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Three more adoptions to end the year.

The refuge was busy again today, and we had three adoptions!

First to leave was Alya. This fabulous collie arrived at the SPA gates in great condition, not at all thin, or scared, and apparently well used to being manipulated. We were informed privately that she had been tied up alone in a field, but as she was not identified we were unable to trace her owners. And they were clearly not looking for their dog, as nearly two months after her arrival she was still at the refuge.

Ayla has been very popular with staff and walkers alike. Although she preferred to live alone, she would walk alongside any other dogs, and as she doesn’t pull at all on the lead, she has had more walks than most. Her new family are going to spoil her rotten, and she deserves every bit of love that is coming her way.



Next we said goodbye to little Truffaut. This little jagd terrier arrived earlier this month, also identified. He is a shy little boy who is gradually increasing in confidence. Today a family came along with their elderly dog to see how the two would get on. Although Truffaut was still looking nervous when he left, we have since had a phone call to say that he was already much happier and was playing with his new pal. Fabulous news for this dog who, like Alya, is officially having his eighth birthday on New Year’s Day!

jagd terier cross

Truffaut – ADOPTED

The last adoption of the year was that of border collie cross Mila. She arrived for rehoming by her owner, who felt unable to keep this big and active dog in an appartment. Mila is far bigger than a normal border collie, and is also a bit shy at first. She too quickly gains in confidence, though. She was briefly in foster, which helped us learn more about her, and this definitely helped us advise her new owner as to some of her character traits. None of them were a surprise to this woman who is already well-versed in the ways of the border collie. We wish Mila all the best in her new life.

border collie


Three other dogs, all of whom arrived yesterday or today, were reclaimed, and we had several reservations. And although the day wasn’t perfect and we had some bad news too (the return of a dog who we thought was happily homed), all in all it was a very positive end to the year.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported us this year, either financially, or by sharing the albums and helping to find home for the animals at the SPA, or by coming along to walk them and spend time at the SPA.

A new year is just around the corner. Onwards and upwards!

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