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Three lovely adoptions!

It has been calm for a couple of days, but Friday has brought three wonderful adoptions, so here we are to bring you the news!

First to leave today was Artemis. She had only recently arrived, but she was on her way to becoming one of the refuge’s many hidden gems. As soon as this young shepherd cross was out of the pound, she began sharing her box and fitted into refuge life so well that it looked like she had been there for ages. This is good in some ways, of course, as she was as happy as a refuge dog can be, but not good in that she risked staying for some time, as despite being beautiful, she has the same look as many other dogs.

One great thing about being a regular walker is that, like the staff, you can get to know the dogs quite well. And it was thus that volunteer Corine chose Artemis. After months of walking all sorts of dogs, Corine just knew that Artemis was the one for her. And we can see why; Artemis is fabulous. And of course we will have lots of news of her in her new home.

shepherd cross

Artemis – ADOPTED

Next Jaffa. His name may be familiar to you; it has been in the blog a few times recently. Adopted 4 weeks ago, Jaffa was brought back last week from a failed adoption. As is usually the case, it really wasn’t his fault, rather a mismatch of owner and dog. Despite being fine with other dogs, Jaffa can be a bit reactive on a lead when passing them, and sadly his new owner was not able to hold him. It is great that he has found a new home so soon, and we hope he finally has the stability he needs and deserves.

And in a nice aside, since his return he has been sharing with Artemis, so it is sweet that they left on the same day.

shepherd cross


Finally what was perhaps the adoption of the day, that of Violette. Despite the fact that this lovely young malinois was brought in by her owner for rehoming, she is quite (ah-hem) special. Usually dogs who have never been strays and have never been mistreated are quite settled, but Violette is a very complicated girl. She is beautiful, and initially there was a lot of interest in her, however almost all the people who visited her either left empty handed, or left with a different dog. And that includes the IFAW team, as she was one of the dogs who was considered for Benin!

However as with all dogs, it is just a question of the right person coming along at the right time. With few exceptions (most notable Vincent), Violette does not like men. However yesterday a man came to meet her, and she seemed to be very relaxed with him. He returned today and the bond was even stronger, so Violette has left for a fabulous life. Her new owner works outdoors and Violette will be with him all the time. What a great change in fortune for her and for today’s other lucky leavers, too.


Violette – ADOPTED

We have our fingers crossed for good news tomorrow, as well, so maybe see you then!

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