shared his kennel with a number of different dogs, and so we are delighted that his turn has finally come. His time at the ScPA has been long but as he is quite a small lad, he has been out on a LOT of walks, none of which seemed to wear him out in the slightest, so we are sure he will love the chance to get a bit more exercise now he has a home.

small beagle type cross

Chupito – ADOPTED

Finally we said goodbye to malinois Aelis. She arrived in early September, and is a gorgeous affectionate girl. With humans that is. So far she has been very difficult to mix, apart from with Vincent’s dogs. Were to she remain at the ScPA longer, this is undoubtedly something that would improve. Luckily for her, Aelis’s new family are determined to continue the good work that has been started. They are experienced dog owners and already adore Aelis after several weeks of regular walks with her, so all should go well.



Two dogs Maya and Narco, were reclaimed, too, so it has been a pretty good day. More like this, please!

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