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Three adoptions to start the week.

Three adoptions today, making it a postive start to the week.

When border collie Lyndee arrived some two weeks ago, everyone knew that this stunning girl would not have long to wait. Yes, we have other border collies at the SPA, and they are all stunning, but this young girl’s colouring does make her stand out. Sure enough she was reserved very quickly and today she left for her new home.

blue merle collie

Lyndee – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to two gorgeous puppies. The first, Ouma, arrived exactly ten days ago, found lost and alone but wearing a collar and lead. Had she been identified, we could have contacted her owners. As she was not idientified (despite its being the law), we had to rely on her owners to come and look for her. Or at least look on line, where her photo has been for ten days now. No one came, so it was time for Ouma to find a new home!

pale cream puppy


She left today together with another puppy, Chuli, a tiny pinscher cross who arrived on the same day and was also unidentified. Needless to say both dogs are now microchipped, and when old enough they will be sterilised and we are sure that their lives will be much better for it!

small dark brown and black puppy


And Saturday’s arrival, Jack Russell Capsule, was reclaimed. He was already identified, but strangley there was no phone number on the database, so we were unable to track down his owners. It is well worth making sure there is a way to be contacted just in case your dog goes missing, and in these days of mobile phones, it should be easier than ever. Still, all is well for ten year old Capsule, lovely boy that he is.

white JRT


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