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Three Friday Leavers

We have three lovely adoptions to tell you about this evening, two pups and one adult.

First off, Hippie. This pretty shepherd cross with unfeasibly large ears had been found in Quillan a week before he was brought to the refuge. The lovely people from the Mairie looked after him and did their best to find his owner, but without any luck. So if you add in the time he has been at the SPA, that is a whole month that this little lad has been without a home. And bearing in mind he is just a baby, that is not the best start in life. Luckily things are about to get a whole lot better for Hippie.

Yesterday a family came to the SPA looking for a young dog, who would like an active life with other animals of all sorts. So Hippie is going to have a busy and active life with lots of fun and love. We are so pleased for him, as we were scared that he was going to be left behind.

tricoloured pupwith big ears

Hippie (renamed Oslo) – ADOPTED

We say this because the SPA’s only other puppy, Canaillou, was reserved a couple of days ago, and has in fact been living with his new family just waiting for the end of his pound time. This little lad was found unidentifed and so the chances of finding his owner were zero; unless the owner wanted to be found, that is.

He caught the eye of a lovely family too, and by all accounts he is busy settling in to his new life already although the paperwork was completed this afternoon.

black puppy

Canaillou – ADOPTED

Out third adoption of the day was that of Finka. She is a black and white spaniel cross who arrived unidentified a couple of weeks ago and quicky stole the hearts of employees and volunteers alike. It took a two weeks for anyone to show interest in adopting her, however, then two wonderful families offered her a home at the same time. What a lucky girl, but what a dilemma for the SPA. In the end it just came down to which family was at home more during the day and who had a more enclosed garden. We hate disappointing people, especially when they will make great dog owners, so hopefully we can find another dog who suits and everyone can be happy. Happy owners and happy dogs is what we want.

black and white spaniel cross


So three more dogs have homes tonight. Tomorrow might bring more good news; watch this space!

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