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Three more pups leave, and Annick sets off for the UK.

Yours truly was up well before the larks this morning, as we had a dog leaving for a new life in the UK. At 3 am a DEFRA registered transporter arrived at the refuge to take Annick to her new home. It is quite a long journey for her, but it will be well worth it. Her new home sounds perfect, and moreover Annick will have a pal to play with too. DRC has friends in common with Annick’s new owner, and we know that she will be very happy. Naturally we will pass on news and photos of this pretty young girl as once she has her paws under the table in her new home.

cocker spaniel cross

Annick – ADOPTED

We had more good news during opening hours too, with three puppies leaving for new homes.

First off was Ganache, the last female of the long-eared litter. She, like the rest of these pups, is an absolute treasure, and we are sure that it won’t be long before her brother, little Macaron is off, too. But don’t worry about him; although he is the last of the litter to leave, he is happily playing with  other puppies who are also waiting to be chosen.

Ganache – ADOPTED

Two more did leave, though, both from the same litter. Neither had names when they left, as up till now they did not have albums. However the “pupparazzi” was at the refuge today, and so there will be more photos of the remaining pups on line soon.

This little pup was adopted today

As was his brother

We wish happy new lives to all of today’s leavers, and are happy to see that the adoptions are picking up a bit now that the holiday season is coming to an end. And of course it is wonderful to see so many volunteers, old and new, walking the dogs and making their lives a bit happier before they find their forever homes.

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