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Three lucky leavers

We have three adoptions to tell you about today.

One of them dates back to Saturday, in actual fact, when lovely German shepherd cross Frisbee left with Jemma and her family. They had seen her on Facebook as soon as she arrived, but were away on holiday so could not come and meet her. Talk about frsutration! However they raced from Paris on Saturday when Frisbee’s pound time ended and of course the whole family fell in love with this gentle girl who is some seven months old.  What a change for Frisbee, who arrived unidentified just ten days ago looking very thin. She now has two other dogs to play with, and a very active family who as we know are great dog lovers. Yes, this is the same family whose daughter Aimée dedicated her birthday to the SPA, and whose school friends donated lots of dog and cat food to the refuge a couple of months ago! Lucky Frisbee.

German shepherd cross

Frisbee – ADOPTED

Today we said goodbye to two more little ones. First to go was jack russell pup Joplin! Yes, at last! We could not understand why he had not left sooner, but it looks like it was worth the wait. He has a lovely family and a big sister who will show him how to behave as he grows up. We are delighted for him. Although of course we will miss him and all his cuddles and mischief.

JRT pup

Joplin – ADOPTED

Hanka also found a new home. This six year old French bulldog was abandoned a couple of days ago. Of course it is rare for us to have dogs of this breed, but Hanka is quite feisty. Best that she is an only dog (which was not the case in her old home). Hanka left today with a gentleman who knows all about feisty dogs and has done some walking at the SPA in the past. So it is all change for Hanka too.

French bulldog


Unlike the past couple of Mondays which have been horrid, there was only one arrival today, due to serious illness of the owner. As he is a fabulous pedigree braque francais, we hope that he too will find a family soon. More news and photos on this boy soon.

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