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Three adoptions including two puppies

The SPA was a lot quieter today than it was yesterday, but that is hardly surprising, as it is not every day that we have over 80 visitors! Was it my imagination, or did the dogs seem a bit calmer today?

Some lucky dogs got more walks today, and three dogs left for new homes! All of them had been reserved earlier in the week, so were not a surprise, but nonetheless it is great news, especially as two of the three were puppies. We hate to see puppies growing up at the SPA, and these two, Rox and Roucky left at the earliest possible date, straight after the end of their pound time.

two pups side by side

Rocky and Rox – ADOPTED (not together)

Rox and Roucky are lovely lads, and they have been adopted by two lovely families. Both families were as impatient to collect their new pups as the pups were to leave, and the fun starts here for all of them.

Another dog who left the SPA on the earliest date possible was Lola. She was found in a local village (unidentified, needless to say), and was spotted on line by a gentleman who has been to walk her (with his own dog) almost every day since. So Lola is leaving with someone whom she already knows, and she looked very pleased with herself as she emabarked on her new life.

shepherd cross


The SPA is open tomorow afternoon and although the weather forecast is looking horrendous, we are hoping for some good news!

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