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Three leavers

After literally months without a drop of rain, the skies above Carcassonne are making up for lost time, with a deluge falling in the past day or so.

One little lad who missed it all is Tim, as he left yesterday. He will have spent the night safe and warm in his new home, the lucky boy. This little dog is the brother of Smash, who was adopted on Saturday, and we are really pleased that he didn’t have too long to wait. He was far more TIMid than his brother (hence his name), and it is always fascinating to see how different can be the characters of pups from the same litter.  A bit like children from the same parents, they all have their own personalities!

We wish little Tim a long and happy life with his new family.

fluffy border collie cross


Two more dogs left today, so although they had one last stormy night, they too are in the warm now.

First of them was puppy Robin. He arrived in quite poor shape. Despite being just a puppy, he already had several injuries, including broken bones which had healed at different times, implying that this boy had already had a very hard life. One of the injuries involves the top of his thigh bone, and so any adopters would have to be prepared to operate should this be necessary. As this will involve a long period of post -operative inactivity, it was important to find the right family, and one without other dogs who might cause further damage to the leg or disrupt the recovery.

After a couple of false leads, this family came along on Saturday, and today they left with a very happy Robin. I have to say, he is a gorgeous affectionate pup who bears no malice, despite having every reason to be wary of humans.

beauceron pup

Puppy Robin – ADOPTED

We also said goodbye to little Lassie. She arrived in mid September and was identified. However when the ScPA phone the owner, he said he had given Lassie away and would try to find the number of the new owner. Inevitably that came to naught, and Lassie was looking for a new home. She left today with one of our volunteers, so we know we will have news!

Most volunteers end up cracking in the end, and taking home at least one animal, by the way. So be warned if you are thinking of joining the team!

small terrier

Lassie – ADOPTED 

There have also been a couple more reservations, too, so watch this space.

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