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Three arrivals, none identified :(

Sadly there is no news from the refuge; nothing good at least. Three dogs arrived, none of whom is identified so unless their owners are looking for them, they are likely to remain with us. I will try to take photos tomorrow to add to our Facebook page, (www.facebook.com/SPA.CARCASSONNE) but for now I will just tell you that one of them is definitely the brother of a dog who was adopted from us in November.

Who remembers little Ibiza, who lived in the cat house and was snapped up as soon as she was seen? Well today’s arrival is an exact carbon copy, but male! This is good news and bad news. Good because small dogs (especially French bulldog crosses) are easy to home. Bad news because there is clearly someone out there not paying too much attention as to what happens with their unwanted pups.

Like his now safely-homed sister, this boy was born in August 2013, and sadly it looks like the novelty of puppy ownership has worn off for someone. Of course, it is possible that he is lost, but as mentioned above, he is not identified, so how much do his “owners” love him? Identification is obligatory, remember?  We are calling him Galapagos. No idea why, but the smaller the dog, the bigger the name!

And as for the person who has his mum, please please get your dog sterilised.

There was a reservation today, so it was not all bad news, and in any case, tomorrow’s blog should help raise everyone’s spirits!

This is not Galapagos, it is Ibiza, but no one would know! 
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