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Three adoptions to end a slow week

Yes, you are right; it has been a very quiet week. The last blog was on Monday, when we were hoping for lots of adoptions. There has been movement at the ScPA, though, dogs being reclaimed and (sadly) several new arrivals. However we have had to wait until today for more adoptions. But as we had three, it has cheered us up a bit.

First to leave was Chuppa. She is one of two Breton spaniel pups who arrived just over three weeks ago, and it is surprising there has not been more interest in them, to be honest. However Carol spotted her on our website and despite not living particularly close, was happy to travel for the right dog. So little Chuppa has a home, and hopefully her sister, Chups, will not have long to wait either.

spaniel in woman's arms

Chuppa – ADOPTED

And this is her sister, Chups, who is still waiting

Next to leave was Chipie. This lovely young girl was found very thin and straying in mid May. Like so many of our new arrivals, she was unidentified, and as has no particuarly distinguishing marks, we were worried that she would have a long wait. However she too caught the eye of someone who fell in love, despite also having some distance to travel. Chipie left today with her new family and new canine companion, and we are delighted for her.

shepherd cross

Chipie – ADOPTED

And last but by no means least was little Nougat. As we have said before, we love it when volunteers adopt. Firstly we know the dogs will be in wonderful homes, and secondly we know that we will have news. Because of course we all get attached to the animals in our care. Especially the lucky ones who live in the reception area, of whom today’s lucky lad was one.

Nougat arrived two weeks ago today with no identification. He is tiny, he is fine with other dogs and cats and is a real cuddle-bunny. Why on earth has no one come looking for him? It was obvious to all of us that he wouldn’t have long to wait, and sure enough, today he went home with volunteers Ingrid and Marjorie. He will have a lovely life with their other three dogs, two of whom are also from the ScPA and the third from another refuge. Talk about winning the jackpot. And his extended ScPA family have been promised visits and cuddles too, so we are all winners!

small brown dog

Nougat – ADOPTED

We also wanted to remind you about the upcoming function next Sunday, the 17th. Our Yard Sale is a great fundraising event, with books and DVDs for sale, along with some high quality clothes, bric-a-brac and a tombola. Plus of course Mister Saucisse’s fabulous British style bangers. We hope to see many of you there at Chateau Miaou.

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