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Three adoptions, and Clifford is back safe and well.

First item of news tonight, Clifford is back at the SPA safe and sound. People have been contacting us with sightings almost non-stop, and Clifford seemed to be hanging around a supermarket where he was spotted both yesterday and today. No one was able to catch him, however. A further sighting was reported this afternoon and employees Marion and Jeanne hot-footed it down to see if they could help catch him. By the time they got there volunteers Stephanie and Morgane were already on the case. Success! Clifford is now safe and well and back at the SPA, presumably eating like a (small) horse and sleeping a lot after his adventure.

Thanks to everyone who went out looking for him, be they volunteers or just dog-lovers, and to everyone who phoned or contacted us by mail to tell us he had been seen.  It is reassuring to know there are so many people out there willing to help. Oh, and a big thank you to Carole who has been the hub of all the phone calls; let’s hope she gets a good night’s sleep tonight at last.

A live action shot of this afternoon’s successful search party!

Now to the adoptions:

Dana arrived at the SPA about six weeks ago unidentified (quelle surprise), since which time she has been stealing the hearts of just about everyone at the refuge. It is not often we have a dog who is walked off the lead almost immediately and who is this wonderfully socialised. Despite being only three years old, Dana had already had several litters. So as soon as the ten days’ pound time had passed, she was sterilised and then it was just a question of finding her a new home.

Dana really hated being at the SPA and cried each time she was put back in her kennel (which she shared, of course). Being so well behaved, Dana was given special privileges, in that she was free to wander throughout the refuge in the mornings. But Dana just craves company, and the contact she had with humans at the SPA was not enough. In order to help her find a home, volunteers made videos and shared them on social media, and it was thanks to this that she caught the eye of her new family. They are very good friends of Mozart’s family, (Mozart being an ex SPA dog, as is his mother, my own dog, Bella), so we will be able to keep  in touch and visit. Personally I am hoping to visit when Dana is in her family’s second home, which is on a beautiful beach!

man holding big brwon and black dog


It is true that not everyone has enough room for a dog of her size, but Dana is far easier than many of the smaller dogs that we have at the SPA. One exception might just be little Romy, who also left today. A tiny pinscher, she too arrrived unidentified three weeks ago. As her new family live quite far from Carcassonne but close to the home of volunteer Dominique, she kindly offered to do a pre-adoption visit (for which many thanks!). That took place this morning and Romy’s new family wasted no time in coming to adopt her.

small brown dog


The third dog to leave today was another female, and also another fairly recent arrival. We told you last week that Princesse had been adopted and that her sister, Kiara was still waiting. Well sure enough she did not have long to wait! Today a family came to visit her, they took her on a walk and Kiara behaved immaculately. So two weeks exactly after being abandoned, both sisters have new homes. How quickly life changes for some dogs!

brindle dog


We wish every happiness to today’s lucky girls, not forgetting Clifford, who is, of course, a very lucky boy. His story could have ended very differently indeed.

Tomorrow is a national holiday in France, but the SPA will be open. Properly open, with employees as well as volunteers, so a “normal” Saturday. And one adoption is already on the cards. Who will it be?

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