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Three Adoptions on a Tempestuous Sunday

Despite the passage of Tempest Amelie in the area, bringing high winds and heavy showers, the refuge was buzzing today. And it wasn’t just hardy dog-walkers who were about, there were also three adoptions to end the week!

First off was Luna a small and very lively Jack Russell who arrived at the refuge in July. As Luna is one of the refuge’s smallest dogs, you might be surprised that it has taken her so long to find a new home. But it is not such a surprise when you know that she is a real escape artist. Luna has been seen climbing fences like a monkey, and has managed to evade the legs of many of the staff and volunteers as they entered her kennel. Today she left with¬†Chris and Derrick, who have been to visit on a couple of prior occasions and today introduced Luna to their jack russell in the hope that all would be well between them. And it was! So today we say farewell to lucky Luna (now renamed Doris!) and we wish her and her new family loads of happiness and doubtless plenty of jack russell related shenanigans.



Next to leave was Buster, who is a fabulous boxer cross who was adopted and brought back for rehoming shortly afterwards. That was towards the end of August, and lovely Buster just went back to sharing his kennel and going on his walks like the well-behaved dog that he is.

It is great that he didn’t have too long to wait this time. Mind you, with his stunning looks and friendly nature, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

boxer cross


Next to leave was Vaema. In actual fact she left a week or so ago for a trial period, which is not something the ScPA does often, but Vaema is a special case. That is because, despite her young age (just over a year old) she has severe mobility issues probably as a result of being hit by a vehicle when she was a puppy. Both DRC and the ScPA have been looking for a long term foster for Vaema ever since she arrived at the end of May, but until recently no one was able to offer her the life she needs.

Then all of a sudden her luck changed! Vaema’s new family have another dog, and this is the main reason that there was a trial period. It is always important that a family’s dogs get on well, but even more so when one of them has mobility issues and is unable to defend him or herself if necessary.

As recent photos of the two dogs sharing a sofa prove, Vaema has found a wonderful home. And better still, her new family have decided to adopt her. Okay in the overall scheme of things it makes no difference to the dog, it is just like a marriage contract in that respect, as opposed to cohabiting. But it wonderful nonetheless, and we say huge thanks to Vaema’s family and wish them and their new pack member a long and healthy life.

black long haired dog

Vaema – from fostered to ADOPTED

There were some fabulous reservations too, so the week ended very well indeed!

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