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Three adoptions on a sunny Saturday.

Most of you will be aware of the Ebony Litter, two of whom remain at the refuge. But you are probably unaware of the other pups, who have only just become available for adoption. This litter of three braque crosses has been at the ScPA since the very end of March, but they were quite poorly when they arrived. The best thing was to wait until they were fully recovered before announcing them to the world. Yesterday they were out playing in the parks and today two of them have already found homes!

two black and white braque crosses

Pepsi and Perla – ADOPTED

Pepsi was first to leave, closely followed by Pelica (now renamed Perla). This leaves just one little boy, Pomelo, but don’t worry about him, as he has already made friends with the pups from the Ebony litter so is doing fine. Although of course all three will be even finer once they have their own homes.

brown and white braque cross

Pomelo is still looking for a home

There was another adoption today, too. This was of chihuahua Ella. She arrived in mid February and was completely terrified. Although she was living in the cat house, it was decided that she would progress far quicker in a foster family, and today this family who already know her well have decided to adopt her. Many thanks to them and what a lucky girl Ella is, to have never really known refuge life.



It was a lovely sunny day, and many volunteers came to walk the dogs, and there were several people there with plans to adopt, too, so we hope that more good news is on the way!

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